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假定你是李华,收到好友Jim寄来的明信片,邀请你加入WCS (Wildlife ...

假定你是李华,收到好友Jim寄来的明信片,邀请你加入WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society)的暑期项目。你对此非常感兴趣,请你写一封回信给他表示祝贺,并了解相关信息。

Dear Li Hua,

How excited I am when I’m accepted as a volunteer of WCS! You know I have been saving the abandoned animals. So in this upcoming summer. I can do more to help the lovely animals and even the endangered ones. And I really expect you to join us! I am sure we will make a difference to nature and people!




Dear Jim,


Looking forward to your reply!


Li Hua


Dear Jim, I am very proud of you when knowing that you are admitted to be a volunteer of Wildlife Conservation Society. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this meaningful experience in y...







My mother is a ordinary woman with extraordinary ability. Poor as my family is, but with my mother’s constant care and love, I feel warmly and happy. She always thinks of others first and never complains anything in her life, viewed life with an optimistic attitude. Also, she is a teacher with a good sense of humor and makes her students interest in English study. She shows great patient to those naughty ones, who also gives great comments on her in return. My mother always tries his best to deal with things perfectly. I hope I can be as good as my mother when I grow up. How a hero she is in my mind!




China's TikTok, which 1. (take) the world by storm in the past three years, is working its magic in its home nation, too.

In the annual report of 2. (it) parent company ByteDance this week, the Chinese version of TikTok, 3. (call) Douyin, has accumulated 400 million daily active users. This is an 4. (impress) growth for the addictive video app, 5. had 250 million daily active users in January last year.

The report not only describes the user behavior and trends but also illustrates the cultural difference 6. China and the US. For example, knowledge-based content is 7. (extreme) popular in China, and less so in the US. Also, in the US, it seems that it's mostly teenagers who are creating the dances, but in China those who produce the most dance videos are users born in 8. 1960s.

With Douyin, users can record videos, edit them and share them online. It is a great way 9. (spend) the leisure time browsing these funny videos. Now, Douyin has established itself as one of the largest knowledge, culture and art 10. (platform) in China.



    On a bright Sunday morning, Damian Languell was sleeping soundly at home in Wade, Maine, the US. The sound that woke him at 8:15 was so _______ that he assumed it came from inside his house. As he got up to _______ , he heard another sound, this one coming most definitely from _______ . Looking out of his bedroom window, he _______ a tree engulfed in smoke about 500 yards away. A car was wrapped around the tree’s base, and its engine was  _______ .

Seeing that, he immediately _______ buckets of water and ran to the crash site. Up close, the _______ looked worse. The car was _______ nearly in two, and the tree was where the driver’s seat ought to have been, as if _______ there. He thought that no one should have survived this ________ , and yet there was 16-year-old Thompson, still ________ with his terrified face pressed against the driver’s side window in visible ________ . Languell tried stopping the fire with his buckets of water with no success. When the  ________ got into the front seats, he realized he had to get the boy out of there as soon as possible.

________ , Languell tried to open the back door, but he failed. He grabbed a stone beside the tree and ________ the back door. This time, it ________ and the back door was opened and Languell crawled in. Thompson was struggling to get free when Languell noticed how bad his legs were. Using a pocket knife, Languell sawed through Thompson's  ________. Now that Thompson was free of restraints (束缚), Languell pulled him out of a rear window, and then ________ him to safety before the car was entirely surrounded by flames.

Then Languell called a (n) ________ as Thompson suffered severely. Thompson thanked Languell for saving him, regardless of his own safety. Soon, the doctors arrived and Languell felt ________.

