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1.建造,修建 ________________________

2.摆脱    _________________________

3.上升  ________________________

4.到目前为止     _________________________

5.交换意见 ________________________

6.应当,理应   _________________________

7.领域  ______________________


9.放的井然有序 _________________

10.做出反应 _________________________



1.If cancers are spotted early, there is a high chance of____________( survive).

2.____________(fortunate), neither of them could swim.

3.Almost 13% of the working population are already____________(employ); in other words, they are out of work.

4.With Christmas____________(approach), big shopping malls are becoming busier.

5.Jerry reached the____________(conclude) that the company was expanding.

6.China Daily has many websites in three languages, ____________(form) Asia’s biggest network of English-language news and information.

7.We prefer to go shopping there because their prices are____________(afford).

8.They provide lots of electrical e____________(设备).

9.There are a number of____________(艺术馆) in the district.

10.The Public Square is an eye-catching sight of the city. There ____________(stand) a stone sculpture of a famous historical figure.


Running a few kilometers each day is good for our health. However, new research says running too much could be bad for us. Running long distances 1. (regular) for many years could make our life 2. (short), not longer. The study is from the Minneapolis Heart Institute. A researcher said too much running can created plague() inside your heart, 3. can lead to heart disease. He wrote that running too much for many years takes away the good things from exercise. He 4. (add) that the risk of heart disease could be 5. same as someone who never exercised.

Researchers looked 6. the health and training of 3,300 runners over the age of 35. 70% of them ran over 30 kilometers a week. Men who ran marathons for 25 years had 62% more plaque in their heart than men who did little 7. no exercise. Another doctor said he felt cheated. He started running marathons in 1967. He used 8. (run) 60 kilometers every week. He said, “I thought I was out there exhausting 9. (me), building an absolutely strong heart.” The doctor advised 10. (exercise) frequently but not to overdo things.


While my father was an officer of the British army in South Africa, we lived in a two-storeyed house. One evening my father and sister and I were sitting together. He was ______ the window. I suddenly ______ that he was turning very pale. I sat ______, for I didn’t want to ______ my sick sister. Soon father said in a ______ voice, “Kate and Joan, a friend of mine ______ here to see me this evening, and I wish to be ______ him. Will you go up to your own room?” We obeyed, went to our room and closed the door.

Soon I heard a ______ like that of a door burst in, and then a climb of feet. They were hurrying ______ the narrow stairs. Fearing that there was ______ near, I seized the pistol (手枪) on the table. Then I heard my father cry out, “For God’s sake, child, ______ the door.” I did so. To my scare, I saw, ______ my father’s shoulder; a gorilla (大猩猩), the worst enemy of the soldier in Europe, he was ______ my father. I raised the pistol and fired. The animal fell backwards with an/a ______ loud cry. Father took the still ______ pistol from my hand, and fired another shot, which killed the gorilla.

It happened when father ______ us upstairs because he thought he would be able to ______ the door—which was twenty feet away______ the animal reached it. However, the gorilla was too ______; and this was the cause of the ______ flight (=escape) up the stairs.

1.A. towards    B. opposite    C. inside    D. behind

2.A. knew    B. learned    C. felt    D. noticed

3.A. still    B. concentrated    C. fascinated    D. unhappily

4.A. hurt    B. frighten    C. lose    D. bother

5.A. loud    B. sad    C. calm    D. pleasant

6.A. was    B. comes    C. would be    D. is coming

7.A. friendly to    B. alone with    C. dependent on    D. careful with

8.A. sound    B. cry    C. voice    D. shout

9.A. to    B. down    C. via    D. up

10.A. some difficulty    B. a thief    C. some danger    D. an accident

11.A. open    B. close    C. pull    D. draw

12.A. on    B. above    C. over    D. from

13.A. aiming at    B. marching towards    C. shooting at    D. running into

14.A. exciting    B. exhausting    C. angry    D. natural

15.A. sounding    B. burning    C. frightening    D. smoking

16.A. had taken    B. had sent    C. had driven    D. had forced

17.A. push    B. lock    C. guard    D. defend

18.A. unless    B. when    C. before    D. though

19.A. quick    B. huge    C. heavy    D. disappointing

20.A. anxious    B. embarrassed    C. fearless    D. hurried


Most of us lead unhealthy lives; we spend far too much sitting down. If in addition we are careless about our diets, our bodies soon become loose and fatty and our systems slow moving.

