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Are you looking for something fun and wo...

Are you looking for something fun and would you like to help others in your spare time(闲暇时间)? Then join us to be a volunteer! We’re a non-profit organization(非盈利组织). We have volunteer jobs of all ages. Anyone, from twelve-year-old children to people in their seventies can become a volunteer.

You can help people in many ways. Schools need  help with taking care of children while parents are working. Hospitals need volunteers to look after children while their parents are seeing a doctor. Animal lovers can help take care of those dogs and cats without homes. There is something for everyone.

“As a volunteer, I don’t want to get anything. Seeing the children’s happy faces, I’m happy, too,”said Carlos Domingo, an old woman of 62. “I often played computer games in my spare time before. Now I help older people learn how to use computers, ”said another volunteer at the age of 18.

If everyone helps out a bit, we’ll have a better world to live in.

1._____ can be a volunteer.

A. Children    B. Anyone aged 12-70

C. Old women    D. Young people

2.Volunteers want to get ____ when they help others.

A. money    B. computers    C. nothing    D. everything

3.When do the volunteers help others?

A. In their spare time.    B. At weekends.

C. On weekdays.    D. In the evenings.

4.We can probably read such passage ____

A. in a storybook    B. in a newspaper

C. in a picture book    D. in a textbook


1.B 2.C 3.A 4.B 【解析】这篇短文给我们介绍了志愿者的工作,希望能有更多的人能加入到志愿者的队伍中来,去帮助别人,如果人人都献出一点爱,世界将变成美好的人间。 1.细节理解题。根据短文第一段中Anyone, from twelve-year-old children to people in their seventies can become a vo...

A man lived in Florida and he was in his eighties.(80多岁) He called his son in New York one November day. The father said to the son, “I have to tell you that we've got some troubles here in the house. Your mother and I can't stand each other any more, and we're getting a divorce.(离婚) I decided it! I want to live out the rest of my years in peace. (和平) I'm telling you now, so you and your sister shouldn't go into shock (震惊)later when I move out.”

The son called his sister in Hampton at once and told her the news. The sister said, “I will deal with(处理) this.” She called her father and said, “Don't do anything till we get there. We will be there on Wednesday night.” The father agreed, “All right.” The old man hung up(挂断)the phone and shouted to his wife, “OK, they are coming for Thanksgiving. What are we going to tell them for Christmas?”

1.According to the passage, the old man has _____.

A. no children    B. only a daughter

C. only a son    D. two children

2.There was _______between the old man and his wife.

A. a fight    B. nothing wrong

C. an accident    D. an argument

3.From _____, the daughter got the news that her parents were going to divorce.

A. her brother    B. her mother

C. her father    D. herself

4.According to the passage, how often did the children visit their parents?

A. Often.    B. Seldom(很少).    C. Once a week.    D. Once a month.



Dear Dr. Jackson,

My parents are never happy with me. They are always criticizing (批评) my clothes, my hair and the music I listen to. They hate my friends' looks and they keep complaining (抱怨) when I go with them. I'm not allowed to stay out as late as my friends do, so I can't have any fun. My parents only seem to care about my school marks. Though I love them, sometimes I feel we live in different worlds. If they love me, can't they understand me? How can I make them understand me?


Dear Angel,

Your problem is common to both teenagers and parents. Don't worry, because it is natural.

You see, your parents have grown up at a different time and they have different experiences. So they think some things are strange, but you find the same things common. For example, the music you like may sound like noise to them. Your parents love you, so they think they must protect (保护)you from whatever they find strange. On the other hand(另一方面), you don't want to be different from other teenagers, so you feel that your parents restrict(限制) you.

I think you should talk about this problem with your parents. Try to explain to them what you want and make them know they can believe you. Sooner or later, they will find you are a responsible (有责任心的) person and they will give you more freedom (自由).


1.Why does Angel write to Dr. Jackson?

