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In March 2007,I was recovering from an operation for breast cancer and going through a terrible time.I spent my days at home______everything to myself.Then one of my colleagues suggested______,“Why don't you pick a couple of days and go to Ireland and escape?”I______the tip.

    The trip was fun,but when I got on the______to go home,I wasn't feeling well.My plan was to sleep for the______journey,but the guy next to me looked good-hearted for a conversation______he had kind eyes.

    “I had an operation,”I said______.‘‘I had breast cancer.’’He paused for a moment and said,“What's wrong with that?Breast cancer is just a small______of you,like going to college or getting married.”

    I could feel my eyes______up with tears.

    “Don't think too much of your problem,”he said.“Instead,think about how many people you could help.”

    I had tears coming down my face,and said,“I can't______I'm crying in front of you,I don't______know you.”

    “Look,you have a______in life,”he said.“You can either______your things deep in your pockets and take them to your grave,or you can help someone.”

    I've always been a very______person,and aside from the few people who needed to know,I'd kept my illness secret.I didn't want to be______by my weakness.

    But this man,whose name was Ken Duane,showed me that my illness gave me______-because it gave me the ability to______someone else's load.I decided at that moment that I was going to try to help others by sharing my story______,in hopes of inspiring those who were in the same or similar situation.Later that year,I talked about my illness and my______with Ken on air.

    I am forever______that I never took a nap on that flight over the Atlantic.

1.A. devoting    B. explaining    C. keeping    D. storing

2.A. seriously    B. hurriedly    C. kindly    D. confidently

3.A. overlooked    B. dismissed    C. doubted    D. accepted

4.A. bus    B. plane    C. train    D. ship

5.A. whole    B. last    C. exact    D. normal

6.A. if    B. because    C. while    D. though

7.A. willingly    B. quickly    C. cheerfully    D. weakly

8.A. part    B. centre    C. pain    D. symbol

9.A. coming    B. filling    C. taking    D. ending

10.A. bear    B. realize    C. believe    D. deny

11.A. still    B. already    C. then    D. even

12.A. decision    B. choice    C. goal    D. belief

13.A. clear    B. sort    C. put    D. mix

14.A. private    B. outspoken    C. clumsy    D. polite

15.A. defeated    B. blamed    C. affected    D. defined

16.A. surprise    B. strength    C. advice    D. reference

17.A. broaden    B. worsen    C. lighten    D. brighten

18.A. publicly    B. officially    C. clearly    D. sharply

19.A. expectation    B. exploration    C. appointment    D. conversation

20.A. grateful    B. conscious    C. pitiful    D. regretful



    Do you ever wonder if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing with your life?What if you have potential talents that could lead you to a new path and change everything for the better?1.The following tips will help you discover your potential strength.

    ●Do what you love.

    One sure way to get yourself moving in the right direction is to do more of the things that make you feel good.2.That might lead to writing a book or a movie or a career in writing.If baking treats for friends and neighbors gives you great pleasure,take it one step further.Upgrade your packaging and look into selling your goodies at a local market.

    ●Complete some assessment activities.

    3.While none of them is perfect,each of them can help you realize the types of your strengths.


    It's not always easy to self-identify what we're good at.So go and ask your friends what they think your strengths are.You might be surprised at what they have to say.Are you creative,organized,or socially outgoing?Sometimes your friends are more aware of your strengths than you.

    ●Find a guide.

    If you have an idea of where your potential strengths lie,it may help to find a person who has achieved success in a related area.Chances are that your guide would be happy to share tips and motivations to help you.Use this relationship to get hands-on experience.5.Ask the owner of a shop you admire if you can work part time or volunteer in order to learn the business and see if it suits you.

A.Ask your friends.

B.Turn to your teachers for help.

C.Stop wondering and start doing.

D.If you love to write,start blog now.

E.Setting a goal helps you identify a potential strength.

F.There are many free self-evaluation tools on the Internet.

G.Do you think you might want to open a bookstore or cafe?


