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1.According to this ad, you can use TFK to ________.

A. play games         B. watch TV  

C. draw pictures better       D. do homework better

2.________ of TFK may help you get the state capitals.

A. Writers Toolbox        B. Flash-card Maker

C. Grammar Talent        D. A + Paper

3.With the help of Writing Suggestions, you can ________.

A. change one language into another

B. look up some new words

C. write a good article to introduce yourself

D. go over all grammar rules

4.In this ad, ________ tools of TFK are introduced.

A. three    B. four     C. five    D. six


1.D 2.B 3.C 4.C 【解析】 试题分析:短文大意:当你发现困难时不要单独做家庭作业!TFK作业帮手有许多有用的工具来帮助你更好地做你的家庭作业。该文主要介绍了TFK的五种工具。 1.D细节理解题。根据文中TFK’s Homework Helper has many useful tools with tips to help you do your ...







Paper cut can be seen in many parts of China during the Spring Festival. People put it on windows, doors and walls for the festival.

A thousand years ago, paper cut was used for decoration (装饰). In Tang Dynasty women used paper cut as headdress. In Song Dynasty, it helped make gifts more beautiful. What’s more, people would feel happier when they saw paper cut on windows, doors and walls. Now people use paper cut to express their wishes for welcoming the New Year.

There are different kinds of paper cut in different parts of China. Pictures usually cover nearly all things, from flowers, birds to the famous people. Now, there are factories for paper cut in China. Paper cut has changed from decoration to a kind of art. At the same time, paper cut also appears in cartoons, magazines or TV programs.

1.________ people like to use paper cut for their festivals.

A. Australian   B. Chinese   C. English   D. American

2.In Song Dynasty, paper cut helped to make gifts more ________.

A. beautiful   B. famous   C. different   D. expensive

3.This passage is mainly about ________.

A. cartoons   B. TV programs  C. paper cut   D. hair cut





There is an old saying: “Take the time to stop and smell the flowers.” I think we should also take the time to _____ flowers.

My grandmother knew just ________ to do that. She grew flowers with earth, water and love, so her back garden was filled with beautiful flowers. She would smile when she saw the _______ shine down on them. In her front garden she planted flowers, _______. You could see red, white, and yellow flowers in it. My mom and I used to walk _______ them and enjoy their smells. Beautiful butterflies (蝴蝶) flew down on them. Grandma also cared for the wild flowers. She would send _______ and my brother out to pick flowers and would then turn them into delicious wine (酒).

Grandma not only planted flowers in the gardens _______ also planted flowers in our hearts. Her delicious dinners made with love encouraged us. Her sweet smile always made us _______. Her hugs (拥抱) and kisses were the sunshine that kept our own love _______ day after day.

Take the time to plant a few flowers yourself today. Show your smiles, kindness and love. Plant your wishes, talents and pleasure. Make this ______ brighter and brighter with your sunshine.

1. A. plant   B. water   C. buy   D. sell

2. A. who   B. when   C. how   D. where

3. A. star   B. sun   C. rain   D. wind

4. A. too   B. either   C. then   D. though

5. A. at   B. on   C. with   D. around

6. A. me   B. you   C. him   D. her

7. A. and   B. so   C. but   D. or

8. A. happy  B. hungry  C. tired   D. angry

9. A. sleeping  B. growing  C. standing  D. losing

10. A. house  B. town   C. city   D. world 



---Mrs. Black, I’m afraid that I’ll fail the exam.

---________, dear! Take it easy. I’m sure you’ll pass it.

A. Sorry to hear that   B. Come on

C. All right            D. Good job



---Do you know ________?

---Let me see. I remember it was on March 18th.

A. why did they move here    B. why they moved here

C. when did they move here     D. when they moved here



Don’t worry. Bill will help you look after your dog when you ________ away on business.

A. are    B. were    C. will be   D. have been


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