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I was never very neat, while my roommate...

I was never very neat, while my roommate Kate was extremely organized. Each of her objects had its place, but mine always hid somewhere. She even labeled (贴标签 ) everything. I always, looked for everything. Over time, Kate got neater and I got messier. She would push my dirty clothing over, and I would lay my books on her tidy desk. We both got tired of each other.

War broke out one evening. Kate came into the room. ,Soon, I heard her screaming, "Take your shoes away! Why under my bed!" Deafened, I saw my shoes flying at me. I jumped to my feet and started yelling. She yelled back louder.

The room was filled with anger. We could not have stayed together for a single minute but for a phone call. Kate answered it. From her end of the conversation, I could tell right away her grandma was seriously ill. When she hung up, she quickly crawled (爬 ) under her covers, weeping.

Obviously, that was something she should not go through phone. All of a sudden ,a warm feeling of sympathy rose up in my heart,

Slowly, I collected the pencils, took back the books, made my bed, cleaned the socks and swept the floor, even on her side. I got so into my work that I even didn't noticed Kate had sat up.

She was watching, her tears dried and her expression one of disbelief. Then, she reached out her hands to grasp mine. I looked up into her eyes. She smiled at me. "Thanks."

Kate and I stayed roommates for the rest of the year. We didn't always agree, but we learned the key to living together: giving in, cleaning up and holding on.

1.What made Kate angry one evening?

A. She couldn't find her books.

B. She heard the author shouting loud.

C. She got the news that her grandma was ill.

D. She saw the author's shoes beneath her bed.

2. The author tidied up the room most probably because___.

A. she was scared by Kate's anger

B. she hated herself for being so messy

C. she wanted to show her care

D. she was asked by Kate to do so

3.What might be the best title for the story?

A. My Friend Kate       B. Hard Work Pays Off

C. How to Be Organized  D. Learning to Be Roommates


1.D 2.C 3.D 【解析】 试题分析: 作者与室友生活习惯迥异,冲突在所难免。在室友遭遇悲痛之时,作者以实际行动表达自己的同情,从而达成和好。作者从中懂得一个道理:让步、整理房间和坚持是处理室友关系的关键 1.D细节题。从第二段I heard her screaming. “Take your shoes away! Why under my bed!” Dea...

阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意,然后从1~20各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项。

We live in a fast-paced and anxiety-filled world that oftentimes seems to shift beneath our feet. Thus we are sometimes affected by fears or anxiety impacting our life. For as long as I could remember I had struggled with anxiety. After I left university, I made friends with a Moroccan woman at work. One day she invited me to_________her and her family back home. I wanted to, but I would have to travel there _________ and I knew we would be in a very rural area. How would I cope with my _________ ?

Then one day it _________ to me that I had a life to live. I could choose to let anxiety _________ me or I could go to Morocco and _________ something different. I was 23 years old and had never been out of the UK alone. The journey to Morocco _________ something inside me. I managed to cope with my anxiety. The sense of _________ was overwhelming(势不可挡的) and still to this day when I get afraid of going somewhere alone, I remember how_________it felt when I arrived in Morocco.

Upon arrival I was so _________ for the generous welcome I received. My friend’s family had arranged a welcome party. The people were so loving toward me. As a moment of _________ felt in a faraway village, this reminded me that I was “good enough”, which helped to_________ my anxiety.

Waking up the next day, in the morning light, I saw the area where we were. I was _________ by how rural it was and the realization that these people had very few _________ .

In the days afterwards, I traveled around Morocco. We went to Marrakesh and _________ the Atlas mountains. We had the most amazing food lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

At the end of my _________something inside me had changed. I realized I had not felt anxious for nearly two weeks.

Experiencing a different culture far away from home helped me to realize what is important in life, what really _________, and with that my anxiety _________. When I returned home I was much more active in _________ my anxiety. Working with people, helping them_________ their anxiety, is how I can share the love I found in Morocco.

1.A. send        B. help        C. call          D. visit

2.A. alone       B. soon      C. free          D. safe

3.A. work        B. curiosity    C. homesickness   D. worries

4.A. appeared    B. hit         C. struck        D. occurred

5.A. impress   B. control      C. reach         D. persuade

6.A. enjoy      B. experience   C. take          D. experiment

7.A. changed   B. moved       C. supported     D. impressed

8.A. achievement B. fear         C. disappointment D. embarrassment

9.A. good        B. ashamed     C. afraid        D. proud

10.A. sorry    B. confused   C. confident     D. thankful

11.A. doubt     B. luck        C. love           D. surprise

12.A. improve    B. hold        C. protect       D. reduce

13.A. inspired B. moved        C. pleased       D. shocked

14.A. lands     B. difficulties C. resources      D. friends

15.A. discovered B. explored    C. examined       D. recognized

16.A. opportunity B. rush       C. stay          D. life

17.A. rules      B. exists    C. matters       D. hurts

18.A. disappeared B. expanded    C. remained      D. removed

19.A. expressing  B. challenging C. forgetting   D. remembering

20.A. drop        B. notice     C. pass           D. overcome



He seems to be giving the impression that he didn’t enjoy himself in Paris. ______, he has a wonderful time.

A. Above all       B. What’s more

C. As a result     D. On the contrary



Learn to ______ your knowledge with your experience, and you are sure to succeed.

A.join       B. unit       C. connect      D. combine



If you don’t know what their shortcoming are, your chances of overcoming them are very ______.

A.slim       B. brief       C. distant      D. obvious



After walking the whole day, I was almost ______, not feeling bad, though.

A.out of shape       B. out of breath

C. out of control    D. out of order


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