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Great Activities for Nature Lovers Hikin...

Great Activities for Nature Lovers


One of the easiest and most accessible ways to get close to nature is by setting out on a good old fashioned hike. Hiking generally doesn’t require any fancy equipment or special skills, just a piece of map and a thirst for adventure. This activity can be as relaxing as you make it.

Backcountry Camping

Why limit yourself to just a day hike when you can have a full weekend (or longer) adventure? Backcountry camping involves packing your tent, sleeping gear, food, and water on your back to set up camp in a remote location. If you’re an experienced hiker and camper, this is an excellent way to test your survival skills and explore the wilderness.

Mountain and Road Biking

Unlike long hikes through the woods, biking allows you to cover more ground and travel farther in nature. Mountain biking typically involves riding up and down steep slopes, between trees, and over rocks. If this sounds too intense or your tires aren’t suited for rugged terrain, consider taking a road bike on paved trails through forest preserves or along country roads.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to travel beyond your own backyard to experience the beauty of nature every day. If your personality is less adventurous or your mobility restricted, consider planting a garden to grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers. There’s something truly satisfying about mixing up a salad with fresh ingredients you grew yourself. One of the best parts about spending time in nature is that it doesn’t have to break your budget and anyone can do it.

1.What does hiking need for hikers?

A.A world map. B.A strong desire.

C.Practical skills. D.Necessary equipment.

2.Where will you go to show your survival potential in the wild?

A.To a backyard. B.To a forest.

C.To a mountain. D.To a distant place.

3.Which of the following can take you to travel farthest?

A.Hiking B.Backcountry Camping

C.Gardening. D.Mountain and Road Biking


1.B 2.D 3.D 【解析】 这是一篇应用文。文章介绍了几种亲近大自然的户外活动。 1. 细节理解题。由第一段中的“Hiking generally doesn’t require any fancy equipment or special skills, just a piece of map and a thirst for adventure.”(徒...


1. 观看皮影戏的时间和地点;

2. 皮影戏简介(一门古老的传统民间艺术;是世界电影的祖先;给人们带来欢乐等);

3. 期待回复。

注意:1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

参考词汇:皮影戏shadow play










I took part in an English Speech Contest last week. As only competitor from our class, I had to compete with 14 other excellent participants selecting from the whole school. When it is my turn, I got a little bit nervous at first, but soon I calmed me down at the thought of my English teacher’s instructions. Then anything went smoothly. I performed so good that the judges and audiences gave me a big round of applause. Although the question-and-answer section was the most challenging, but I managed to get through properly. When the judge announced the finally result, I was excited that I won first prize, that was totally beyond my imagination.




Besides Cambridge, could you imagine a more beautiful university town? 1. its narrow medieval passageways and 801-year-old university, this small English city is packed with history.

Cambridge is less than 2. hour from London by train. And once you’ve arrived, you’re going to want to do what the locals do and get yourself a bike. Cambridge 3. (consider) the cycling capital of the UK. Bike hire shops are everywhere and parking is easy.

In the center of Cambridge is one of the world's most well-known and respected universities. Founded in 1208, Cambridge University is the fourth oldest university in the world still 4. (teach). One of the jewels in the university’s crown is 5. (it) library. Cambridge University Library holds around 8 million books, maps and journals.

One of the best ways to see Cambridge’s 6. (hide) spots is by boat, or punt (平底船), to be exact. Punting began in the early 20th century and remains the best way 7. (explore) the River Cam and its many bridges—25 in all.

There are plenty of 8. (place) to stay in the city but if you want to get some country air, just a short drive out of town is Clopton Courtyard, 9. you can rent your own barn and enjoy the 10. (peace) and pleasant life in the countryside.



    It all started 4 years ago. My wife would see a _________ man near where she worked. It was the week before _________ and she said she wanted to buy him a new _________. His was _________ and very old. We don’t have a lot of _________; really we are a step away from being homeless ourselves but we try to _________ when we can.

We bought him a coat. I thought since we are giving him a coat, let’s look at what else he might _________. We brainstormed and decided to fill a _________ with useful things, a toothbrush, soap, wash clothes, some food, and a Christmas card.

A few days later, a _________ came in the mail. It was completely __________. A company I worked for was sued (起诉) and they had to __________ us for travel time, etc. It was not much, a few hundred dollars, but didn’t it come at the __________ time?

I had been reading kind stories and was moved by the __________ of strangers. We thought, let’s prepare backpacks and give them out on Christmas Eve to people who would otherwise have nothing to __________.

We __________ what that’s like. We haven’t had money to exchange __________ for Christmas in many years too. It feels __________ to have someone thinking of you at Christmas and truth be told, I’ve always been a little __________ when friends ask “What did you get for Christmas?” It always makes my wife feel bad that she can't __________ to give me anything and I feel the same. But that year we could __________ say what we gave to others and that’s exactly what happened.

1.A.hungry B.homeless C.desperate D.sad

2.A.Christmas B.New Year C.Halloween D.Thanksgiving Day

3.A.suit B.jacket C.sweater D.coat

4.A.lost B.stolen C.torn D.wet

5.A.choices B.money C.power D.suggestions

6.A.help B.improve C.plan D.reply

7.A.request B.take C.like D.need

8.A.box B.basket C.backpack D.bag

9.A.check B.letter C.magazine D.newspaper

10.A.secret B.satisfying C.unexpected D.puzzling

11.A.prepare B.pay C.beg D.ask

12.A.perfect B.wrong C.real D.present

13.A.loneliness B.selfishness C.admiration D.generosity

14.A.pray B.open C.eat D.celebrate

15.A.know B.predict C.imagine D.study

16.A.goods B.ideas C.gifts D.experiences

17.A.peaceful B.wonderful C.thrilling D.humorous

18.A.cautious B.excited C.disappointed D.embarrassed

19.A.seek B.attempt C.afford D.promise

20.A.naturally B.normally C.eagerly D.proudly



    If you’ve been paying attention, you know that crows (乌鸦) are remarkably intelligent birds. 1.: six crows have been trained to pick up rubbish in the Puy du Fou historical theme park in western France. 2., it dispenses (分发) a treat to reward the crows for their efforts.

The idea came from one of the park’s falconers (放鹰员), Christophe Gaborit. As part of the falconry show, crows had already been trained to pick up roses and bring them to a princess. So in the 2000s, Gaborit raised and trained two crows to do the same with rubbish. 3., in which a dispenser gives a food reward when a crow correctly performs a task.

Earlier this year, we saw research in which a type of “vending machine” was used to teach crows how to tear paper into a specific shape. And 10 years ago, “hacker” Josh Klein built a similar vending machine to reward crows for getting back lost money. 4..

The crows were used for the first time over the weekend, and they'll be working four days a week under close watch —not for the birds, but to make sure the humans don’t deliberately drop rubbish to watch the birds clean it up.

That's because the aim of the crow garbage collectors isn't merely to collect garbage—it's also to get park-goers to think before they litter. 5..

A.So we know the concept works

B.But bird lovers have different views

C.Now these feathered talents have been given a job

D.The crows are trained to identify small pieces of rubbish

E.Whenever they put a small piece of rubbish in a special container

F.It’s a funny way to show the people that you cannot throw the papers everywhere

G.The training system is similar to experimental setups for testing crows’ intelligence



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