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When Jack was a small boy, he was once asked to give a speech about “A Big Challenge(挑战) in My Life”. To talk before the whole class, he was __1.__ (terrible) shy as soon as he thought of so many eyes __2.___(stare) at him. He had no other___3.__ (choose), though. First Jack was to draft(打草稿) the speech, which was just a piece of cake for him because he was a good writer, But the hard part _4.___ (lie) in his oral presentation(展示), for it was not allowed to read from the paper. He had to give the speech __5.__ his memory and in front of such a big audience(观众)!

A real trial(考验) began when Jack stood on the platform with his legs __6.__(tremble颤抖) and his mind blank(空白). How much time had passed by, he didn’t know. His listeners were still waiting patiently and without any signs of laughing. Gradually he found _7.__ (him) back, giving out his speech without much difficulty. After what seemed to be a hundred years, he found the audience applauding. He made___8.__!  From then on, his fear of talking before an audience disappeared. Actually with his confidence built up, Jack now turns out to be a great speaker. As we know, the greater difficulty we meet on our way to __9.__(succeed), the ___10.____likely we will be to achieve(实现) our goals.



Another person’s enthusiasm was what set me moving toward the success I have achieved. That person was my stepmother.

I was nine years old when she entered our home in rural Virginia. My father___________me to her with these words: “I would like you to meet the fellow who is___________ for being the worst boy in this county and will probably start throwing rocks at you no ___________ than tomorrow morning.”

My stepmother walked over to me, ___________my head slightly upward, and looked me right in the eye. Then she looked at my father and replied, “You are ____________ .This is not the worst boy at all, ___________  the smartest one who hasn’t yet found an outlet(释放的途径)for his enthusiasm.”

That statement began a(n) ____________  between us. No one had ever called me smart, my family and neighbors had built me up in my ___________  as a bad boy. My stepmother changed all that.

She changed many things. She ____________  my father to go to a dental school, from which he graduated with honors. She moved our family into the county seat, where my father’s career could be more ___________  and my brother and I could be better_________   .

When I turned fourteen, she bought me a secondhand____________  and told me that she believed that I could become a writer. I knew her ernthusiasm,I_________ it had already improved our lives. I accepted her ___________and began to write for local newspapers. I was doing the same kind of___________  that great day I went to interview Andrew Carnegie and received the task which became my life’s work later. I wasn’t the __________  beneficiary (受益者).My father became the ___________   man in town. My brother and stepbrothers became a physician, a dentist, a lawyer, and a college president.

What power ___________ has! When that power is released to support the certainty of one’s purpose and is ____________ strengthened by faith, it becomes an irresistible(不可抗拒的)force which poverty and temporary defeat can never _________   .

You can communicate that power to anyone who needs it. This is probably the greatest work you can do with your enthusiasm.

1.A. rushed            B. sent           C. carried     D. introduced

2.A. distinguished     B. favored        C. mistaken     D. rewarded

3.A. sooner            B. later          C. longer        D. earlier

4.A. dragged           B. shook        C. raised        D. bent

5.A. perfect           B. right          C. wrong       D. impolite

6.A. but               B. so           C. and         D. or

7.A. agreement        B. friendship     C. gap         D. relationship

8.A. opinion          B. image          C. expectation   D. mind

9.A. begged            B. persuaded     C. ordered      D. invited

10.A. successful      B. meaningful    C. helpful      D. useful

11.A. treated         B. entertained    C. educated     D. respected

12.A. camera          B. radio         C. bicycle      D. typewriter

13.A. considered      B. suspected    C. ignored       D. appreciated

14.A. belief          B. request      C. criticism    D. description

15.A. teaching        B. writing      C. studying      D. reading

16.A. next             B. same          C. only          D. real

17.A. cleverest       B. wealthiest     C. strongest     D. healthiest

18.A. enthusiasm       B. sympathy       C. fortune      D. confidence

19.A. deliberately    B. happily      C. traditionally D. constantly

20.A. win             B. match          C. reach         D. doubt



Weight loss is a hard topic. Lots of people aren’t satisfied with their present weight,but most people aren’t sure how to change it. You may want to look like the models or actors in magazines or on TV,but those goals might not be healthy or realistic for you.   1. So what should you do about your weight control?

2.  The best way to find out if you are at a healthy weight or if you need to lose or gain weight is to talk to a doctor or a dietitian(营养学家).   3.  If it turns out that you can benefit from weight loss , then you can follow a few of the simple suggestions listed below to get started.

4.  People who lose weight quickly by crash dieting or other extreme measures usually gain back all of the pounds they lost,because they haven’t permanently(永久地) changed their habits. Therefore,the best weight management ways are those that you can maintain(保持)for a lifetime.

Small changes are a lot easier to stick with(坚持) than large ones. Try reducing the size of what you eat.   5.  Once you have that done,start gradually introducing healthier foods and exercise into your life.

