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语法填空 Shake Shack is a new kind of restau...


Shake Shack is a new kind of restaurant becoming more popular in the US. The restaurants are not fast food. They __1.__(know) as “fast casual”.

Researchers say Americans want more ___2.___(choose) and fresh food when choosing where and what to eat. This trend is one reason why the fast food restaurant McDonald’s has struggled financially. While McDonald’s is struggling ___3.__(win) their customers back, Shake Shack, is doing well.

Bonnie Riggs, ___4.__ restaurant expert, has studied Americans’ restaurant habits for almost 30 years. She says one reason why Americans like fast casual food is _5.___ it’s new and creative. Besides it is something different and people like to try new things. Her study shows Americans __6.___(make) 61 billion visits to restaurants last year. Three out __7.___ four visits were to fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s. Fast casual is still a small percentage of restaurant visits, but it has developed fast. Just as Ms Riggs says, “it’s growing __8.___(rapid) because they meet consumers’ needs.

They know it’s__9.__(prepare) while they wait; it’s fresh, quality good, good tasting food at ___10.__(reason) and affordable prices.


1.are known 2.choices 3. to win 4.a 5.that 6.made 7.of 8.rapidly 9.being prepared 10.reasonable 【解析】 1.are known 考查被动语态。Be known as 作为。。出名; 2.2】choices 考查名词。More ch...



2.节日让我们享受生活,以我们的习俗为荣, 并暂时忘却繁重的学业。(let)



5.正是这部电影让Henry想起了在农村抚养他长大的祖父母。(强调句,bring up)




1.Realizing Hu Jin didn’t turned up, Li Fang was disappointed and d______ his sadness in coffee.

2.My English teacher suggests that we needn’t c_________ the dictionary for every unknown word.

3.When applying for a new job, please take your own s___________ and weaknesses into consideration.

4.As is well-known, it takes devotion and p________ to be a good nurse in the public hospital.

5.Hurry up, and we only have a l________ amount of time to complete this challenging task.

6.Blackwell is 59 years old, but still strong and e__________ to take part in the local running race.

7.True friends think it necessary to a_________ to the other if one does something wrong.

8.The girl would not stay outside overnight without her mother’s p________.

9.Two wealthy brothers saw a penniless young man w_________ on the pavement, not knowing what to do.

10.It was c______ that drove Wang Peng into Yong Hui’s restaurant and he felt amazed.




Five Ways to Control Your Anxiety

How can you find some enjoyment and keep your anxiety in control? Try the following five steps for a less anxious you.

Stop comparing yourself to others. When you compare your life to others’, you are giving up your power. People have success or failures at different points in their lives. You might think others have better lives, but you don’t have the full story. Next time you begin to compare yourself to someone else, tell yourself this, “I only compare me to me.” __1.___

Be grateful. Gratitude is the secret to a happier,less anxious you. __2.__ When you practice gratitude, you start training your brain to pay attention to all the wonderful things about your life and doing so improves your mood little by little.

Forget perfect. Going after perfection sets you up to feel defeated. Accept that you will have days that are far from perfect and learn to laugh at the funny things that go wrong at the wrong time. _3.__

Move your body. ___4.___ I’m sure you’ll feel better--especially if you exercise regularly. Doing exercise will give you a sense of achievement that you can use to deal with other difficulties in your life.

Connection with other people. If you struggle with anxiety, you may not feel like putting yourself into social situations, but isolating(使孤立)yourself socially is the worst thing you can do. Connecting with others can help you realize everyone has struggles and that people are there for you. 5.__ Connection can help you improve your mood.

A.Life is so much more enjoyable when you expect less of it.

B.Make sure you aren’t going around trying to please everyone.

C.It is scientifically proved that exercise can improve your mood.

D.See a friend, call a family member or just smile at strangers passing by.

E.Pen and paper can provide you with a special place to express your feelings.

F.When you take time to enjoy all the good things, you can’t help but feel good.

G.Only by competing with yourself to be a better you can you get where you want to be.



In her outstanding book, “Choose the Happiness Habit”, Pam Golden wrote, “Take the story of two twin brothers for example. One grew up and became an alcoholic (酒鬼), while the other became a successful businessman. When asked why he became an alcoholic, the alcoholic replied, “Because my father was a drunk.” However, the successful businessman’s answer was also “Because my father was a drunk.” when asked why he succeeded. The same background. The same upbringing (培养). However, the results were quite different. Why? The reason is that they had different choices. The brothers chose different thoughts which formed the situations they found themselves in at last, so they had different experiences.

