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1.My salary is paid into my bank ___________(账户) .

2.There is no point in ____________(尝试) to present your idea to him ------he’ll never listen.

3.She patiently explained all the rules to the students and ____________(要求) everyone to follow them.

4.What he did had a ______________(深远的) effect on us stuents.

5. What impressed me most is that she is a woman with great ______________.(决心).

6.Ji Xianlin earned a nationwide _____________(名誉) for his research in ancient Chinese.

7. Last Friday the teachers and students in No 1 Senior High held a grand ceremony in ___________(庆祝) of the opening ceremony of the Art Festival in our school.

8.It is reported that Fan Bingbing is very concerned with fashion, _____________(特别) when she is attends the press conference of her new film.

9.As we all know, the exports in our area are ___________(稳定地) increasing year by year.

10.Miller soon became a ____________(永恒的) player on the team.



1.Sara went to Africa as a volunteer in order to make a __________ (different) to the life of the children.

2.There are __________ (vary) of goods on the shelves in the supermarket at Christmas.

3.The young lady rushed the room __________ (direct) she heard the noise.

4.It is said that the old man made a __________ (fortunate).

5.__________ (determine) to be No. 1 in Senior 3, he studied hard.

6.We can’t focus on our work because of the __________ (disturb) noise.

7.Are you available this afternoon to talk with me about rights and __________.(free)

8.If we follow the clues in Harry’s __________ (magic) world, perhaps, we can discover the real magic in our own life.

9.Most of the children are still __________ (confuse) about the ending of the film.

10.The president has ordered emergency measures to be taken in __________ (respond) to the disappearance of the flight.



1.His parents died in the earthequake , ____________(leave) him an orphan.

2.________________ (force) to change his fortune abroad, he left for America.

3.The fireman warned him not ____________(enter) the burning house.

4.Allow us to thank you for the kindness ____________(extend) to us.

5.With the Chinese people _______(unite) as one, any attempt to separate China is bound to fail.

6.Anxiously, she took the dress out of the package and tried it on, only _______(find) it didn’t fit.

7.I have great difficulty ____________(solve) this problem

8.The question ______________(discuss) at tomorrow’s meeting is a very important one.

【小题9 When ______________(compare) with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain doesn’t seem high at all.

9.Generally speaking, ___________(take) the drug according to the directions has no side effect.



In London, there are many so-called pop-up shops(品牌游击店). Why they get such a name is that they are just temporary  1.  (arrange).

Pop-up shops first appeared in the UK in ___2._ early 2000s. They were originally a way for small companies to rent small space in great locations. In 2008,many businesses had to shut down. Shops and some offices   3.  (leave) empty when people stopped  4. _ (run) them. Smart businessmen occupied some of them quickly because they could start a business with much 5.___ (low) risk. The temporary nature of a pop-up __6.___ (real) gave them the opportunity 7.___ (test) a product and develop a customer base. Being small made  _8._ easier for pop-ups to expand if they were successful.

Pop-up shops can take many different forms. They might be temporary shops in the high street or a shopping centre. They might be simple market stalls. According to a 2014 report made by the Centre of Economic and Business Research, the pop-up industry was worth £2.1 billion and it is expected to grow __9.___8.4% this year.

Almost anything  10. can be on a high street can also be a pop-up. In an age of fast changing habits, the pop-up idea might be here to stay.



Diana got married and had a 5-year-old son named Dusfin. They lived a very happy life and have been expecting a new family member coming. But a disease forced her to experience an emergency operation to deliver their new daughter.At 12 inches long and ________ only one pound and nine ounces,she was a premature baby.But the doctor’s soft words dropped like ________.“I don’t think she’s going to make it” he said.“There’s only a 10-percent ________ she will pull through the night,and even then,if by some chance she does make it,her future could be a very ________ one.”

David and Diana listened as the doctor ________ the serious problems the newly—born baby,Anna,would ________ face if she survived.She would never walk;she would never ________;she would probably be blind;and so on.

“No! No!” was all Diana could ________.The whole family had long ________ the day they would have a daughter to become a ________ of four.Now,within a matter of hours,that dream was slipping away. But Diana insisted,“I don’t care what the doctors say! One day she will be coming home with us!”

Certainly,there was ________ a moment when Anna suddenly grew ________.But as the weeks went by,she did ________ gain an ounce of weight here and an ounce of ________ there. At last,when Anna turned two months old,her parents were able to ________ her in their arms for the very first time though ________ continued to gently but coldly ________ that her chances of surviving,much less living any kind of normal life,were next to zero.

Finally,Anna went home from the hospital,just as her mother had ________.Today,five years later,Anna is a little but lively young girl with bright gray eyes ________ a strong interest for life. She shows no ________ of any mental or physical injuries. Simply,she is everything a little girl can be.