It’s a good idea to maintain a healthy weight because it’s just that:healthy.

A. Try giving up regular soda for a week.

B. Weight management is about long-term success.

C. Try to pay attention as you eat and stop when you’re full.

D. Besides,no magical diet will make you look like someone else.

E. Changing from whole to nonfat or low-fat milk is also a good idea.

F. Being healthy is really about being at a weight that is right for you.

G. They will compare your weight with healthy standards and help you set goals.


If you think that running marathons will help you live a long and healthy life,new research may come as a shock.According to a recent scientific study,people who do a very strenuous workout are as likely to die as people who do no exercise at all.

Scientists in Denmark have been studying over 1,000 joggers(慢跑者) and non-joggers for 12 years.The death rates(率) from the sample group suggest that people who jog at a moderate(适合的) pace two or three times a week for less than two and a half hours in total are least likely to die.

The best speed to jog at was found to be about 5 miles per hour.The research suggests that people who jog more than three times a week or at higher speeds of over 7 mph die at the same rate as non-joggers.The scientists think that this is because strenuous exercise causes structural changes to the heart and arteries(动脉).Over time,this can cause serious injuries.

Peter Schnohr,a researcher in Copenhagen,said,“If your goal is to decrease(减少) risk of death and improve life expectancy,jogging a few times a week at a moderate pace is a good strategy(策略).Anything more is not just unnecessary,and it may be harmful.”

The implications(含义) of this are that moderate forms of exercise such as tai chi,yoga and brisk walking may be better for us than “iron man” events,triathlons(三项全能) and long-distance running and cycling.According to Jacob Louis Marott,another researcher in the study,“You don’t actually have to do that much to have a good impact(影响) on your health.And perhaps you shouldn’t actually do too much”.

1.The underlined word “strenuous” in Paragraph l is closest in meaning to“___________”.

A.hard             B.regular

C.practical        D.flexible(灵活的)

2.The author presents some figures in Paragraph 2 to ___________.

A.suggest giving up jogging

B.show risks of doing sports

C.provide supportive evidence(证据)

D.introduce the research process(过程)

3.According to the scientists,why is too much exercise harmful?

A.It may injure the heart and arteries.

B.It can make the body tired out.

C.It will bring much pressure.

D.It consumes too much energy.

4.What can be inferred from the text?

A.No exercise at all is the best choice.

B.More exercise means a healthier life.

C.Marathons runners are least likely to die.

D.Proper exercise contributes to good health.


Too much TV-watching can harm children’s ability to learn and even reduce their chances of getting a college degree, new studies suggest in the latest effort to examine the effects of television on children.

One of the studies looked at nearly 400 northern California third-graders. Those with TVs in their bedrooms scored about eight points lower on math and language arts tests than children without bedroom TVs.

A second study ,looking at nearly 1000 grown-ups in New Zealand, found lower education levels among 26-year –olds who had watched lots of TV during childhood. But the results don’t prove that TV is the cause and  don't rule out that already poorly motivated youngsters (年轻人)may watch lots of TV.

Their study measured the TV habits of 26-year-olds between ages5 and 15. These with college degrees had watched an average of less than two hours of TV per week night during childhood, compared with an average of more than 2 1/2 hours for those who had no education beyond high school.

In the California study, children with TVs in their rooms but no computer at home scored the lowest while those with no bedroom TV but who had home computers scored the highest.

While this study does not prove that bedroom TV sets caused the lower scores, it adds to accumulating findings that children shouldn't have TVs in their bedrooms

1.According to the California study, the low-scoring group might _________.

A. have watched a lot of TV

B. not be interested in math

C. be unable to go to college

D. have had computers in their bedrooms

2.What is the researchers' understanding of the New Zealand study results?

A. Poorly motivated 26-year-olds watch more TV.

B. Habits of TV watching reduce learning interest.

C. TV watching leads to lower education levels of the 15-year-olds.

D. The connection between TV and education levels is difficult to explain

3.What can we learn from the last two paragraphs?

A. More time should be spent on computers.

B. Children should be forbidden from watching TV.

C. 'IV sets shouldn't be allowed in children's bedrooms,

D. Further studies on high-achieving students should be done

4.What would be the best title for this text?

A. Computers or Television

B. Effects of Television on Children

C. Studies on TV and College Education

D. Television and Children's Learning Habits


I hated dinner parties. But I decided to give them another shot because I'm in London. And my friend Mallery invited me. And because dinner parties in London are very different from those back in New York. There, '“I’m  having a dinner party' means: "I'm booking a table for 12 at a restaurant you can't afford and we'll be sharing the checque evenly, no matter what you eat." Worse, in Manhattan there is always someone who leaves before the bill arrives. They'll throw down cash, half of what they owe, and then people like me, who don’t drink, end up paying even more. But if I try to use the same trick, the hostess will shout: "Where are you going?" And it's not like I can say I have somewhere to go: everyone knows I have nowhere to go.