There was a time in my life when I thought difficulty was due to “bad luck”. Have you ever heard the saying “When it rains, it pours”? That was my answer when others asked me how things were going on when I was in trouble. So what do you think I got? “RAIN”. More and more “RAIN”. I couldn’t understand why bad luck was always with me.

Pam Golden says, “You’re either living in the problem or you’re living in the solution.” Now, when I’m faced with what I used to think was a negative (消极的) situation, I use a different way to think about it. I force myself to replace those negative thoughts that make me lose heart in my mind with positive thoughts which encourage me to fight against the difficulty bravely. Sometimes I write down some ideas that may be a solution, which I combine with the lessons I have learned from the bad situations and the difficulties that troubled me in the past, and often, I find a solution to the problem soon. It seems that I should thank the difficulty I met with. The RAIN that poured in my world has become great experiences that provide me with valuable experience, from which I can benefit.

Now, it doesn’t “rain” as much in my life as it used to. In fact, most days are beautiful, cloudless and sunny! Sometimes I do get a rain, but I think it makes me stronger just like the rain helps plants grow up.

1.The example of the twin brothers shows that ________.

A. making good choices is the most important

B. education decides a person’s future

C. upbringing makes a big difference

D. it is luck that leads to success

2.What does “RAIN” mentioned in the second paragraph refer to?

A. Water.   B. Good luck.    C. Success.   D. Difficulty.

3.What is talked about in the third paragraph?

A. How the author collects useful experience.

B. How the author deals with difficulty now.

C. How the author gets help from others.

D. How the author lives in the problem.

4.Which of the following agrees with the author’s attitude now in the text?

A. All things are difficult before they are easy.

B. Meeting with difficulty is not a bad thing.

C. Fortune is what it takes to succeed

D. Things at the worst will mend.



Women are friendly. But men are more competitive. Why? Researchers have found it's all down to the hormone oxytocin (荷尔蒙催生素). Although known as the love hormone, it affects the sexes differently.

“Women tend to be social in their behavior. They often share with others. But men tend to be competitive. They are trying to improve their social status,” said Professor Ryan.

Generally, people believe that the hormone oxytocin is let out in our body in various social situations and our body creates a large amount of it during positive social interactions (互动) such as falling in love or giving birth.

But in a former experiment Professor Ryan found that the hormone is also let out in our body during negative social interactions such as envy.

Further researches showed that in men the hormone oxytocin improves the ability to recognize competitive relationships, but in women it raises the ability to recognize friendship.

Professor Ryan’s recent experiment used 62 men and women aged 20 to 37.

Half of the participants(参与者)received oxytocin. The other half received placebo (安慰剂).

After a week, the two groups switched with participants. They went through the same procedure with the other material.

Following each treatment, they were shown some video pictures with different social interactions. Then they were asked to analyze the relationships by answering some questions. The questions were about telling friendship from competition. And their answers should be based on gestures, body language and facial expressions.

The results indicated that, after treatment with oxytocin, men’s ability to correctly recognize competitive relationships improved, but in women it was the ability to correctly recognize friendship that got better.

Professor Ryan thus concluded: “Our experiment proves that the hormone oxytocin can raise people’s abilities to better distinguish many kinds of social interactions. And the behavior differences between men and women are caused by biological factors (因素) that are mainly hormonal.”

1.What causes men and women to behave differently according to the text?

A. Placebo.          B. Oxytocin.

C. The gesture.      D. The social status.

2.What can we learn from Professor Ryan's former experiment?

A. Oxytocin affects our behavior in a different way.

B. Our body lets out oxytocin when we are deep in love.

C. Our body produces oxytocin when we feel unhappy about others’ success.

D. Oxytocin improves our abilities to understand people's behavior differences.

3.Why did Professor Ryan conduct the recent experiment?

A. To test the effect of oxytocin on the ability to recognize social interactions.

B. To know the differences between friendship and competition.

C. To know people’s different abilities to answer questions.

D. To test people’s understanding of body language.

4.The underlined word “distinguish” has the closest meaning to ______.

A.accept     B.discover      C.differ      D.explore

5.The author develops the text by______.

A. explaining people’s behaviors

B. describing his own experiences

C. distinguishing sexual differences

D. discussing research experiments


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