The Humane Society of Utah,a non-profit organization,is the largest shelter in the state because it takes every animal that can be lawfully accepted.The shelter employed photographer Guinevere Shuster,from New York,who came up with a creative way to find new homes for the dogs.She took lively photos for them.

    The 31-year-old created sets of four pictures showing the playful and serious sides of each animal.Guinevere Shuster tried her best to show these dogs the way they'd really look if you allowed them into your life.She said,“I'm always trying to imagine better ways to make the poor animals attractive to the public.The photos show their great personalities and are a much better way than presenting them as the sad dogs waiting to be taken home.I'm lucky because I get to connect the two things I love most,animals and photography.”

    Guinevere says she finds it easy to work with dogs.She said,“It's just me and the dog in the office so they can pay their attention to the photo-taking.I use a lot of treats and some funny noises I've learned to get the dogs' attention. A fun method is to throw treats at the dogs-it's useful for getting unusual looks from them.”

    Since starting the project,a number of dogs have been taken home by dog lovers after they saw Guinevere's pictures on the Humane Society of Utah's Facebook page.In the last three years,she has photographed more than 4,000 animals.This year,the shelter has placed nearly 9,000 homeless pets into their permanent homes.

1.The Humane Society of Utah is         .

A. a shelter center only for little dogs    B. a profit-making organization

C. a home for the old citizens in Utah    D. an organization to help homeless animals

2.What can we know about Guinevere Shuster?

A. She is a photographer featuring on animals and plants.

B. She shows great interest in photographing animals.

C. She grew up in New York and learned photography there.

D. The photos of the dogs she took were displayed at her gallery.

3.Which statement is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The organization only accepts animals from the state of Utah.

B. Guinevere worked for the Humane Society of Utah voluntarily.

C. Many dogs have been adopted after Guinevere's photos were posted.

D. Guinevere takes the pictures of the dogs at her own home.

4.What is the author's attitude towards this project?

A. Objective.    B. Subjective.    C. Doubtful.    D. Critical.


Proper diet and regular exercise seem to be the only methods for losing weight.However,the importance of water should be added in the process.While medical science has proven the positive effects of water,most people still do not drink enough each day.

    The reason why water is so important for weight loss has something to do with metabolism(新陈代谢)of fat. The liver(肝脏)is in charge of this process when it comes to turning stored fat in-to energy.However,the liver is also responsible for helping the kidneys(肾脏)that need enough water in order to function properly.The liver has to perform all the functions of the kidneys on its own when they are short of water.This means the liver doesn't have enough energy to metabolize fat.So,drinking water allows the kidneys to focus on their job and the liver to focus on its job.

    Also,studies have shown that water can make us feel full when drunk before meals.Without even making an effort,most people who drink a glass of water before a meal will eat 33% less.This is due in part to the fact that they simply get fuller quicker because the water is taking up space.The other reason is that the food will expand as soon as it hits the water-filled stomach.

    Water is important for every aspect of the health of the human body.By drinking more water and improving the health of the body,weight loss goals can be achieved with greater ease.

1.Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage as a way to lose weight?

A. Regular exercise.    B. Drinking water.    C. Balanced diet.    D. Medical care.

2.The liver has to take over the job of the kidneys when         .

A. the kidneys are lacking in water    B. there is something wrong with the kidneys

C. the liver doesn't supply energy for the kidneys    D. there is no fat for the liver to metabolize

3.Why can we lose weight by drinking water before meals?

A. Because we don't feel thirsty any longer.    B. Because we eat much less than normal.

C. Because the water takes up too much space.    D. Because the food becomes larger and larger.

4.Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?

A. The Liver Is Important to the Kidneys.    B. How the Digestive System Works.

C. Water for a Healthy Life and Losing Weight.    D. Several Tips for Losing Weight.


Children often suffer pain and insecurity when their parents separate.When my ex-husband and I split up after 10 years of marriage,our daughter was 5 years old and my son only 3.We decided to consult a psychologist about the best way to explain this new situation to the children.

