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“Don’t get discouraged, Hallie,” Kathy s...

“Don’t get discouraged, Hallie,” Kathy said, comforting her with a hug. “It sounds as if you have a bit of a mystery to solve. Maybe you should do a little spying on Maya.”

Feeling better, Hallie put on her scuba gear(潜水服)again and waited. Maya, the dolphin, had been swimming playfully, but suddenly she threw herself to the back of the tank where the filter box(过滤箱)was located. She stuck her nose down behind the box and then swam away.

Hallie followed Maya. “What was she doing here?” she wondered. When she looked behind the box, her question was answered. She swam back and saw Maya was in front of Kathy with a comb in her mouth waiting for her treat.

“Maya! Where did you get that?” demanded Kathy, taking the comb and throwing her a fish.

“I know,” declared Hallie, handing Kathy a handful of items, “I followed her to the filter box and these are what I found.”

From the look on Kathy’s face, Hallie knew everything was beginning to come to light.

“Do you remember the other day you said that Maya really liked her treats?” asked Kathy.“Well, I think this was more than a training exercise for Maya. Every time you found something in the tank, that meant one less fish for Maya. She couldn’t bring all the items to me at once, so she found a hiding place for them. That way you came up empty-handed, but Maya would always get her treat.”

“Okay, Maya,” said Hallie facing the dolphin, “you win! The treats are all yours.”

Maya dived down, and then jumped out of the water, turning herself over in midair. Shaking their heads in disbelief, Hallie and Kathy reached for the fish. Maya deserved the treat.

1.What was the “mystery” in the story?

A. The secret of Maya’s finding the items.

B. The secret of Hallie’s winning the game.

C. The reason for Maya’s liking her treats.

D. The reason for Hallie’s spying on Maya.

2.Maya hid the items because she considered Hallie as a ________.

A. spy

B. competitor

C. playmate

D. trainer

3.At the end of the story, Hallie and Kathy thought Maya was ________.

A. energetic

B. genuine

C. loyal

D. smart


1.A 2.B 3.D 【解析】本文通过讲述饲养员和海豚之间的趣事,说明了海豚非常聪明。 1.根据“I know,” declared Hallie, handing Kathy a handful of items, “I followed her to the filter box and these are what I found.”From the look on...










Dear Mike,

I’m sorry to hear that you failed in the last exam._________________________________________________







Hoping everything will be fine with you.


Li Hua




1.The mother is c______ about how little food her son eats.

2.He ______ (埋葬) in the church of St. Mary’s after he died in 1874.

3.Mud and stone are traditional building m______.

4.He learned the virtue of ______ (诚实) from the story told by his grandparents.

5.It’s f______ in the room, can’t we have a fire?

6.F______, most of the villagers stuck in the earthquake were rescued.

7.She swam very well despite all her______ (残疾).

8.Our country ______ (经历) great changes in the last 30 years.

9.At present, the young always ______ (抱怨) that their parents don’t take their views seriously.

10.Here, I will ______ (强调) the importance of mathematics to the whole of science.









One day a lady saw a mouse running across his kitchen floor. She was very afraid of mice, so she ran out of the house, getting on a bus and went to a nearby shop. Here she bought a mousetrap (老鼠夹子) and was advised to put some cheese in it. The lady went home with her mousetrap, and could not find any cheese. She had no choices but to cut a picture of some cheese out of a magazine and put it in the trap. Surprising, the picture of the cheese is quite “successful”! When the lady came down to the kitchen in the next morning, she found a picture of mouse in the trap besides the picture of the cheese!



The Dragon Boat Festival has been marked by eating zongzi and racing dragon boats for thousands of years. It 1. (fall) on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese lunar calendar in honor of Qu yuan, 2. is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself.

Qu was minister of the state of Chu 3. (situate) in the present-day Hunan and Hebei provinces during the Warring States period. He was upright., loyal and 4. (high) respected. 5., he was fired from office due to his suggestion to fight against Qin in cooperation with other states. During his stay in other states, he wrote many poems to express his strong love for his country. When Chu 6. (defeat) by Qin. He realized 7. he could do about it was nothing. Qu jumped into Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth month.

After the 8. (dead) of Qu Yuan, people of Chu went to Miluo River to mourn (悼念) over the great poet they loved so much. People threw eggs and rice wrapped in leaves 9. the river to feed the fish to keep them away from Qu Yuan. Now the Dragon Boat Festival has become 10. traditional festival for the Chinese people.



My son Tom taught me a beautiful lesson today. He is three years old and it is amazing watching him grow up.

He called out to me today saying, “Papa, sit”. That usually means ______ everything and going next to him and sitting down to play with him. I did that, as he can be ______ and will not stop calling out until I ______. He was playing with beads (珠子), pushing a string through them, which is a great exercise to help ______ fine motor skills. Then, after he finished playing with the beads, it was time to put them back in the box that they are stored in. I saw him ______ pick up each bead, look at it ______ it were made of chocolate and then placed it into its box.

With over a hundred beads to go, I was getting ______. “What a long time it will take! Why cannot he ______ ten beads in one go and drop them in?” said my anxious mind. I noticed that he did this with as much ______ as he had while we were playing. I didn’t see any ______ between his play and his putting away the toy. Obviously he enjoyed both.

Then it suddenly ______ me that this boy was enjoying the whole ______. The journey was his goal. For him the ______ was in the game and after the game, not just in the fun part. What a great perspective: to live each moment as it is the ______ moment; to do each task as it is the most awesome task. Nothing else ______.

Looking at how ______ my son was putting beads into the box ______ me that the process was the goal. The joy of pilgrimage (朝圣) is not in getting there but in every ______ of the journey.

This is what living in the NOW is all ______. Tom, my son, was showing me that it was about thoroughly enjoying every moment with ______ love and peace.

1.A. wasting    B. leaving    C. taking    D. preparing

2.A. stubborn    B. careful    C. helpful    D. humorous

3.A. fell down    B. turned round    C. burst out    D. gave in

4.A. highlight    B. develop    C. process    D. identify

5.A. gratefully    B. eagerly    C. carefully    D. quickly

6.A. as if    B. even though    C. in case    D. in that

7.A. fascinated    B. satisfied    C. impatient    D. energetic

8.A. package    B. grab    C. deliver    D. replace

9.A. confidence    B. strength    C. inspiration    D. involvement

10.A. sense    B. difference    C. need    D. value

11.A. excited    B. helped    C. struck    D. encouraged

12.A. process    B. morning    C. experiment    D. design

13.A. victory    B. challenge    C. difficulty    D. pleasure

14.A. urgent    B. exciting    C. perfect    D. dangerous

15.A. matters    B. happens    C. disappears    D. works

16.A. successfully    B. peacefully    C. responsibly    D. systematically

17.A. guaranteed    B. warned    C. promised    D. taught

18.A. plan    B. destination    C. step    D. detail

19.A. for    B. with    C. about    D. from

20.A. complete    B. available    C. additional    D. precious


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