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How was the televised debate last night?

Super! Rarely ________ so much media attention.

A. a debate attracted

B. did a debate attract

C. a debate did attract

D. attracted a debate


Lucy has ________ all the goals she set for herself in high school and is ready for new challenges at university.

A. acquiredB. finishedC. concludedD. achieved


________ headmaster Smith is quite good at painting and it is said that he is _______ Picasso.

A. The… /B. /…aC. /… /D. The…a


假设你是李华,你国际学校的朋友Paul邀请你下个星期天去他们学校参加文化交流活动并介绍中国传统绘画(traditional Chinese painting)但是你的爷爷生病住院,不得不谢绝他的邀请。请根据下面的要点给Paul用英语写一封回信。







Dear Paul,

Thank you very much for your invitation.












Li Hua






注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

       2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

Li Ming and Wang Ying are two students of Senior Two. They all work hard but they have different learning method. Li Ming often sleeps in class instead of listen to the teacher. As a result, he miss lots of points that the teacher makes and it usually takes him much time to finish his homework. But he has to stay up late and doesn’t get enough sleep. However, Wang Ying has quite the different way of learning. She listens attentive and tries to catch everything that the teacher said in class. Because this, she spends less time doing her homework, which makes it is possible for her to go to bed early.



Last Friday a storm swept through two villages in the New Territories, 1.(destroy) fourteen homes. Seven others were so badly damaged 2. their owners had to leave them, and fifteen others had broken windows or roofs. One person was killed, several were 3. (serious) hurt and taken to hospital, and a number of other people received smaller hurt. Altogether over two hundred people were homeless after the storm.

A farmer, Mr. Tan, said that the storm began early 4. the morning and lasted for over an hour. “I 5. (eat) with my wife and children when we heard a loud noise” he said, “A few minutes later our house fell down on top of us. We tried our best 6. (climb) out but then I saw that one of my 7. (child) was missing. I went back inside and found him, safe 8. very frightened.”

Mrs. Wu Mei said that her husband had just left for work 9. she felt that her house was moving. She ran outside at once with her children 10. were watching TV.

Soldiers helped to take people out of the flooded area and the welfare department brought them food, clothes and shelter.


阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A, B, C和D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

Tina was afraid of the dark. She always went to bed with the light on. She was afraid that the ________ would come and eat her. Her daddy always ________ her closet(壁橱) and under her bed for monsters.

One night, Tina was awakened in the middle of the night by some strange ________ coming from her window. She opened her eyes and saw a huge 3-eyed monster ________ to get into her room through the window. She was too scared to even ________ for help.

The monster was able to ________ the window and get in. Tina was ________ why her parents didn't wake up from all the noise. Tina's heart was ________ so fast with the monster going straight to her bed. ________, the monster said in a low voice:“Hello there little girl, I hope I didn't ________ you. My name is Mongus. I was wondering if I can get some ________ and cookies.”Tina couldn't believe her ________.

“So, you are not here to ________ me?” She asked. Obviously amused, the monster laughed ________: “Eat you? No, no. You shouldn't be scared of me because I am a ________ monster. Can I have what I want now? Please.” Tina got up and went to the ________ where she got some milk and cookies. Later, Mongus left the room the same way he came in.

In the morning, Tina woke up to her father's voice, “Little sweet, time for school.” Tina told her father the ________ and how the window got broken. Her father ________ her that the whole thing was just a dream ________ the window wasn't broken. “So Mongus isn't coming back? ” Tina asked. “It is all up to you honey. You can ________ Mongus anytime you like, all you have to do is dream about him again.”

1.A. wolfB. monsterC. enemyD. bear

2.A. hidB. enteredC. sleptD. checked

3.A. noisesB. boysC. voicesD. parents

4.A. explainingB. agreeingC. tryingD. begging

5.A. hopeB. shoutC. waitD. look

6.A. breakB. avoidC. fixD. move

7.A. blamingB. consideringC. wonderingD. guessing

8.A. beatingB. hittingC. runningD. jumping

9.A. SoB. LaterC. ThenD. Meanwhile

10.A. catchB. seeC. hurtD. frighten

11.A. prizesB. milkC. candiesD. surprise

12.A. promisesB. wordsC. eyesD. ears

13.A. eatB. jokeC. cheatD. kill

14.A. unnaturallyB. loudly

C. weaklyD. terribly

15.A. uglyB. livelyC. friendlyD. lonely

16.A. shopB. kitchenC. gardenD. bedroom

17.A. storyB. lieC. eventD. dream

18.A. remindedB. questionedC. comfortedD. informed

19.A. whenB. ifC. althoughD. as

20.A. hold upB. hold backC. bring upD. bring back



How to pick a good book

It is not news that we spend more time texting(发短信) and surfing online than ever. But a recent study shows that more teenagers are reading good old-fashioned and ink-on-paper books. Reading is a good way to widen your knowledge and learn about yourself. You probably know how to find the best application programs for your phone. 1.