She shared with us this special story about a land turtle and a sea turtle,which we then used to help them better comprehend.

    Once upon a time,a land turtle (Mommy) met a sea turtle (Daddy) close to a beautiful shore.Soon they fell deeply in love and decided to get married.For a time,they continued to live at the water's edge so that Mommy could sit on the sand and keep dry and warm,while Daddy sat in the shallow water to keep cool.A few years later two baby turtles arrived (you both!).They were very special indeed and looked a little like each of their parents.

    But as the years went by,Daddy sea turtle started spending more and more time in the ocean as he traveled deeper and deeper to look for pearls.Mommy land turtle also started wandering up into the sands to hunt for food in the woods.Little by little,Daddy and Mommy turtle started to drift further and further apart.Finally one day,Mommy and Daddy turtle decided they didn't want to live together anymore.The little turtles continued to spend time with each of their parents.They made lots of friends with all the fish,dolphins and whales in the ocean and also many friends with the rabbits,deer,and foxes in the woods.In fact they grew up to be a new kind of turtle that could live both in the ocean and on the land.

    Over the years,this tale of the land and sea turtle has helped my children cope with and accept the fact that my marriage to their father was over.They know that we once loved each other very much and they were born out of true love.

1.The underlined “They” in the second paragraph refers to         .

A. the two baby turtles    B. the land turtle and the sea turtle

C. the author and her ex-husband    D. the author's children

2.When the parents divorce,their children often feel         .

A. relieved    B. unsafe    C. pleased    D. annoyed

3.In the third paragraph,the underlined phrase “drift apart” probably means         .

A. make sense    B. become disconnected    C. break down    D. get excited

4.We can probably find the passage in the column “         ”.

A. Culture    B. Career    C. Parenting    D. Education


Top UK Summer Camps

    Oxford Summer Academy,Oxford

    The Oxford Summer Academy is a specialized program for 16-19-year-olds who want a taste of life at one of the world's most well-known universities.Activities range from morning tutorials(辅导)to afternoon electives that are designed to broaden students' understanding of what they'll be studying and how to be excellent in their chosen fields.

    Ardmay House,Long Loch,Scotland

    Ardmay House is the sort of adventure camp that makes adults jealous.Campers are presented with Lord of The Rings type settings to feel and try new things.With activities like climbing,beach art,fashion shows and quiz nights, kids are brought closer to nature and their peers in a fun and safe environment.

    Uppingham Summer School,Uppingham

    The Uppingham Summer School offers an impressive variety of summer courses from arts and crafts to theatre, cookery and sports.It was their Creativity Technologies Powerhouse that caught our eye when researching camps for this article.The course covers everything from iPhone app and design to computer game design,film-making,robot design and music technology.It's basically a course that takes them through the most exciting technology among the modem media.It's an amazing environment for kids to learn and grow in.

    Learn and Experience,Yorkshire

    Learn and Experience focuses on giving kids from the UK and abroad a chance to interact and have a good time with one another,an experience that makes them grow as individuals.With half the campers coming from abroad,it's a golden opportunity for curious kids to put their geography classes into practice without having to leave the country.

1.Who will be most interested in Oxford Summer Academy?

A. Those who are entering Oxford.    B. Those who have to improve their studies.

C. Those who want to practice their oral English.    D. Those who want to experience the life of Oxford.

2.The Uppingham Summer School attracts kids mainly because of         .

A. its art courses    B. its amazing environment

C. its creative technology courses    D. its good condition

3.A student who wants to put his geography knowledge to practical use will go to         .

A. Oxford Summer Academy,Oxford    B. Ardmay House,Long Loch,Scotland

C. Uppingham Summer School,Uppingham    D. Learn and Experience,Yorkshire


A farmer grew some vegetables in his garden. One day his wife was ill and he had no money. He had to sell some cabbages and carrots in the market. The next morning he took two baskets of vegetables to town. But it was raining hard that afternoon and there were few people in the street. When his vegetables were sold out, it was dark. He bought some medicine and hurried to his village.