But in London, dinner parties are in people's homes. Not only that, the guests are an interesting mix. The last time I went to one, the guests were from France, India. Denmark and Nigeria; it was like a gathering at the United Nations in New York. The mix is less striking. It's like a gathering at Bloomingdale's, a well-known department store.

For New Yorkers, talking about other parts of the world means Brooklyn and Queens in New York. But at Mallery's, when I said that I had been to Myanmar recently, people knew where it was. In New York people would think it was a usual new club

1.What does the word "shot" in Paragraph 1 probably mean?

A. Choice.    B. Try    C. Style.    D. Goal

2.What does the writer dislike most about dinner parties in New York?

A There is a strange mix of people.

B. The restaurants are expensive.

C. The bill is not fairly shared.

D. People have to pay cash

3.What does the author think of the parties in London?

A. A bit unusual     B.Full of tricks.

C.Less costly.    D. More interesting.

4.What is the author's opinion of some New Yorkers from her experience?

A. Easy-going.    B. Self-centred.

C. Generous.      D. Conservative.


Welcome to the Electronic Village to explore new ways of language teaching and learning.

Electronic Village Program (Thursday, June 18, 2015)


9:00 am to 10:00 am

Room 501

Nearpod is a software program that creates a rich context (语境) for students to learn vocabulary. The presenter will show how to use it.


2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Room 502

Our students come from different backgrounds but have the same desire to learn on-line. The presenter will use examples from his first on-line class to explain how any teacher can begin teaching on-line with TEO.


10:30 am to 11:30 am

Room 601

Kahoot software can be used to create grammar tests which can be graded on a network. It can provide students with instant feedback (反馈),  including reports about their strengths and weaknesses.


3:30 pm to 4:20 pm

Room 602

Uses of Prezi in listening and speaking courses draw students' attention to speaking more fluently. The presenter will show how students can use Prezi to confidently present on a variety of topics, including introducing family, friends, and hobbies.


1.Nearpod can be used to ______.

A. offer grammar tests

B. teach listening on-line

C. help vocabulary learning

D. gain fluency in speaking

2.If you want to improve your speaking skills, you can go to____________.

A. Room 501  B. Room 502   C. Room 602    D. Room 601

3.A teacher who wants to learn on-line teaching is expected to arrive by ______.

A. 9:00 am    B. 10:30 am   C. 3:30 pm   D. 2:00 pm



假设你是育才中学学生会主席李华。 你校将举办一次英语演讲比赛(speech contest),希望附近某大学的外籍教师Smith 女士来做评委。请参照一下比赛通知给她写一封信。


主题: 人与自然

地点: 501教室




Dear Ms. Smith,







With best wishes.


Li Hua



该文中共有十处错误,每句中最多有两处,错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧), 并在此符号下面写出该加的词。删除:把多余的词用斜线( \)划掉。修改:在错的词下划一横线, 并在该词下面写出修改后的词。注意:1、每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;2、只允许修改十处, 多者(从第11处起) 不计分。

Good morning, everyone. It’s great honor for me to speak here. My name is Li Xiang, born in a harmonious family. My father and mother are all high school teachers. Influenced by them,I read widely during my early age, but I’ve developed a great interest in arts and sports. I’m easy-going, getting along well with my classmates. It is this personality which helps me win over the friendship of all my classmates, and also help me overcome many difficulties both in academic and personal life. Being admitted in your university has always been a beautiful dream for me. I dream constantly that I, along with mine classmates, will study happy with the help of the respectable professors. I dream that I will swim freely in the sea,enjoy the waves of knowledge. I hope all my dream will come true in the near future. Thank you.



There once live a boy named Woo Sing, __1.___ father brought home a mirror. Woo Sing had never seen one before. So when he saw it for__2.___first time, he didn’t understand what it was, but thought he saw__3.__boy in the mirror, which made him happy, for he thought the boy had come to play with him. He spoke to the stranger in a friendly way, but received no reply. He laughed and waved at the boy, who did ___4.___ (exact) the same thing. Then he thought, “I’ll go closer. It may be because he doesn’t hear me.” But when he began to walk, the boy imitated him. Woo sing stopped _5.__ (think) about these strange actions, saying to himself, “this boy is fooling me. He does what I do.” The more he thought about it, the _6.____ (angry) he become and soon he noticed the boy became angry too. So Woo Sing _7.__ (strike) the boy in the glass, but only hurt his own hand and went __8.___ (cry) to his father, who said, “The boy you saw was __9.___ (you) image. This should teach you an important lesson, my son. You should never show your anger to others. Now remember that in real life when you strike_10.__ cause you’ll hurt yourself most of all.”


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