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A student was one day taking a walk with...

A student was one day taking a walk with his teacher. As they went along, they saw a pair of old shoes lying in the path. They were a poor farmer’s, who was working in the nearby field.

The student turned to the teacher, saying: “we will hide his shoes, and hide ourselves behind those trees, and wait to see what he will do.”

“My young friend,” answered the teacher, “we should never make fun of the poor. Why not put a coin in each shoe, and then we will hide ourselves and watch?” The student did so and they both hid themselves behind the trees. The poor man soon finished his work, and came across the field to the path where he had left his coat and shoes.

After putting on his coat, he put his foot into one of his shoes, and felt something hard. Then he bent(弯腰) down to feel what it was, and found the coin. Surprised, he looked at the coin, turned it around and looked at it again. He then looked around, but no person was seen. He put the money into his pocket, and continued to put on the other shoe. His surprise was doubled on finding the other coin.

He couldn’t control his feelings and fell to his knees, looked up to the sky and expressed his thanks. Then he spoke of his wife, sick and helpless, and his children without bread. He said the help would save them from dying.

The student stood there deeply moved, and his eyes were filled with tears. “Now,” said the teacher, “Are you not much happier than if you had hidden the shoes?”

1.When the student saw the shoes, he wanted to     .

A. steal them    B. find their owner

C. play a joke on the owner    D. give the owner some money

2.According to the passage, the teacher is     .

A. quiet and honest    B. kind and friendly

C. patient and clever    D. strict and careful

3.When the farmer saw the second coin, he     .

A. was very excited and grateful

B. was worried and looked up at the sky

C. was surprised and decided to find the owner

D. spoke of his difficulties and asked for more help

4.At the end of the story, the student     .

A. was very proud of himself

B. was very pleased with his life

C. felt very sorry about his first idea

D. felt sad for not taking his teacher’s advice


1.C 2.B 3.A 4.C 【解析】 1. 2. 3. 4. 可选出C为正确答案。

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1.What is the purpose of the text?

A. To introduce a language school in Japan

B. To hire language teachers to work in Japan

C. To describe working conditions in Japan

D. To make clear the requirements for Japanese teachers

2.We know from the text that those who are going to Japan will     .

A. teach English only in Osaka

B. receive a degree from a university

C. have free accommodation

D. get trained for the job

3.Before going to Japan, you need     .

A. to see the manager of NOVA France

B. to take some computer courses

C. to write a letter to Japan

D. to find a place to live

4.If you want to work in Japan you should     .

A. have some working experience

B. know how to use computers

C. present good teaching plans

D. speak several languages














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In a freezing cold day in January 1994,Jiesang Suonandajie found what he was looking for—a group of poacher who were killing the endangered Tibetan antelope.Jiesang knows he had to move quickly.He shouted to the poachers to put away their guns.Although being surprised,the poachers had a advantage there were more of them.In the battle what followed Jiesang was shot and killed.When its frozen body was found hours late,he was still holding his gun. He had given his life save the Tibetan antelope.



Think of carnival,1.you think of crowds,costumes and2.(confuse).The most famous carnival in Europe was in Venice.At the beginning,it lasted for just one day.People ate,drank and wore masks.As time passed,3.,the carnival period4.(extend)so that it began just after Christmas.For weeks5.end people walked around the streets wearing masks,doing what they wanted without6.(recognize).Ordinary people could pretend7.(be) rich and important,8.famous people could have romantic adventures9.(secret).Many crimes went10.(punish).



My elder brother,Steve,in the____of my father who died when I was six,gave me important lessons in____that helped me grow into an adult.For example,Steve taught me to face the____of my behavior.Once when I returned in ____from a Saturday baseball game,it was Steve who____the time to ask me what happened.When I____that my baseball had flown through Mrs.Holt's basement window,____the glass with a crash,Steve encouraged me to apologize to her.After all,I____not have played in the path between buildings.____my knees knocked as I explained to Mrs.Holt.I____to pay for the window if she would return my ball.

I also learned from Steve that____property is a sacred(神圣的)thing.After I found,a silver pen in my fifth-grade classroom,I wanted to____it,but Steve explained that it might be important to____else in spite of the fact that it had little value.He reminded me of____I'd hate to lose the small dog my father gave me to someone else.I returned the pen to my teacher,Mrs.David.

Yet of all the____Steve gave me,his respect for____is the most vivid in my mind.When I was twelve,I killed an old brown sparrow in the park with a BB gun.____with my accuracy,I screamed to Steve to come from the house to have a look.I shall never forget the____he stood for a long moment and stared at the bird."Did it____you first, Mark?"he asked.I didn't know what to answer.I really felt terrible then,but that moment____out as the most important lesson my brother taught me.

1.A. charge    B. absence    C. respect    D. presence

2.A. memories    B. truth    C. values    D. honesty

3.A. advantages    B. reasons    C. realities    D. results

4.A. surprise    B. tears    C. joy    D. smiles

5.A. took    B. spent    C. cost    D. paid

6.A. insisted    B. introduced    C. declared    D. explained

7.A. injuring    B. damaging    C. breaking    D. destroying

8.A. could    B. must    C. would    D. should

9.A. Since    B. Although    C. Because    D. Unless

10.A. refused    B. offered    C. afforded    D. managed

11.A. personal    B. valuable    C. public    D. whole

12.A. save    B. keep    C. pick    D. return

13.A. no one    B. everyone    C. someone    D. anyone

14.A. why    B. when    C. how    D. what

15.A. information    B. descriptions    C. opinions    D. instructions

16.A. life    B. people    C. family    D. things

17.A. Proud    B. Encouraged    C. Relaxed    D. Excited

18.A. way    B. time    C. place    D. scene

19.A. affect    B. interrupt    C. hurt    D. fight

20.A. stands    B. reaches    C. turns    D. holds



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