9.A.gone throughB.given upC.relied onD.dreamed of










19.A.butB.andC.soD.or else




Guide for Teenagers

The teenage years can be tough,and it’s normal to feel sad every now and then. But if these feelings don’t go away or become so intense that you can’t handle them,you may be suffering from depression. 1.______.

Try not to isolate yourself

When you’re depressed,you may not feel like seeing anybody or doing anything. Just getting out of bed in the morning can be difficult,but isolating yourself only makes depression even worse. 2._______.Spend time with friends,especially those who are active.

Keep your body healthy

Making healthy lifestyle choices can do wonders for your moods. Ever heard of “Runners High”?Physical activity can be as effective as medications for depression,so get involved in sports,ride your bike,or take a dance class. Any activity helps!3._______.As for food,make sure you’re feeding your mind with plenty of fruits,vegetables,and whole grains.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

You maybe try drinking or use drugs in an effort to escape from your feelings and get a “mood boost”,even if just for a short time. However,substance abuse can not only make depression worse,but can cause you to become more depressed. 4._______.You will need special treatment for your substance abuse problem.


Stress and worry can lead to depression. Talk to a teacher if exams or classes seem overwhelming. In addition,if you have a health concern you feel you can’t talk to your parents about,see a doctor. A health professional can help you approach your parents and guide you toward appropriate treatment. If you’re dealing with relationships,friendships,or family problems,talk to an adult you trust.

A.Ask for help if you are stressed

B.Even a short walk can be beneficial

C.Turn to your parents for help

D.As you get out into the world,you may find yourself feeling better

E.In short,drinking and taking drugs will make you feel worse—not better—in the long run

F.The more exercise you do,the healthier you will be

G.Help is available and you have more power than you think


At one time, computers were expected largely to remove the need for paper copies of documents(文件) because they could be stored electronically. But for all the texts that are written, stored and sent electronically, a lot of them are still ending up on paper.

It is difficult to measure the quantity of paper used as a result of use of Internet-connected computers, although just about anyone who works in an office can tell you that when e-mail is introduced, the printers start working overtime. “I feel in my bones this revolution is causing more trees to be cut down ,” says Ted Smith of the Earth Village Organization.

Perhaps the best sign of how computer and Internet use pushes up demand for paper comes from the high-tech industry itself, which sees printing as one of its most promising new markets. Several Internet companies have been set up to help small businesses print quality documents from a computer. Earlier this week Hewlett-Packard Co. announced a plan to develop new technologies that will enable people to print even more so they can get a hard copy of a business document, a medical record or just a one-line e-mail, even if they are nowhere near a computer. As the company sees it, the more use of the Internet the greater demand for printers.

Does all this mean environmental concerns have been forgotten? Some activists suggest people have been led to believe that a lot of dangers to the environment have gone away.

“I guess people believe that the problem is taken care of, because of recycling,” said Kelly Quirke, director of the Rainforest Action Network in San Francisco. Yet Quirke is hopeful that high-tech may also prove helpful. He says printers that print on both sides are growing in popularity.

The action group has also found acceptable paper made from materials other than wood, such as agricultural waste.

1.What does the underlined phases mean ________.

A.having a pain in my bone      B. foreseeing something

C.feeling something terrible   D.overhearing something

2.Hewlett-Packard Co. has decided to develop new technologies because ________.

A.people are concerned about the environment

B.printers in many offices are working overtime

C.small companies need more hard copies

D.they see a growing market for printers

3.Environmentalists believe one possible way of dealing with the paper situation is ________.

A.to encourage printing more quality documents

B.to develop new printers using recycled paper

C.to find new materials for making paper

D.to plant more fast-growing trees

4.What would be the best title for the text ?

A.Computers and Printers

B.E-mail and the Business World

C. Internet Revolution and Environment

D. Modern Technology and New Markets


Those who are used to looking through thousands of books in big bookstores may find Japan’s Morioka Shoten a little strange. That’s because this tiny bookstore that is located in Ginza, Tokyo sells only a single book at a time.

Opened in May 2015, Morioka Shoten is the brainchild of Yoshiyuki Morioka. The experienced bookseller began his career as a bookstore clerk in Tokyo’s Kanda district before branching out to open his own store. It was here while organizing book readings that he realized that customers usually came into the store with one title in mind. Morioka began to wonder if a store could exist by selling many copies of just one single book. In November 2014, he partnered with his two friends, to establish a unique bookstore with the idea of “A Single Room, A Single Book.”

Like its offering, the bookstore is simple. The selections that are picked by Morioka change weekly and vary widely to attract customers with different interests. Recent choices include The True Deceiver, an award-winning Swedish novel by Tove Jansson, Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales, and a collection of artist Karl Blossfeldt’s photography of plants. Morioka has also chosen books written by famous Japanese authors Mimei Ogawa and Akito Akagi.

To highlight his only offering, Morioka often uses clever methods. For example,when selling a book about flowers, he decorated his shop with the ones that had been mentioned in the book. He also encourages authors to hold talks and discussions so they can connect with customers. Morioka says his goal is for the customers to experience being inside a book, not just a bookstore!