1.A.strange B.loud C.pleasant D.weak

2.A.listen B.view C.investigate D.question

3.A.behind B.above C.inside D.outside

4.A.spied B.inspected C.overlooked D.caught

5.A.in danger B.at work C.in ruins D.on fire

6.A.got hold of B.controlled C.took charge of D.prepared

7.A.wound B.damage C.engine D.smoke

8.A.set B.classified C.split D.cut

9.A.hanging B.falling C.sent D.planted

10.A.crisis B.crash C.disorder D.event

11.A.calm B.anxious C.conscious D.confident

12.A.pain B.surprise C.comfort D.anger

13.A.water B.driver C.passengers D.flames

14.A.Instantly B.Constantly C.Eventually D.Consistently

15.A.kicked B.hit C.pulled D.tapped

16.A.responded B.made C.worked D.managed

17.A.trousers B.seat belt C.back pack D.coat

18.A.pushed B.shouldered C.dragged D.fetched

19.A.ambulance B.taxi C.policeman D.firefighter

20.A.satisfied B.touched C.recognized D.relieved



    We know that too much of the wrong kind of food can be bad for our health, but for some people having a food allergy, eating certain things can actually be harmful. Now it is seemingly affecting more and more of us.

An allergy is caused by the immune system fighting substances in the environment, known as allergens, that it should see as harmless. 1.It means people have to spend their lives following strict dietary restrictions and worrying about the ingredients of everything they consume. We often hear about people having allergies to dairy products and to peanuts. Last year a teenager died after suffering a fatal allergic reaction from eating a baguette containing sesame seeds. 2.

Research has found that this problem is particularly affecting children. 3. Dr Alexandra Santos from King’s College London says food allergy now affects about 7 percent of children in the UK, and 9 percent of those in Australia.

4. Dr Santos says, the increase in allergies is not simply the effect of society becoming more aware of them and better at diagnosing them. 5. She adds that possible factors are pollution, dietary changes and less exposure to bacteria, which change how our immune systems respond.

A.So what might be the cause?

B.It seems to be more environmental.

C.Similarly, food allergic reaction is deadly.

D.This led to a call for better food-labeling laws.

E.Besides, more adults are suffering from food allergies.

F.However, food allergies can cause life-threatening reactions.

G.More and more of them are having allergic reactions to certain foodstuffs.



    The UK's first fully solar-powered home, which removes the need to ever receive a gas or electricity bill again, has gone on sale, but it will cost you £1.2 million.

The timber-framed home in Great Glen, Leicestershire, contains a number of “zero-carbon feature” including solar electric energy, triple glazing and rainwater storage. It is entirely heated by underground water-filled tubes that are warmed by solar energy from rooftop panels. The house was designed and built by Caplin Homes and covers two acres of land. The design and construction, down to the materials, were used specifically for their low carbon footprint.

The solar panels on the roof of the five-bedroom house are called hybrids because they collect both electrical and thermal energy. Solar walls preheat incoming air, and an Earth Energy Bank (EEB) and heat pump can store heat, and get it back for use when temperatures drop. The south-facing triple-glazed windows are said to also improve the house's energy management during the winter.

All the technologies are controlled by a control system, which monitors the inside and outside temperatures, how much energy is being received by the solar panels, and the heat levels in the EE domestic hot water tank. Due to its low energy design, the Solar House is expected to only require heat from the EEB for about 10 weeks of the year.

For £1.2 million, buyers also get two garages. Estate agent (房地产经纪人) Anthony Fox said the possibility of no utility bills was a big draw for potential owners: the idea is that your bills pretty much disappear and the house is self-sustaining and self-sufficient. That was a big aspect for most of the people who came to have a look around. “We had a lot of interest on the open day. There were some strong considerations to buy there and then. Everyone was very keen to learn how the house worked.” He added.

1.Which is true about the UK’s first fully solar-powered home?

A.It is directly heated by rooftop panels.

B.It has a set of heat-storage device available.

C.All of its materials are not environmentally friendly.

D.Its walls can keep cold air from coming in to store heat.

2.What’s the main idea of Paragraph 4?

A.The monitor of the temperature.

B.The amount of the received energy.

C.The function of the control system.

D.The significance of the new technologies.

3.What’s a big attraction for potential buyers according to Anthony Fox?

A.No gas or electricity bill. B.Two additional garages.

C.Unique structure of the house. D.Only £1.2 million for the house.

4.What is the purpose of the passage?

A.To advertise a zero-carbon house.

B.To recommend an amazing house.

C.To introduce a solar-powered house.

D.To explain how the low-energy house works.



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