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Reading is important

Reading can not only open up our eyes but also improve our knowledge. __________________





Mrs. Watson sent E-vites to every guest before the party __________ __________.


__________ __________ difficult for her to __________ __________ this problem?


__________ __________ advice it is! I like this advice very much.


Sally ________ ________ ________ ________ she finished reciting all the new words yesterday.


He __________ 2 hours __________ __________ his homework every day.


My classmates asked me ________ ________ ________ ________ some pencils for her on my way home.


After several months in America, she __________ __________ __________ American food last year.



1.The food in this restaurant is very d________. We like it.

2.When they got to the hotel, it was nearly midnight and the kings fell a________ soon.

3.It’s awful of them to l________ at that disabled boy.

4.The latest films with great sound effects were put on in that c________ four days ago.

5.Last night my mum w________ me up and we had a long chat.

6.My classmates had got an operation. I hope it’s n________ serious and she will get well soon.


Question: I’m 15 and I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night. It usually takes me 2 to 4 hours to get to sleep. 1. I can’t focus on my lessons at school. Please help me!

Answer: If you are a person who doesn’t regularly get a good night’s sleep, you are not alone. 2. Here are some tips for helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Keep regular hours

By keeping regular hours your body and mind know what is coming up and can start to prepare for you to sleep. 3. If you can’t go to bed at a regular time, then make sure you get up at a regular time. So after a late night you wake up tired, and it forces you to go to bed earlier.


I know, you hear this about everything from heart health to losing weight, but exercise really does do you a world of good. However, don’t do it too close to going to sleep. It is better to do it about an hour after dinner.

Relax before going to bed

5. In fact, when you lie down to go to sleep, your mind is going to be thinking about the programs you have been watching. Instead, take just 20 or 30 minutes before bed to read or sit, anything that gets you to slow down and gives your mind a rest!

A.Take some exercise.

B.And I usually get about 4 or 5 hours’ sleep in a day.

C.It also means you can get in regular number of hours each night.

D.Many people suffer from sleep problems.

E.You may think that watching TV before you go to bed is a good way to relax.


Who do you think was the most important woman of the past 100 years?

Jane Addams (1860 - 1935)

Addams helped the poor and worked for peace. She created shelters, education opportunities and services for people in need. In 1931, Addams became the first American woman to win the Noble Peace Prize.

Rachel Carson (1907 - 1964)

Rachel Carson was born in the rural river town of Springdale, Pennsylvania in America. The popular 1962 book "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson made people realize the dangers and the harmful effects(影响) of pollution on humans and on the world's lakes and oceans.

Angela Merkel (1954 - )

In 2005, Germans chose Angela Merkel as their first woman head of the country. She had been a scientist in the past. As Germany's leader, she has had an effect on the whole world.

Sandra Day O' Connor (1930 - )

When Sandra Day O' Connor finished her class at Stanford Law School, in 1952, she could not find work because she was a woman. However, she became the first woman to join the U.S. Supreme Court (最高法院) in 1981 after years of hard work.

Margaret Thatcher (1925 - )

In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became Britain's first woman Prime Minister (首相). She served until 1990, which made her the first British leader to serve three terms in a row. Because of her high standards and strong will, people called her Britain's Iron Lady.

Marie Curie (1867 - 1934)

Polish-born scientist Marie Curie discovered that some types of metal give off energy called radiation (辐射能). Her research led to new medical treatments and arms. She received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1903 and in Chemistry in 1911.

1.Who once won the Nobel Prize?

A. Jane Addams and Marie Curie    B. Jane Addams and Margaret Thatcher

C. Marie Curie and Angela Merkel    D. Marie Curie and Rachel Carson

2.We can infer from the text that Rachel Carson worked to _______.

A. help the poor    B. spread geographic knowledge

C. protect the environment    D. protect the rights of women

3.What do Angela Merkel and Margaret Thatcher have in common?

A. Both of them were scientists before coming to power.

B. Both of them are the first woman head of their country.

C. Both of them are famous for being strict.

D. Both of them have worked for three terms.

4.Who once failed to find a job?

A. Jane Addams.    B. Sandra Day O’Connor    C. Rachel Carson    D. Margaret Thatcher

5.What would be the best title for the text?

A. Ways to Success.    B. Famous Scientists.

C. Strong Leaders.    D. Great Women.


Silk production has a long history and colourful history unknown to most people. Scientific discoveries have shown that silk production began in China around 2,500 B.C., although it could be much older. For hundreds of years, China kept the secret of silk to itself as one for the most closely protected secrets in history. Anyone telling the secret of silkworms or trying to take silkworm eggs out of ancient China was punished in prison.

At one time silk was served only for the Chinese emperor. Step by step, others began wearing silk. In addition to being used for clothing, silk was used to make musical instruments, fishing lines, ropes and even paper. During the Han Dynasty silk became a form of money.