1. Start with your interests.

Reading on your own isn’t like reading for school. 2. This could be ancient martial arts, readings in computers, or fashion design books. If you can name the subject, you can find books about it.

2. Find your “type”

3. Books of fiction, like novels or short-story collections, can transport you to another world or help you to imagine something beyond your own experience. Not all fiction is the same. Try some different types of fiction and see which one you prefer. Non-fiction books give you the “who”, “what”, “when” and “why” of something. They tell stories suing facts, but that doesn’t mean they are dull.

3. Read the “blurb(简介)”

The reviews and quotes on the back and inside covers of many books are known as “blurbs”. These comments not only give you an idea of what the book is about, but also help you to pick out future books. If you find a book you really like, take a minute to read the blurb and see which authors praised the book. 4.

4. 5.

Your local library can provide you with a lot of great books. Explain your interests and mention any writers you like, and the librarian can point you towards books that you will like.

Finally, you’ll probably enjoy what you’re reading if you find a quiet place and make time for the book.

A. Ask an expert

B. Read in a quiet place

C. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?

D. You can pick something that suits your interests.

E. But do you know how to pick a book that you will really like?

F. It is necessary to work out what the book is mainly about before reading.

G. Often, they will have similar styles, and you might find you like books by those authors, too.


Have you ever wondered why birds sing? Maybe you thought that they were just happy. After all, you probably sing or whistle when you are happy.

Some scientists believe that birds do sing some of the time just because they are happy. However, they sing most of the time for a very different reason. Their singing is actually a warning to other birds to stay out of their territory.

Do you know what a “territory” is? A territory is an area that an animal, usually the male, claims(声称)as its own. Only he and his family are welcome there. No other families of the same species (物种) are welcome. Your yard and house are your territory where only your family and friends are welcome. If a stranger should enter your territory and threaten you, you might shout. Probably this would be enough to frighten him away.

If so, you have actually scared the stranger away without having to fight him. A bird does the same thing. But he expects an outsider almost any time, especially at nesting(筑巢)season. So he is screaming all the time, whether he can see an outsider or not. This screaming is what we call a bird’s song, and it is usually enough to keep an outsider away.

Birds sing loudest in the spring when they are trying to attract a mate and warn others not to enter the territory of theirs.

You can see that birds have a language all their own. Most of it has to do with attracting mates and setting up territories.

1.Some scientists believe that most of the time birds’ singing is actually __________.

A. an expression of happiness    B. a way of greeting

C. an expression of anger        D. a way of warning

2.What is a bird’s “territory”?

A. A place where families of other species are not accepted.

B. A place where a bird may shout at the top of its voice.

C. An area which a bird considers to be its own.

D. An area for which birds fight against each other.

3.Why do birds keep on singing at nesting season?

A. Because they want to invite more friends.

B. Because their singing helps frighten outsiders away.

C. Because they want to find outsiders around.

D. Because their singing helps get rid of their fears.

4.How does the writer explain birds’ singing?

A. By comparing birds with human beings.

B. By reporting experiment results.

C. By describing birds’ daily life.

D. By telling a bird’s story.


The cold and icy land that is the Eskimo's home is a dangerous one. The Eskimo once believed that to be safe from danger he had to obey taboos(禁忌). Taboos were rules that told him what he must do and must not do.

The Eskimo had taboos connected with almost everything he did. He had to keep them in mind at all times. He believed that to break one would bring disaster. For the Eskimo, it was taboo to store reindeer(驯鹿) and seal (海豹) meat together. He could not even eat them on the same day. He believed the Goddess Sedna had separated the land animals from the sea animals. He thought bringing them together would cause the hunting to be bad.

There were other taboos concerning animals. When a dead seal was brought into the house, the women had to stop working. They had to give its spirit a drink of water. If they did not, the spirit would be angered. It would keep other animals from being caught.

When the Eskimo broken a taboo, he believed a black cloud formed around his head. He had to tell the others in the village what he had done. He thought that if he did not tell his neighbors, they would catch the black cloud. Then the whole village would have bad luck.

1.This passage mainly tells us about ________.

A. the way the Eskimos treated their neighbours

B. the things that the Eskimos could and could not do

C. how the Eskimos store their seal meat

D. how the Eskimos got along with others

2.Why did the Eskimos separate reindeer and seal meat?

A. They went bad easily if they were kept together.

B. They thought keeping them together caused bad hunting.

C. The Eskimos did not like to eat reindeer or seal meat.

D. They did not have big enough rooms to store them.

3.From the third paragraph we can see that ________.

A. the spirit of the dead seal enjoyed drinking water

B. the spirit of the dead seal would be angry if he was not given water

C. the seal was dead, but its spirit was still alive

D. the Eskimos believed that animals had spirits

4.Which of the following is true?

A. There are many black clouds where the Eskimos live.

B. The Eskimos like land animals better than sea animals.

C. Taboos are of great importance to some people.

D. The Eskimo taboos are about everything on earth.


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