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People's ________ for bicycles may reflect public dissatisfaction with bus service.

A. insistence    B. preference

C. confidence    D. reference


The librarians ________ the books in the library as novels,which are popular with us.

A. suppose    B. classify

C. look    D. insist


________Wuhu with Shanghai, to be frank, and you'll find it's more convenient to live in the former.

A. To compare    B. Comparing

C. Compare    D. Compared


Listening to music at home is one thing,going to hear it________live is quite another.

A. perform    B. performing

C. to perform    D. being performed


I have an appointment________Dr. Smith, but I need to change it.

A. to    B. off

C. with    D. from


—I'm afraid you have the wrong number.


A. See you later    B. I didn't know that

C. Hold on,please    D. I hope I didn't bother you



“After the completion of Shenzhou­9 mission, we will prepare for the next. We will be ready for the selection of our motherland, to make new contributions to China's manned space program.”

“I think during our lifetime, we need to set for us one dream after another and one goal after another, and to try our best towards the set objective(目标).”

“The Olympic Games is held every four years. I conducted my first space mission(任务) in 2008, and then again second in 2012, and now, another four years has just passed. I think I need to learn from Chinese Olympic shooter Wang Yifu, who has participated in nine Olympic Games. I still have a long way to go.”














(1) 介绍景海鹏的成长历程。

(2) 根据材料总结我们应从他身上学习到的优秀品质(至少两点)。


1. 文中可适当增加信息使文章连贯。

2. 写作过程中不能直接引用原文语句。

3. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。


If you feel sleepy every morning, don't blame yourself. Your work schedule could be to blame.

A recent research shows that, for many of us, our work schedules do not agree with our natural body clocks—and experts are urging employers to take notice.

“When work schedules agree with people's natural sleep patterns, they produce higher quality and more creative work because they are more focused, less stressed and generally healthier. The opposite is also true—when employees are sleep deprived, they are more likely to make major mistakes and suffer from workplace injuries,” said Christopher Barnes, a management professor from the University of Washington.

“But it's not just about the amount of sleep you get. Whether you can be productive at 8 a.m. depends on your own body. Human beings each have an internal body clock,” said Till Roenneberg, a professor at Ludwig­Maximilian University in Munich. And that clock can differ greatly depending on the person.

“It's like feet,” said Roenneberg. “Some people are born with big feet and some with small feet, but most people are somewhere in the middle.”

Many companies start the work day at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., putting their work schedules in disagreement with their employees' body clock. That mismatch, along with the pressure from work at all hours of the day and night, means that many people suffer from “social jetlag”. In other words, their bodies are always in the wrong time zone. He estimates that more than 70% of people get up earlier than they should.

“There is an old saying that sleep is for the weak,” said Roenneberg. “But I do feel like it doesn't help to have shortened sleep.”

1.According to the author, many people feel sleepy in the morning because________.

A. they start to work too early    B. they are not in good health

C. they have no interest in their work    D. they stay up too late the night before

2.What does Christopher Barnes mainly tell us?

A. The influences of lack of sleep.

B. The possible causes of poor sleep.

C. The useful ways to improve our sleep.

D. The connection between sleep and work performance.

3.By mentioning people's feet, Roenneberg intends to tell us ________.

A. people are born with feet of different sizes

B. people's body clocks differ from person to person

C. it is the most important to wear shoes of the right size

D. it is most important to obey our natural body clocks

4.Which of the following does the author agree to?

A. Sleep is for the weak.    B. The early bird catches the worm.

C. Plenty of sleep contributes to good work.    D. The more you sleep, the less work you can do.


I recently ran into an old friend who I hadn't seen for two years. She looked tired and was talking in a loud voice. She is a headhunter, and had just finished interviewing a candidate but failed to impress him.

Then she started to complain about her health problems. One year ago, she began to notice a ringing in her ears. She went to the hospital and was told that her problem might have resulted from stress. The doctor gave her pills for her nerves.

At night, she has to listen to loud music to quiet the noise in her head and fall asleep. Her life has become a two­point routine of work and home. Even while she was vacationing in Thailand, she found herself searching for the right candidate.

She suffers from the same workaholic depression as another friend who works for an advertising company. This friend has to work overtime almost every day. If she's lucky, she can leave at 9 p.m.; otherwise it's midnight. For her, working on weekends has become normal. Each time I see her, she seems down.

My two friends share something in common: They don't want to escape their misery, believing that if you don't work hard when you are young, you will regret it. That may be true, but there are limits. If every day you wake up feeling down, then it may be time to move on.

As important as finding a job that you really like, is finding a company with a healthy atmosphere. The right company should lift your spirits and have a team working toward a common goal. As for the employees, they should work hard and play hard. If you can enjoy life, you will have more passion to bring to your work.

1.Why did the author's old friend suffer from health problems?

A. Because of stress from work.    B. Because she ate too much.

C. Because of the loud noise in her workplace.    D. Because she failed to impress a candidate.

2.One thing that the author's two friends share is that ________.

A. they both love their work    B. they both work extremely hard

C. they both work for an advertising company    D. they both take an active part in social activities

3.What does the author think important in finding a job?

A. Chances to achieve one's goal.    B. Chances to learn new things.

C. A pleasant working atmosphere.    D. A good boss and a large salary.


In my childhood, I envied my classmates very much as my absence from school was not allowed due to my strict parents. I had to be _____ in order to stay home. My parents _____ to say that they were leading me to have a _____ work ethic(职业道德). Not until last week did I see the ______

I was on a bus, and behind was a man who was ______ to his friend about his life. His dream was to become a director but he wouldn't continue to ______ it because he had no ______ if he could make enough money. And he didn't want to waste ______ because it probably would take months or years to ______ it big. Then he admitted to thinking about becoming a(n) ______ because he thought he could ______ make six figures within one year. His friend agreed because as he put it, “I have no ______ to work long hours and not make much money. Taking pictures is good because you can make big money and only work short hours.”

Many people these days don't______ that when things seem to happen immediately, it is only because a lot of ______ , determination and time have gone into it. Someone once told me that you may know ______ someone is an expert in his given field by how easy he makes it look. The ______ it looks, the more hours go into it.

There is no______ for laziness. In the television show Fame, the dance teacher told her students, “If you want fame, fame ______ and here's how you start paying for it, in sweat.” Every time I watch that show, my dad would repeat how ______ she was because in order to ______ you have to work hard. He would go on and on about how bad it is to be lazy.

1.A. shaking    B. smiling    C. shouting    D. lying

2.A. needed    B. used    C. agreed    D. ought

3.A. different    B. reliable    C. standard    D. good

4.A. evidence    B. significance    C. answer    D. result

5.A. writing    B. explaining    C. reflecting    D. complaining

6.A. support    B. make    C. follow    D. change

7.A. idea    B. doubt    C. evidence    D. sign

8.A. luck    B. money    C. time    D. opportunity

9.A. take    B. promote    C. make    D. create

10.A. dancer    B. lawyer    C. actor    D. photographer

11.A. gently    B. eagerly    C. easily    D. carefully

12.A. choice    B. time    C. desire    D. chance

13.A. understand    B. guarantee    C. recognize    D. realize

14.A. decision    B. effort    C. pressure    D. intelligence

15.A. that    B. why    C. whether    D. when

16.A. easier    B. lighter    C. better    D. harder

17.A. explanation    B. statement    C. excuse    D. possibility

18.A. matters    B. arises    C. works    D. costs

19.A. natural    B. beautiful    C. right    D. kind

20.A. succeed    B. develop    C. finish    D. rest


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