1. I am thinking of such features of modern city life as pollution, noise, rushed meals and stress. But keeping fit is a way to reduce the effects of these evils. The usual suggestion to a person who is looking for a way to keep fit is to take up some sport or other. While it is true that every weekend you will find people playing football and hockey in the local park, they are outnumbered a hundred to one by the people who are simply watching them.

For those who do not particularly enjoy competitive sports — 2. — there are such separate activities as cycling, walking, jogging and swimming. What often happens though is that you do them in such a leisurely way, so slowly, that it is doubtful if you are doing yourself much good, except for the fact that you have at least managed to get up out of your armchair.

Even after you have found a way for keeping in shape, through sport or gymnastics, 3., because, according to the experts, you must also master the art of complete mental and physical relaxation.  4. Yoga, as practiced in the West, is the most widely known and popular of the systems for achieving the necessary state of relaxation. It seems ironical (讽刺性的), though, that as our lives have improved in a material sense we have found it increasingly necessary to go back to forms of activity — 5.— which were the natural way of life of our forefathers.

A. be active and practise Yoga

B. There are some aspects of our unhealthy lives that we cannot avoid.

C. it is especially difficult to do so if you are not good at them

D. physical effort on the one hand and relaxation on the other

E. they spent most of the time outdoors

F. you are still only half way to good health

G. It has to do with deep breathing, emptying your mind of all thoughts, meditation(冥想), and so on.


The stories we share with one another are important. They show wisdom and provide inspiration. They are important to our development. But sometimes people choose not to tell.

Consider the negative effects of not sharing a story in the news: People are wondering if public health officials are holding back too much information about the recent outbreak of Ebola.

There is a danger in holding back stories that ought to be told. Bobette Buster said it like this, “The fact is that history has shown us that stories not told can become like a dangerous genie (妖怪) left in a bottle. When they are finally uncorked, their power to destroy is set free.”

There are a number of reasons why we hide parts of our story: they often show our weaknesses or expose our disadvantages; they require courage and strength to share; and of course, there are some stories that should be kept secret—especially those that embarrass someone else.

Most of us have two selves: the one we display on the outside and the one we actually are on the inside. And the better we get at hiding the stories that show our true selves, the more damage we may be causing to ourselves and to others.

Honesty and openness is important: It proves we are trustworthy. It displays we are human. We are not perfect or better. It highlights the importance of hard work and personal development. Hard work may not allow us to overcome our disadvantages completely. But with hard work, we do not have to be limited to our mistakes.

Does this mean we admit every weakness, every disadvantage, and every secret regret to everybody we meet? No, of course not. There is a time and a place and a certain level of relationship necessary for some stories to be told in an appropriate manner.

1.What’s the function of the example in Paragraph 2?

A. It reflects that people are concerned about the spread of Ebola.

B. It shows the bad effect caused by sharing a story.

C. It proves not sharing a story can cause trouble.

D. It concludes that one should share a story at a proper time.

2.One of the reasons why people are unwilling to share experiences is that _______.

A. story-sharing highlights the importance of hard work

B. people are used to exposing their weaknesses

C. people sometimes have no courage to share their stories

D. some stories make themselves feel uneasy

3.Which is close in meaning to the underlined word “uncorked” in Paragraph 3?

A. freed    B. broken

C. finished    D. untouched

4.The writer aims to persuade us to _______.

A. be open to people close to you by sharing some secrets

B. share stories appropriately for the good of others and ourselves

C. remove the dangers that can be caused by untold stories

D. realize the importance of being honest when making friends


It is hardly surprising that clothing manufacturers (生产商)follow certain uniform standards for various

features(特征)of clothes. What seems strange, however, is that the standard adopted for women is the opposite of the one for men. Take a look at the way your clothes button. Men’s clothes tend to button from the right, and women’s from the left. Considering most of the world’s population—men and women—are right-handed,the men’s standard would appear to make more sense for women. So why do women's clothes button from the left ?

History really seems to matter here. Buttons first appeared only on the clothes of the rich in the 17th century, when rich women were dressed by servants. For the mostly right-handed servants, having women's shirts button from the left would be easier. On the other hand, having men’s shirts button from the right made sense, too. Most men dressed themselves, and a sword drawn from the left with the right hand would be less likely to get caught in the shirt.

Today women are seldom dressed by servants, but buttoning from the left is still the standard for them. Is it interesting? Actually, a standard, once set, resists change. At a time when all women’s shirts buttoned from the left, it would have been risky for any single manufacturer to offer women’s shirts that buttoned from the right. After all, women had grown so used to shirts which buttoned from the left and would have to develop new habits and skills to switch. Besides, some women might have found it socially awkward to appear in public wearing shirts that buttoned from the right, since anyone who noticed that would believe they were wearing men’s shirts.