A. Because her parents make her happy.

B. Because her parents can't understand her.

C. Because her friends don't like her parents.

D. Because her parents don't think she is good at school.

2.Angel has______ than her friends.

A. more fun    B. less freedom (自由)

C. more freedom    D. fewer clothes

3.What advice does Dr. Jackson give to Angel?

A. Be different from the other teenagers.

B. Don't tell her parents what she wants to do.

C. Take no notice of (不理睬)her parents and do whatever she likes.

D. Discuss her problem with her parents.

4.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. According to Dr. Jackson, Angel's problem isn't usual.

B. Angel's father likes the music that Angel likes.

C. Angel should show her parents that she is a responsible person.

D. Angel doesn't love her parents at all.



A)  请阅读下面短文, 根据短文内容从每小题所给的A\、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。每小题2分,共30分


Teddy Smith’s Fast food

Lunch served(服务) till 2:00 pm

Dinner served till 9:30 pm

Eat in or take away


Beef Steak     $4.25

Hamburger    $3.15(small)


Noodles       $2.05



Ice Cream         $1.25


Banana, Chocolate, Apple

Apple pie         $0.75

Chocolate         $0.95


Soft Drinks     $0.75(small)



Cola, Apple, Orange

Coffee or Tea   $1.25



1.The shop stops serving at _______.

A. 10:00 am    B. 10:30 pm    C. 2:00 pm    D. 9:30 pm

2.A small hamburger and a large soft drink cost _______.

A. $3.9    B. $ 3. 95    C. $4.1    D. $4.9

3.How many mains are there in the form(表格)?

A. One    B. Two    C. Three    D. Four




Friendship is very important in our life. If there is no friend, life would be 1. .No matter who we are and where we are from, we need someone to talk to and someone to share special moments with. I have many friends in my country. I 2. some of them when I was young. But when I 3. to a new country, I didn’t have any friends. All my friends were away from me . I was very 4. and you couldn’t imagine how much I 5. them.

Time passed by and I have some new friends now. When I have some6. and don’t know what to do, they always help me solve them. They are just like my 7. brothers or sisters. I always tell them everything and listen to them. Besides, having good friends makes me feel 8. confident(自信的)than before. Now I know friendship makes our life colorful and 9. . Friends are always there for us. They laugh with us during the happy times and 10. us with a shoulder when we feel like crying. Life without friendship is like the sky without the sun. Do you think so?




   These days , more and more Chinese teenagers find_____ more difficult to live without their parents. They don’t know how to do_____ because their parents do almost everything for them at home. This is a big problem.

   Alice is a 14-year-old girl. One day her parents went out for work, so she had to stay at home ___ . At first she thought she would be happy ____ her parents were not in. She could do ___ she liked to do. But it was six o’clock in the afternoon, she felt____. “ Oh, it’s time ___ dinner. Where can I get my food?” she said to ___. Later she found some food in the fridge, but she____ know how to cook. At that moment, she missed her____ very much. At last she could only go to the supermarket and ___ some food to eat.

   Many teenagers are ___ as Alice. So I think they should learn some normal life____, like cooking, cleaning up their rooms or taking ____ care of themselves. Do you____ me?

1.A. it    B. them    C. that    D. they


A. their homework    B. some shopping

C. the business    D. housework

3.A. alone    B. lonely    C. happily    D. sadly

4.A. so    B. because    C. but    D. until

5.A. how    B. what    C. where    D. when

6.A. hungry    B. tired    C. excited    D. bored

7.A. having    B. have    C. to have    D. had

8.A. her    B. herself    C. she    D. himself

9.A. couldn’t    B. didn’t    C. might not    D. wouldn’t

10.A. cousin    B. aunt    C. brother    D. parents

11.A. made    B. bought    C. gave    D. saw

12.A. the same    B. difficult    C. different    D. similar

13.A. chores    B. stress    C. skills    D. interests

14.A. good    B. well    C. quickly    D. slowly

15.A. think    B. disagree    C. agree    D. agree with


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