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take, thousand, too, surprise, watch, dr...

take,  thousand,  too,   surprise,  watch,   drink,   after,   ago,   eat,   discover

Coffee has been a part of people’s lives for 1. of years, and it is still a favorite 2. in the world. Here is a story of coffee about how it was 3.. The story tells us coffee was discovered in Africa long long 4.. One day a farmer was 5. his goats, and saw them 6. some berries (浆果) from a plant. The goats became very active 7. they ate the berries. The man often felt tired, so he decided to try the berries, 8.. To his 9., he didn’t feel tired any more. Coffee plants were thus discovered. The coffee was 10. from Africa to other countries in Europe. After that the famers started to grow coffee plants there, especially in South America.


1.thousands 2.drink 3.discovered 4.ago 5.watching 6.eating 7.after 8.too 9.surprise 10.taken 【解析】文章主要讲了咖啡因对人体的作用。适当进食咖啡因。过多的咖啡因会对人体有害。 1.句意:咖啡已经成为人们生活的一部分有几千年的时间了。thou...





David Beckham was born on May 2, 1975. When he was a young boy, David started playing football for a local team. At that time nobody expected him to become a top footballer, as he was too thin. However , David was much more interested in football than in school. He said that he knew what he wanted and that Manchester United was the dream. David always wanted to play for the Red Devils, so in 1991 he left his family and home and moved to Manchester to join United as a trainee. “It was though, but well worth in the end.” David said. He signed as a professional for United in 1993 and since then he was won lots of awards. He has gained international fame and earned millions of pounds. In the year 2000 he was voted the second best player in the world! David has proved that he’s got natural talent. This, along with hard work, has made him develop a wonderful technique in a very short time. Anyone who has seen him play will tell you that he has scored some spectacular goals.



In 1975

Born on 1..


A young boy

Started  2. football for he local team.

More interested in football than in school.

Manchester United was the 3..

In 1991

Left family to 4. Manchester United.

In 5.

Become a professional player.

Won lots of awards.

In 2000

Was voted one of the best players in the world.





In your school bags, you may have a pencil, some kinds of pens, a ruler, and some books. None of these things grow in the fields. They were all made in factories. And, of course, they were invented by some people. There have not always been pencils or pens, a ruler and books. Thousands of years ago no one knew about these things.

Who invented them first? How did they have such clever ideas? We always don’t know. There have been many thousands of inventions, large and small, in the human history. Some of these inventions have changed the world. Such as paper, printing, radio, telephone and computer, and we know the inventors. But we have forgotten most of the other inventors.

Who invented the clock, for example, or the lock to the door? We don’t know. There have been thousands of inventors and we should grateful (感激的) to them for their clever ideas. Will you be one of them when you grow up?

1.Most things in your school bags are made of _________.

A. paper    B. wood    C. metal    D. nylon

2.The inventors invented these things because _________.

A. their children were at school    B. they hoped to save some money

C. they have a lot of clever ideas    D. they have good machines

3.The history books tell us _________.

A. who invented paper and printing    B. who invented clocks and doors

C. when the first key was invented    D. how much the silk cost

4.We don’t know ________.

A. the names of the inventors of paper    B. the names of the inventors of telephone

C. the names of the inventors of lamp    D. the names of most inventors

5.The writer wonders _________.

A. if you are an inventor    B. if you want to be an inventor

C. what’s invented by you    D. how many inventors you know



What is color? Why do some of the things around us look red, some green, others blue?

Colors are really made by reflected(反射)light. We see color because most of the things reflect light. Something is red, for it reflects most of the red light. In the same way, if something is green, it reflects most of the green light. If something reflects all light, it is white. If it doesn’t reflect any light, it is black.

Some of the light is reflected and some is taken in (吸引)and turned into heat. The darker the color is, the less light is reflected, the more light is taken in. So dark-colored clothes are warmer in the sun than light-colored clothes.


1.When something reflects light, we can see its color.

2.Something looks white because it reflects all light.

3.The dark-colored clothes are warm because less light is taken in.

4.In summer light-colored clothes make people feel cool.

5.Color is the best title of this passage.



People all over the world eat rice.___people, in Asia(亚洲), Africa(非洲)and South America___it every day of their lives. Some people almost do not eat___except rice.

Rice is a kind of____ There are more than 7000 kinds of rice. Most kinds are water plants. Farmers___rice in many countries even in the southern part of Russia and in eastern Australia.

No one really knows where rice___. Someone in China wrote about it almost 5000 years ago. Some scientists think that rice___in West Africa,___think it___from India and then ___to other parts of the world.

1.A. Thousands of    B. Hundreds of    C. Millions of    D. A million of

2.A. eat    B. eats    C. eaten    D. is eaten

3.A. everything    B. something    C. anything    D. nothing

4.A. grass    B. fruit    C. flower    D. vegetable

5.A. make    B. run    C. keep    D. grow

6.A. came from    B. came to    C. went from    D. went to

7.A. grew    B. grow    C. is grown    D. was grown

8.A. another    B. other    C. the other    D. others

9.A. came    B. come    C. was come    D. was coming

10.A. was planted    B. was taken    C. was kept    D. was grown



The number of students in our class ____ 50. And a number of students _____ planting trees now.

A. are, are    B. is, is    C. are, is    D. is, are


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