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know; lucky; proud; problem; good; decide; he; work; child; interest

Martin Murray is a school boy and he is fifteen years old. He used to be a “problem child”. He used to give his mother many 1. However, after his father’s death, Martin’s life became much more difficult. His mother couldn’t afford to pay for her 2. education. She had to work, and so was often not at home.

His mother tried her best to look after him. Unfortunately, Martin still caused trouble. He was not 3. in studying and he often got into trouble with the police. 4., his mother was very patient and didn’t give up trying to help him. In the end, she made a difficult 5. to send him to a boy’s boarding school. Martin hated it and caused a lot of trouble. One day, he told his teacher he wanted to leave the school. Even the teacher agreed that Martin was wasting his time.

The head teacher said it was necessary for Martin to talk with his mother. Martin called his mother, but to his surprise, this conversation changed his life. “It was exactly what I needed, he said. “I 6. how much my mother had given me. She also told me that even though my father was not with us, he was watching me and would always take 7. in everything good I do. That’s when I decided to change.”

Now Martin has really changed. He 8. hard and gets “A’s” in all subjects. He is now one of the 9. students in his class. His mother helps him to feel good about 10., and as he says, “It’s very important for parents to be there for their children.”


Susan had long blonde hair and big blue eyes. So did most of the other _____ in her school class, which troubled her a lot. “I look like everyone else! I’m not special! I’m bored!” Susan _____ to her mother.

She decided to try to make herself look _____. She painted big pink spots on her neck and when she didn't get attention, she stuck a long plastic nose on top of her real nose. Nobody noticed that, _____. She took ink (墨水)and poured it all over her _____ .She wore clown(小丑)clothes to school and stuck leaves in her ears. _____ no matter what she did, she still didn’t get any _____ and nobody thought she was special.

One morning her _____ went to wake her up and told her to get ready for school. She made Susan _____ the ink out of her hair and clean her neck. “I’m not going to school ______! I’m bored!” She buried (埋葬)her head ______ the quilt and cried.

“Susan, her mother said, “you are different. You are unique(独一无二)and special. ______ in the world looks just like you. Some people have blonde hair like you and some have blue eyes like you, but none of them has your smile or the twinkle in your eyes or your pink face. Nobody laughs like you, either. Now ______ and get ready for school.”

Susan went to school that day and looked at all the other kids in her class. “Mom was ______ .Nobody looks just like me,” Susan said. “I am special. I am unique and I am not ____!

1.A .children            B. boys            C. men            D. women

2.A. complained    B. listened    C. talked    D. spoke

3.A. beautiful    B. simple    C. different    D. happy

4.A. too    B. either            C also            D. neither

5.A. neck    B. nose            C .eyes            D. hair

6.A. Though    B. So    C. But    D. And

7.A. attention    B. help    C. prize    D. answer

8.A. father    B. mother    C. sister    D. brother

9.A. pull    B. wash    C. throw    D. turn

10.A. tomorrow    B. next week    C. next year    D. today

11.A. under    B. on    C. before    D. beside

12.A. Everybody    B. Somebody    C. Nobody    D. Anybody

13.A. get up    B. get off    C. put up    D. put off

14.A. wrong    B. right    C. special    D. common

15.A. moved    B. interested    C. tired    D. bored


---Can Sally play the piano?

---________. She thinks it is easy for her.

A. Yes, she does.    B. No, she doesn’t.    C. Yes, she can.    D. No, she can’t.


________ man with glasses is our new history teacher. We all like him.

A. A    B. An    C. /    D. the











参考词汇:手机控 a phone freak  焦虑 anxious (adj.) 沉迷于 be addicted to…




Today, many people, especially young people, are phone freaks. They…



1.WeChat makes it more convenient for people to communicate with each other.

2.As you set out on your new journey, you shouldn’t forget where you came from.

3.我们每天花一个小时做作业。(It takes...to do...)

4.我发现听某些有趣的东西是语言学习的秘诀。(the secret to…)

5.我最大的挑战就是学习怎样在餐桌前表现。(how to…)



Bulling(欺凌) is doing things to hurt other people. It is a serious problem at school.

Miah, a 22-year-old girl, still 1.(remember) how she was bullied in junior high school. “They kicked me, put sticks in my hair and took money from me. Even worse, I 2.(make) to eat rubbish. I 3. (never forget) those moments.”

Miah is not the only case. I saw another bullying situation when I was a handicapped(智力低下的)girl every day —hitting, pushing and kicking her. They just enjoyed 4.(do) it. The girl didn’t realize that people 5.(hurt ) her, She couldn’t even tell the teacher . The situation lasted for a long time. Bulling at school is getting worse, so many people 6.(try)to start anti—bulling(反欺凌) program. Students in many schools have already taken actions. They 7.(create) anti—bullying clubs. Many students have joined the clubs. They work with teachers to show students how to stop bullying. Some other programs have joined the clubs. They work with teachers to show students how to stop bullying .Some other programs have proved to be successful, too.

In Wales, two girls 8.(come) up with an idea to stop bullying on the school bus.

They created a bus pass (乘车证) and made four rules foe students :no bullying ,no swearing (骂脏话),no smoking and no shouting .Whenever a student broke a rule, he would get a mark on his pass. When a student had four marks, he 9.(not allow) to take the bus anymore. The bus pass idea worked .It 10.(stop) bullying on the bus.



1.Many students have come to realize the ________(重要性)of learning English.。

2.As we all know,the Silk Road connected China to the west in ________(古代的)times

3.Early in the ________ (二十)century,two famous scientists developed their personal ideas about dreams.

4.We’re still ______________ (影响) by Confucius’ thoughts

5.he Dragon Boat Festival is one of the ________(传统的)festivals in China. People usually eat rice dumplings on that day.



science   divide  wide  invent  pronounce

1.The Internet is becoming more and more important . It is _______used in the world.

2.Could you please tell us the fourth great __________of China?

3.My English __________ is not good, so I can’t speak English well.

4.All the students are __________into four teams to finish the work.

5.Tu Youyou was a woman ______________who won the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 2015.


A: Hi, Tony. What are you busy with?

B: Hi, Li Tao. 1.

A: Sounds interesting! I am very interested in spaceships.

B: Do you know scientists have sent a spaceship to Mars (火星)?

A: No.  2.

B: Yes, it has arrived there already.

A:  3.

B: No, they haven't yet.

A: Are there any astronauts in the spaceship?

B: No, there aren't.

A: Why not?  4.

B: Yes, but no one has been to Mars yet.  5.

But scientists are working hard in order to send astronauts to Mars one day.

A: That's interesting!


A. Have you ever been to the moon?

B. Astronauts have already been to the moon.

C. Has it arrived yet?

D. Because Mars is much farther than the moon.

E. Have they discovered life on Mars?

F. I've just read a book about spaceships.

G. How long have they stayed in the spaceship?



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