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—Can you tell me some      about the Brazil Olympic Games?

—OK. Let me help you search the Internet.

A. service             B. information

C. discussion          D. success


—Mike, who helped      make the paper plane?

—Nobody! I made it all by myself.

A. your  B. yours  C. you  D. yourself















  参考词汇:method n.方法     club.n 社团    colorful adj.丰富的

  Welcome to our school!












  Henry was a kind,good boy. His father was dead,and his mother was very poor. He had a little sister about 2 years old. He wanted to help his mother because she could not 1.  earn enough money to buy food for his little family.

  One day a man gave him a dollar for2.  the pocketbook which he had lost.Henry could have kept the pocketbook because no one saw him when he found it. But his mother had taught him to be h 3.  ,and never to keep what did not belong to him. So he gave the pocketbook back to the man.

  With the dollar he bought a box, three4. ,and some shoe polish(鞋油).He then went to the 5. of the street, and said to everyone whose boots did not look 6.  . “Polish your boots,please?”

  He was so 7.  that gentlemen soon began to notice him,and to let him polish their boots.The first day he8.  over 50 cents,which he gave to his mother to buy food with. When he gave her the money, she cried with joy and said, “You are 9.  ,good boy, Henry. I didn’t know how I could earn enough to buy bread, but now I think we can 10.  to get along quite well.”

  Henry worked after school every day. He earned almost enough to support his mother and his little sister.




1.I used to be________ about tests all the time.

2.Wait before you buy that watch. Let’s________ the prices in another store.

3.On Chinese New Year, people like to_________ time with their families.

4.She________ in a small town, although she lives in a big city now.

5.I haven’t seen my cat for two days. I’m very________ about her.


The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league with 32 teams in. How does one choose which team to support? Some people choose the team of their hometown, or where they now live, or the team that their parents or their friends follow.

  A boy student from Oklahoma wrote a letter to each of the owners or presidents of the 32 NFL teams. He would see what answers he got, and then choose his team.

  Bill was home from school sick. It was the week before Christmas. He was “kind of bored” and needed something to do. So he asked his parents if he could write to every professional football team. Bill wrote the 32 letters by hand.

  “We weren’t quite sure what we could get back. He didn’t really have one team that he wanted to hear from,” his mother said: “He just wanted to see what kind of reply he’ d get.”

  A letter to the Carolina Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson was one of those posted. Bill wrote in his letter, “My family and I love football. They are fans of different teams.But I don’t have a team to cheer for yet. I am ready to pick an NFL team to cheer on for lifetime!

  A few weeks later, Bill’s mother was pulling into her driveway when a delivery man arrived with a box from the Panthers. When Bill came home, he excitedly opened the box. Inside he found a signed Carolina Panthers helmet(头盔)as well as a handwritten note from Jerry.

  The team owner had written to Bill, “We should be honored(光荣的)if our Carolina Panthers became your team. We would make you proud of your joining us.”

  Bill was overjoyed with what he got. He decided that from then on he would support the Panthers. He keeps the letter from Jerry in his bedroom. His mother says, “It’s not the helmet they sent us. It’s what they told us.” That is what mattered to Bill and why he chose to become a Panthers’ fan.

1.We learn from the passage______.

A.friends always choose different teams to support.

B.only 32 cities in America have their own football teams

C.some people choose a team to support as their parents do

D.football teams are just popular with the people of their hometowns

2.Bill wanted to choose a football team to support because______.

A.NFL was very professional

B.he himself was willing to do it

C.his parents expected him to do it

D.he was ill and felt bored at school

3.The result of Bill’s letter to the Panthers was that______.

A.his mother kept the reply from him

B.he got many helmets from 32 teams

C. each team wanted him to be its player

D.he became a fan of the Carolina Panthers

4.It’s clear that________.

A. it is proper to be a football fan by Christmas

B. the team owner wrote back to Bill by email

C.the note from the team owner meant a lot to Bill

D. Bill’ s parents would also be fans of the Panthers

5.The best title for the passage can be _______.

A. Christmas Gift                B.Helpful Mother

C.Receiving a Helmet             D.Choosing a Team


Andrew Holleman, a 12-year-old boy,loved playing in the open land near his home.The land was wet and forested, and made a home for birds, other animals and many different plants.

  It made the perfect place for him to study and get to know the nature. He had seen some red-tail hawks, red foxes, wood turtles and other animals. He also found special native flowers.

  Suddenly it was announced that the “empty” land would be improved by a lot of houses on it. The plants would be removed, the animals would run away and most would probably die. Then the wet soil would be covered with extra grounds.

  When he heard about the news, he was not happy. He was very worried that the land ans water would be polluted.