Risky as the idea might seem, things appear to be going well. Morioka says he has sold over 2,100 books since he opened it. Things can get better considering that his bookstore is becoming increasingly popular not just among the locals but also visitors from other countries.

1.What inspired Morioka to open such a bookstore?

A. A Swedish novel    B. His present partner

C. A bookstore clerk    D. His working experience

2.Why is Morioka Shoten unique?

A. It is popular with foreigners    .

B. It sells books of different topics.

C. It is decorated with colorful flowers.

D. It sells various copies of a book in a week.

3.Why does Morioka encourage authors to hold talks?

A. To introduce his bookstore.

B. To advocate his philosophy.

C. To make books better understood.

D. To help readers connect with each other.

4.What’s the author’s opinion about the bookstore’s future?

A. Risky    B. Optimistic

C. Unpredictable    D. Hopeless


John Smith was a very handsome young man but he was lazy. He had finished his education and was happy to sit in his room and listen to the radio all day long. In fact, he had been doing nothing for almost six months, which worried his father a lot. One day Mr. Smith decided that he had to do something. “Johnny, When I was your age I was working and supporting my ten brothers and sisters. I want you to go out and get a job.” So that was what he did. In fact, in the next three months, Johnny started ten jobs and was fired from ten jobs. He explained to his father.

“They wanted me to be at work at 8:00 a. m. and told me to do all sorts of unpleasant things.”

“I don’t care how you do it,” Mr. Smith said. “Either you earn some money or move out of the house. I gave you one week’s time.”

In the next few days Johnny began to change. He still stayed in his room all day, but spent his time writing letters and reading through the newspapers. More and more posts began to arrive for him. He bought a new suit for himself and invited his parents to the theatre and for dinner afterwards at the most expensive restaurant in town. When his proud parents arrived home after their evening hour, a policeman was waiting at the front door.

“John Smith,” he said as he handed him a piece of paper, “I’ll see you in the court tomorrow.”

When he got outside, Johnny told his parents everything. “When you told me to earn some money, I decided to put an advertisement in the newspaper saying, ‘New way to money fast! Send me $ 5 and I’ll tell you my secret.’ When I received the money I wrote back telling people to do as I do.”

Johnny was fined $250 by the court and was ordered to pay all the people back. As he left the court house feeling very ashamed, a newspaper man came up to him, “Young man, would you like to tell your story to my newspaper for $2,500?”

1.Johnny was fired from the jobs because _______.

A. he liked listening to the radio

B. he had a big family to support

C. he spent a lot of time writing letters

D. he didn’t do the jobs well

2.Why was Johnny fined $ 250?

A. Because he was lazy.

B. Because he was out of work.

C. Because he cheated the people.

D. Because he didn’t pay for his new suit.

3.What would probably happen at last?

A. Johnny would get $2,500 from the newspaper.

B. The court would give $ 250 back to Johnny.

C. Johnny would continue to advertise in the newspaper.

D. Johnny would become a newspaper reporter.

4.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?

A. How did the parents feel when Johnny invited them to the theatre and dinner.

B. What’s Johnny’s secret.

C. What did the policeman want Johnny to do.

D. How much did Johnny have to pay all the people back.


Visiting Joshua Tree National Park, California

Joshua Tree National Park is nearly 800,000 acres (英亩) large and surrounds parts of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts in South-central California. Although deserted at first sight, the park is full of wildlife and provides a variety of entertainment activities from hiking to climbing. Within a three-hour drive, Joshua Tree National Park takes at least a full day to visit.

Things to do

Hiking opportunities within the park include several choices, from 12 self-guided nature routines to all-day back-country hikes.

Joshua Tree NP has nine camping grounds, and back-country camping is also allowed.

Rock climbing is a popular activity in the park, which has 10 mountains greater than 5, 000 feet in height.

When to visit

Joshua Tree NP is open 365 days a year, although the best time to visit is October through April, when temperature is milder. The peak season is when the wild flowers bloom, and the summer months are the least crowded.

What to bring

In addition to your camera and telescope, be sure to carry lots of water. Park and guiding maps can be picked up at any of the three visitor centers.


Parking fees: You can buy a seven-day vehicle permit (周票) for $ 15, a single entry permit for $ 5, or Joshua Tree National Park annual (每年的) pass for $ 60.

Camping fees: They vary by camping ground

1.When is the best time to visit Joshua Tree NP?

A. September.B. May.C. June.D. March.

2.If one goes to Joshua Tree NP by car and stays there for 9 days, how much at least one should pay for the parking fees?

A. $60B. $25C. $15D. $30

3.What can be inferred from the text?

A. There are guides for nature trails.

B. Tourists can easily visit the whole park within a day.

C. The camping fees at the nine camping grounds are different.

D. Tourists must take park and trail maps with them when they visit the park


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