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Recently our class had a heated discussion about the Winter Morning Jogging Activity in our school._______









Recently our class had a heated discussion about the Winter Morning Jogging Activity in our school.Opinions are divided on this topic. Most students are in favor of this activity.They believe that ...







Dear Alice,

I was delighted to receive your letter.Thank you on the English dictionary you bought it for me.I receive it this morning.There is no doubt which it is of great help to me.I’m deep grateful for your advice that I should pay more attentions to practicing my spoken English.I’ve made up my mind to speak English both in and out of class.Next month,I’ll make trip to Australia,which is organizing by my school.I hope I can practice my spoken English there as many as possible.By the way,I am sending you a set of stamps with this letter,but I'll send you more if I get any.I do hope you will have a good holiday.



Have you ever been to the world's1.(small) bookstore?

The World's Smallest Bookstore,2.official name is just these three words,3.(sit) quietly about 100 miles northeast of Toronto.

The bookstore is about 10 feet by 10 feet,so it is easy4.(imagine) how tiny it really is.The bookstore is open 24 hours5.day.Inside the bookstore6.(be) various books,especially literary books and classic author's7. (work).So if you are looking for something less popular,you may get a bit disappointed there

Another special feature of this bookstore is8.each book only costs three dollars.All the expenses are paid on the honor system,which means buyers should make a note of what they’ve bought and leave their money by9. (them).So the10.(tool) of the trade in this bookstore are quite simple: pens,paper,light bulbs and a label-maker.

In order to catch passers-by's attention,the billboards(广告牌)of the bookstore are several times bigger than the store itself.With these large eye-catchers,many people are willing to stop by and have a visit.



As I held my father’s hands one night, I couldn’t help but notice their calluses (老茧) and roughness. His hands tell the story of his life as a ______, including all his struggles.

One summer, I remember, a drought (旱灾) hit Ontario, turning it into a ______ desert. On one of those hot mornings I was picking sweet com with my dad to fill the last ______ from the grocery store. Fifty dozen was all we needed, which ______ took twenty minutes. That morning, however, the process didn’t ______ quickly. After forty minutes of aimlessly walking in the field, we ______ needed twenty dozen. I was completely frustrated (挫败的) and ______. Dropping the basket heavily, I declared, “If the store wants its last twenty dozen, they can pick it themselves”. Dad ______. “Just think, my little girl, only ten dozen left for each of us and then we’re ______.” Such is Dad----whatever problem he ______, he never gives up.

____, the bad effects of the drought were felt all over our county. It was a challenging time for everyone,______ Dad remained optimistic (乐观的). He ______ to be grateful for other things like good health and food on our plates. Only then did I truly begin to ______ Dad and his faith that guided us through the hard times.

Dad is also a living example of real ______. From dawn to dusk, he works countless hours to ______ our family. He always puts our happiness ______ his own and never fails to cheer me on at my sports games ______ his tiredness after long days. His loving and selfless nature has encouraged me to become more sympathetic (有同情心的) and ______, putting others first.

Dad, the life ______ I have learned from you will stay with me forever. You are my father, teacher, friend and, most importantly, my hero.

1.A. teacher    B. gardener    C. farmer    D. grocer

2.A. stormy    B. lively    C. disappearing    D. burning

3.A. order    B. form    C. room    D. position

4.A. repeatedly    B. normally    C. finally    D. really

5.A. go    B. begin    C. happen    D. change

6.A. yet    B. still    C. even    D. nearly

7.A. surprised    B. nervous    C. angry    D. frightened

8.A. apologized    B. cried    C. complained    D. laughed

9.A. lost    B. done    C. gone    D. touched

10.A. meets with    B. brings up    C. works out    D. thinks about

11.A. Thankfully    B. Hopefully    C. Unfortunately    D. Strangely

12.A. or    B. for    C. so    D. but

13.A. happened    B. seemed    C. continued    D. looked

14.A. face    B. appreciate    C. examine    D. question

15.A. love    B. pride    C. friendship    D. honesty

16.A. support    B. settle    C. start    D. impress

17.A. after    B. before    C. beside    D. under

18.A. in spite of    B. in support of    C. in control of    D. in place of

19.A. careful    B. regretful    C. considerate    D. humorous

20.A. history    B. stories    C. patterns    D. lessons



Parents' Day Origin

Parents’ day is an American event to honor the parents and families.1.It was only in the year 1994 that this event got officially accepted in the USA.

2.But it can be certainly said that this event is born from the eternal(永恒的)desire of mankind to honor and appreciate parents—who are responsible for the upbringing(养育)of the new generation.

Their huge efforts and patience have opened up a new view for the humankind.As said earlier,Parents’ Day got its acceptance in the year 1994.President Mr.Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution into law.It was decided that the fourth Sunday of every July would be celebrated as Parents’ Day.3.It is similar to the Mother's Day and Father's Day.

4.But within few years after its acceptance,the event has spread its wings to the whole world.The event is now widely accepted and the joy of celebration is even more compared to a decade ago.Some of us may say that,it is a duty for the parents to bring up their children in the best possible way.5.They do it all because of the bondage(捆绑)of love and affection by which they are bonded to their children.

A.Of course it is,but not for a duty.

B.Parents should bring their children up.

C.The tradition of celebrating Parents’ Day is relatively new.

D.Surprisingly this event was not even there over two decades ago.

E.The Mother’s Day and Father's Day are similar to Parents’ Day in the USA.

F.It is very hard to say when the idea of Parents’ Day actually came into picture.

G.Parents’ Day is celebrated throughout the USA.



I was born and raised in Minnesota,the USA,but as an adult I have mostly lived in Europe and Africa.I teach cross-cultural management at the International Business School near Paris.For the last 15 years,I’ve studied how people in different parts of the world build trust,communicate,and make decisions especially in the workplace.

While traveling in Tokyo recently with Japanese colleague,I gave a short talk to a group of 20 managers.At the end,I asked whether there were any questions or comments.No hands went up,so I went to sit down.My colleague whispered to me,“I think there actually were some comments,Erin.Do you mind if I try?”I agreed,but I guessed it a waste of breath.He asked the group again,“Any comments or questions?”

Still,no one raised a hand,but this time he looked very carefully at each person in the silent audience.Gesturing to one of them,he said,“Do you have something to add?”To my amazement,she responded “Yes,thank you.”and asked me a very interesting question.My colleague repeated this several times,looking directly at the audience and asking for more questions or comments.

After the session,I asked my colleague,“how do you know that those people had questions?”He hesitated,not sure how to explain it,and then said,“It has to do with how bright their eyes are.”

He continued,“In Japan,we don’t make as much direct eye contact as you do in the West.So when you asked if there were any comments,most people were not looking directly at you.But a few people in the group were looking right at you,and their eyes were bright.That indicates that they would be happy to have you call on them.”

I thought to myself I would never have learned from my upbringing in Minnesota.Since then,I try to focus on understanding behavior in other cultures I encounter,and keep finding the bright eyes in the room.

1.What can we conclude from the first paragraph?

A. Life in Minnesota has made the author worn out.

B. The author enjoys traveling around the world.

C. Different cultures are kind of familiar to the author.

D. The author may start his own business in the future.

2.Hearing the colleague whispering,the author________.

A. went back to his seat and got seated

B. knew his colleague had some questions

C. owed a big debt of gratitude to his colleague

D. thought his colleague would get nowhere

3.Where does the author’s colleague probably come from?

A. America.    B. Africa.

C. Japan.    D. France



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