On his way home he saw a person lying on the snow. He placed his baskets on the ground and was going to help the person to get up. At that time he found it was a dead man and there was much blood on his body. He was so afraid that he ran away quickly, without taking the baskets with him.

The next afternoon the farmer was sent to the police station. Having shown the baskets, an officer asked: “Are these yours?” “Yes, sir.” the farmer answered timidly(胆怯地).” Have you killed the man?” “No, no, sir.” the farmer said in a hurry. ”When did you see the dead man?” ”About seven last evening.” “Did you see who killed the man?” “No, Sir.” The officer brought out a knife and asked, “Have you seen it yet?” ”No, Sir.’ The officer became angry and told the policemen to beat him up and send him into prison. the officer wanted to trap the farmer into the confession(供认), but the farmer didn’t admit he was the murderer.






Paragraph 1:

The officer was so angry that he asked the policeman to beat him up again.








The farmer was lucky. A few days later,











•你怎样得知Jack的愿望                        •你愿意成为他的朋友

•你打算如何帮助他                            •你盼望他的回复



Dear Jack,

My name is Li Hua. I’m a Chinese high school student and I’m a boy of 17 years old.










Li Hua


The giant panda loves bamboo. An adult panda requires 12.5 kilograms of bamboo, which it 1.(hungry) pulls out with its powerful paws, to satisfy its daily needs. Wild pandas live only in the high bamboo forests of Central China. These mountain forests are cool and wet--just as pandas like it. In the summer, they may climb as high as 4000 meters to help themselves to bamboo 2.(grow) at higher altitudes. Frequently, pandas 3.(see) eating in a relaxed sitting position, with their back legs stretched out before them. 4. they may appear inactive, they are in fact skilled tree-climbers and efficient swimmers.

Giant pandas are unsociable. They have a highly developed sense of smell that males use 5.(avoid) each other and to find females for mating in the spring. After a five-month pregnancy, a female gives birth 6. a cub. The blind baby pandas weigh only 142 grams and cannot crawl(爬行) 7. they reach three months of age.8. are born white, and develop their much loved coloring later.

There are only about 1000 giant pandas left in 9. wild, with perhaps another 100 in zoos. Because they are so rare, much of 10. we know about pandas comes from studying these zoo animals.


Reading can be a social activity. Think of the people who belong to book groups. They choose books to read and then meet to discuss them. Now the website BookCrossing.com turns the page on the traditional idea of a book group.

Members go on the site and register the books they own and would like to share. BookCrossing provides an identification number to stick inside the book. Then the person leaves it in a public place, hoping that the book will have an adventure, traveling far and wide with each new reader who finds it.

Bruce Pederson, the managing director of BookCrossing, says, “The two things that change your life are the people you meet and books you read. BookCrossing combines both.”

Members leave books on park benches and buses, in train stations and coffee shops. Whoever finds their book will go to the site and record where they found it.

People who find a book can also leave a journal entry describing what they thought of it. E-mails are then sent to the BookCrossers to keep them updated about where their books have been found. Bruce Peterson says the idea is for people not to be selfish by keeping a book to gather dust on a shelf at home.

BookCrossing is part of a trend among people who want to get back to the “real” and not the virtual(虚拟). The site now has more than one million members in more than one hundred thirty-five countries.

1.Why does the author mention book groups in the first paragraph?

A. To explain what they are.

B. To introduce BookCrossing.

C. To stress the importance of reading.

D. To encourage readers to share their ideas.

2.What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2refer to?

A. The book.    B. An adventure.

C. A public place.    D. The identification number.

3.What will a BookCrosser do with a book after reading it?

A. Meet other readers to discuss it.    B. Pass it on to another reader.

C. Keep it safe in his bookcase.    D. Mail it back to its owner.

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. Online Reading: A Virtual Tour

B. Electronic Books: A new Trend

C. A Book Group Brings Tradition Back

D. A Website Links People through Books


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