  Andrew wrote down clearly all the research he had down about the area, and how the houses would affect the local environment. He sent letters to members of local government and television reporters. He also called on his neighbors to oppose the building of the houses.

  Although he was only 12 years old, he had the courage and wisdom of a person much older. Andrew’ s teachers described him as gentle, shy and active. His classmates also admired how much he knew about local animals and plants,and the environment.Each day after school, Andrew went door-to-door, to ask the people to sign, who did not want the houses to be built. In only one month, he got the signatures of 250 people.

  In the end, the land remained a safe place for birds, animals and plants that belonged there.

  Andrew won many prizes for his brave and great work to stop the houses being built,and thus help save the environment.

1.The passage is mainly about_______.

A.250 people who signed to help Andrew.

B. a brave boy who cared for the environment.

C. the open land that suited animals and plants

D.the research of improving the environment.

2.The underlined word “oppose” in the passage probably means_______.

A.support            B.dislike

C.disagree            D.prefer

3.Andrew was very worried because________.

A.the animals would be killed

B.new houses would be built on the open land

C.not all the neighbors were going to sign

D.was praised by his teachers and classmates

4.According to the passage, Andrew__________.

A. was good at going door-to door

B. got in no touch with the reporters

C. usually acted like a person much older

D. was praised by his teachers and classmates

5.We can infer that_______.

A. the land would remain as it used to be

B. the open land would be built into a park

C.the neighbors would have to move away

D.Andrew would soon work for the government




1.The above material may probably be________.

A.a survey                               B.a map of Moorfields 

C.an advertisement                      D.an introduction to London

2.Eye to Eye activity will take place_______.

A.on 28 February                        B.on Sunday 13 March

C.around the London Eye                 D.in Moorfields Eye Hospital

3.Moorfields Eye Charity is a(n)________.

A.company            B.hospital         C.eye center          D.walking club

4.It’s clear that________.

A.you can sign up by telephone or on the website.

B.many people in the UK go blind every 15 minutes

C.it’s 4 miles between the Eye Hospital and the London Eye

D.the purpose of the activity is to help people tell directions

5.The material has something to do with______.

A.eye doing           B.walk racing

C.sight research      D.London trip



A jobless man wanted to apply (求职) for the position of “office boy” at Microsoft. The staff manager interviewed him and then gave him a    :clean the floor. The man passed it: he cleaned the floor very well.

  “You are hired(雇佣),”the manger told the man. “Give me your email address,and I’ll send you the form to    .I shall also send you the      you should report for the work.

  The man replied, “I don’t have a    ,or email!”

  “I am sorry,” said the manager. “If you don’t have email, that means you do not exist(存在).And we cannot   persons who do not exist.”

  The man was very    .He didn’t know what to do. He only had 10 dollars with him.Once that was    .he wouldn’t have any money to buy even food.He went to the supermarket and bought a box of tomatoes with his 10 dollars. He went from door to door and    the tomatoes in small bags.He doubled his money.

  He    this three times, and returned home with 60 dollars. He realized that he could continue to live this way.He started to go earlier every day,and returned later. He doubled or made even three times his money every day.Soon, he    a cart,then a truck.In a very short time, he had his many delivery(递送)trucks.

  Five years later,the man became one of the most biggest    sellers in the country. He started to plan his family’s future. He called an insurance(保险)broker, a man who sells insurance.At the end of the    ,

the broker asked him for his email address. The man replied, “I don’t have en email.”

  Hearing that, the broker felt very    . “You don’t have email,and yet have succeeded in becoming so    .Can you imagine what you could have been if you had email?” he said a loud, The man thought for a while,and replied, “an office    at Microsoft.!”

  If you just lost your job or just failed an interview, don’t worry,think of the positive(积极的)... Good days are on the way and something better will happen to you.

1.A.job            B.hand          C.chance               D.test

2.A.checked out     B.put up         C.fill in                D.write down

3.A.name           B.date          C.address               D.ticket

4.A.computer        B.screen        C.website               D.letter

5.A.believe          B.pay          C.accept                D.refuse

6.A.pleased          B.excited       C.embarrassed           D.disappointed

7.A.exchanged        B.spent        C.wasted               D.lost

8.A.divided          B.showed       C.kept                 D.sold

9.A.repeated         B.reminded      C.tried                 D.counted

10.A.borrowed         B.repaired      C.received              D.bought

11.A.truck            B.insurance      C.food                 D.door

12.A.introduction      B.conversation    C.business              D.story

13.A.worried          B.satisfied       C.upset                 D.surprised

14.A.clever           B.healthy        C.rich                  D.confident

15.A.boy             B.secretary       C.cleaner               D.head


---What did the teacher say to you ?

  ---He asked me______.

A.why I look unhappy then       

B.when did I go home last night

C.how could I solve the problem  

D.if I had got everything ready


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