However, the Chinese finally lost their monopoly(垄断) on silk production. It reached Korea in around 200 B.C. when some Chinese people arrived there. Silke production came to India in 300 A.D. In 500 A.D., silk production came to Europe when travelers smuggled(偷运) out silkworms in empty pipes of bamboo. These were used to set up silk factories in Rome, although Chinese silk was still considered to be the best.

Silk was brought to Rome from China by means of the Silk Road. There were actually two Silk Roads, one over land and one on the sea. Especially the land route had a huge effect in history. All sorts of trade goods were passed along this road. Ideas travelled the Silk Road, too. For example, the religion of Buddhism(佛教) was carried to China from India by traders on the Silk Road. The Silk Road created the first international culture, showing many people the ideas and treasures of both Western and Chinese cultures.

1.How was China able to keep the secret of silk production?

A. It refused to sell its silk to the other countries.

B. Foreigners were not allowed to come to China.

C. The silkworms were not able to live outside China.

D. Chinese passing on the secret to foreigners were seriously punished.

2.Which of the following uses of silk is NOT mentioned in the passage?

A. Clothing    B. Pipes    C. Paper    D. Money

3.In what order did silk production spread throughout the world according to the passage?

A. Europe→India→Korea→China

B. Europe→China→Korea→India

C. China→Korea→India→Europe

D. China→India→Enrope→Korea

4.The underlined word “These” in Paragraph 3 refers to ________.

A. bamboo    B. empty pipes    C. silkworms    D. travelesrs

5.Which of the following is true about the Silk Road?

A. It allowed for economic and cultural exchanges between countries.

B. It made China the most powerful country in the ancient world.

C. It could only be completed by travelers with a boat.

D. It was first developed for carrying religions.


In America, drivers’ education is part of the regular high school curriculum. Every student in his or her second year of high school is required to take a class in driver’s education. However, unlike other courses, it is not given during the regular school year. Instead it is a summer course.

The course is divided into two parts: class time for learning laws and rules and driving time to practice driving. Class time is not unlike any other class. The students study the basic traffic laws from a text to pass the written driving test that is given to anyone who wants to get a driver’s license.

Driving time is a chance for the students to get behind the wheel and practice starting. Each student is required to drive a total of six hours. The students are divided into groups of four. The students and the instructor go out driving for two hours each time. So each student gets half an hour driving time per outing.

Drivers Ed cars are unlike other cars in which they have two sets of brakes(刹车), one on the driver's side and one on the other side where the instructor sits. So if the student driver should run into difficulties, the instructor can take over. The car also has another special feature. On the top of the car is a sign that reads: STUDENT DRIVER. That lets nearby drivers know that they should use extra caution because the student driver is a beginning driver, not very experienced.

After the student has passed the driver's education course and reached the suitable age to drive (this age differs in every state but in most cases the person must be 16 years old), they can go to a the state office to take their driver's test, which is made up of an eye examination, a written test, and a road test. The person must pass all the three tests in order to be given a driver's license.

1.We can infer that the students are required to ________ in their whole driving practice.

A. go out driving for 12 times    B. spend at least six hours driving

C. drive for two-hour blocks of time    D. get half an hour driving

2.In America, the driver's course mentioned above is ________.

A. considered as part of the advanced education

B. given to anyone wanting to get a driver's license

C. carried on at the same time as other courses

D. required of all the students of Grade 2 in high schools

3.To prevent accidents, a driver's ED car ________.

A. has a sign inside it    B. has two sets of brakes

C. is big enough to hold five persons    D. can't run very fast

4.Which of the following does not agree with the requirements for the students wanting to get their driver's license?

A. They must be 16 years of age.

B. They should go to have their driver's course.

C. They must have their eyes examined.

D. They ought to do well in their driver's course.

5.The underlined word “caution” in paragraph 4 means ________.

A. being brave    B. courage    C. being careful    D. patience


Several days ago, Brenda had a car accident that led to one of her legs being cut off. Since then she didn’t talk to anyone.

“I wish I could bring her friends to visit her,” said Brenda’s mother. “But it’s a long bus trip.” The nurse smiled, “Don’t worry. We have a plan.”

Later that day, the nurse had taken Brenda to another room. “Here’s your new roommate, Annie Wiggle-Do,” the nurse introduced a dark-hair teenager on the other bed.

As soon as the nurse left, she jumped out of her bed with her only foot and sat at the other end of Brenda’s bed, “I lost my leg from bone cancer,” she said. “What happened to yours?” Brenda was so shocked that she couldn’t say a word. “You’re lucky.” Annie continued. “You’ve still got your knee. They had to take mine.”

“I’d like to have a chat with you, but my friends are coming any time now, so I have to get ready.” Annie said when she took off her hair! Her head was completely bald(秃头的).

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, the medicine they gave me to kill the cancer also killed my hair.” Annie looked out her wigs(假发), brown and yellow, short and long, straight and curly.