1.What is surprising about the standard of the clothing industry?

A. It has been followed by the industry for over 400 years.

B. It is different for men’s clothing and women’s.

C. It works better with men than with women.

D. It fails to consider right-handed people.

2.What do we know about the rich men in the 17th century?

A. They tended to wear clothes without buttons.

B. They were interested in historical matters.

C. They were mostly dressed by servants.

D. They drew their swords from the left.

3.Women’s clothes still button from the left today because________.

A. adopting men’s style is improper for women    B. manufacturers should follow standards

C. modern women dress themselves    D. customs are hard to change

4.The passage is mainly developed by________.

A. analyzing causes    B. making comparisons

C. examining differences    D. following the time order


Eight days for just¥12,000

Departs: May-October 2017


 Return flights from 6 China’s airports to Naples

 Return airport to hotel transport

 Seven nights’accommodation at the 3-star Hotel Nice


 The service of guides

 Government taxes

Join us for a wonderful holiday in one of the Europe’s most wonderful-Naples in Italy if you want to have a nice time in a beautiful small quiet place. The ancient Romans called the city “happy land” with attractive coastline, colorful towns, splendid views and the warm Mediterranean Sea. Your best choice for a truly memorable holiday!

Choose between the peaceful traditional villages of Sant’ Agata, set on a hillside six miles away from Sorrento, or the more lively and well-known international resort town of Sorrento, with wonderful views over the Bay of Naples.

Breathtaking scenery, famous sights and European restaurants everywhere. From the mysterious Isle of Capri to the hunting ruins (废墟) of Pompeii, and from the unforgettable “Amalfi Drive” to the delightful resorts (景点) of Positano, Sorrento and Ravello, the area is a feast for the eyes! Join us, and you won’t  be disappointed!

Price based on two tourists sharing a double room at the Hotel Nice. A single room, another¥2,000. A group of ten college students,¥10,000 for each.

Like to know more? Telephone Newmarket Air Holidays Ltd on: 0845-226-7788 (All calls charged at local rates).

1.All the following are included in the price of ¥12,000 EXCEPT  ___________.

A. transport between the airport and the hotel

B. telephone calls made by tourists

C. the service of guides to tourists

D. double rooms for every two tourists

2.If you don’t  like sharing a room with others, you have to pay ___________.

A. ¥12,000    B. ¥10,000

C. ¥2,000    D. ¥14,000

3.If you like to visit historical sites, which of the following is your best choice?

A. Amalfi    B. Sant’ Agata

C. Pompeii    D. Sorrento


I could feel the judging eyes of my family burning a hole into the back of my head as I picked up my phone. All of a sudden, the chattering in the living room died and all I could hear was the sound of the turkey sizzling (发出嘶嘶声) in the oven.

“Look at her! She’s been on her phone all day long! It’s all your fault! Children will never respect elders if they are not taught how to behave! ” my grandmother shouted.

I was very shocked and angry! I opened my mouth to say something, but words failed me and I just sat down quietly on the chair like a mouse in its trap. I thought “Here we go again.” I truly love my family and I would do anything for them. I also know that they would do anything for me as well. However, there are moments that make me feel that they are just stuck with me. They all agree on one thing: technology is wrecking me.

If I am going to be treated like a child or completely ignored, I will most likely not enjoy your company, and I feel that this applies to (适用于) the majority of the people. So I sometimes simply shut myself in my room and listened to the voices coming from the living room, thinking: They all grew up in a world so different that it amazes me how they have actually gotten this far. They did not have phones or any type of advanced technology, which is both good and bad. Bad because they had almost no type of fast communication, and good because they were forced to interact (互动) with one another, which is something today’s society is lacking in. However, maybe if they made an effort to be aware of how things work nowadays, they would not be so against everything.

1.What happened when the author picked up her smart phone?

A. Her family laughed at her.    B. Her family kept silent.

C. She felt like having a headache.    D. She smelt something burning.

2.The underlined word in the third paragraph probably means ________.

A. punishing    B. encouraging

C. destroying    D. saving

3.We can infer from the passage that the author felt it hard ________.

A. to do something to please her family

B. to satisfy her family’s high expectation

C. to get along with her family in some ways

D. to move out or break away from her family

4.The author uses the last paragraph to show that ________.

A. it is important to strengthen understanding among the family

B. it is necessary to treat each other well in the family

C. it is hard for the older people to accept the advanced technology

D. it is her duty to provide her family with a happier life in the future










Dear David,

How time flies! It’s been a total week since you left our school.








Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua


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