“That’s why I thought up ‘Annie Wiggle-Do’.” Annie smiled. “Get it? Any wig will do? Annie Wiggle-Do?” “When Annie’s friends came, she introduced Brenda to them all. Before long, Brenda started chatting with Annie and her friends. They didn’t make her feel like a strange person at all!

The girls shared their names with each other. When it was time to go to bed, Brenda said, “Good night, Annie-Wiggle-Do. Can’t wait till morning.”

1.We can infer that no friends visited Brenda because ________.

A. she had no friends at school    B. she didn’t want to see her friends

C. her friends were very busy    D. her friends knew she had an accident

2.In order to cheer Brenda up, the nurse planned to ________.

A. introduce some healthy friends to her

B. let her share the same room with Annie

C. show her some more seriously injured

D. move her to a room filled with light and music

3.When Brenda fist saw Annie, she ________.

A. discovered that Annie’s head was bald

B. thought up “Annie-Wiggle-Do”

C. was too surprised to say anything

D. shared her dream with Annie

4.Which of the following about Annie is true?

A. She has different kinds of wigs.    B. She thinks she is strange.

C. Her sin cancer killed her hair.    D. She lost both her legs.

5.Which of the following words can best describe Annie?

A. Patient.    B. Careful    C. Polite    D. Brave


Have you seen the cartoons of two penguins(企鹅) on the Internet? They sit on either side of a small _________. They are friends, but each does something selfish(自私的)which _________ their friend “ship” to sink(沉没).

The cartoons have become very ________. It shows how much people value friendship and sometimes _________ they may lose their friends. A friend is someone you can share your happy and _________ moments with. A friend is someone to talk to about your deepest feelings. And with a good friend you will never be alone.

However, keeping friendship isn’t always _________. The key to _________ your friend “ship” from sinking comes down to three simple things: sharing, caring and communicating. Good friends like to share everything with each other. They share their snacks, they share their _________ about schoolwork, sometimes they even share their clothes! And good friends also care about each other. They do _________ they can to make their friends happy. But the most important part of friendship is communicating.

Communicating means talking to your friends and being honest with them. It also means that you keep in touch with your friends even though they may be in ________ schools or live far away. Without communication, it is sure to send your friend “ship” to sink into the sea.

1.A. house    B. chair    C. boat    D. cave

2.A. causes    B. finds    C. catches    D. sends

3.A. important    B. interesting    C. colourful    D. popular

4.A. think    B. worry    C. speak    D. wake

5.A. joyful    B. meaningful    C. angry    D. sad

6.A. easy    B. difficult    C. serious    D. helpful

7.A. running    B. walking    C. staying    D. keeping

8.A. money    B. food    C. toys    D. knowledge

9.A. whoever    B. whenever    C. whatever    D. whenever

10.A. the same    B. different    C. expensive    D. cheap


In China, almost everyone knows Ma Yun. Ma Yun became one of ________ men in China when his company Alibaba went on the stock(股票)market last year with a value of around £140 billion-the largest public offering in history. _________ amazing thing it is! Here are some stories about him on the way to _________.

Ma made his_________ trip to the US in 1995 and used the Internet ________ the first time. After ________ for “beer”, he saw that no results _________ up about China. Then he searched for “China” and still saw no results. He decided to set up a Chinese website--the seed for Alibaba was sown(播种).

Ma said he ________ many times in his life. He failed the College Entrance Examination in China three times and _______ companies offered him jobs, including one at KFC. And he was refused by the famous Harvard University 10 times.

Learning English was difficult when Ma was a teenager __________ limited resources. However, he found that he could learn English well by giving tourists free guides around _________ hometown Hangzhou. And he kept it for nine years. Ma said that tourists opened up a new world for him because everything they said and did was so different from _________ he had been taught at school and by his parents.

Ma’s hero is Forrest Gump__________ never gives up. When he made a speech about his success at Davos(达沃斯论坛)in 2015,Ma said, “Life __________ a box of chocolates because you never know what you are going to get.” _________ as Ma does, never give up and you will be successful one day.

1.A. rich    B. the richest    C. most rich    D. most richest

2.A. How a    B. How an    C. What a    D. What an

3.A. success    B. succeed    C. successful    D. successfully

4.A. one    B. first    C. the first    D. once

5.A. at    B. in    C. on    D. for

6.A. search    B. searched    C. searching    D. to search

7.A. come    B. comes    C. came    D. coming

8.A. refuse    B. refused    C. was refused    D. was refusing

9.A. a few    B. few    C. little    D. a little

10.A. because    B. because of    C. as    D. so

11.A. he    B. him    C. his    D. himself

12.A. what    B. that    C. which    D. when

13.A. what    B. which    C. /    D. who

14.A. like    B. likes    C. is liked    D. is like

15.A. Do    B. Doing    C. Does    D. Did


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