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Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Afr...

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa.It is also the second largest lake in the world.It is an important lake because it is one of the sources(源头) for the longest river in the world, the Nile River.Lake Victoria provides a source of water, food, and power for several African countries.Lake Victoria is a big part of African life.

Unfortunately, Lake Victoria has a problem.It is shrinking.There are several power stations at Lake Victoria in Uganda.These are on the Nile River, and besides producing power, they keep the water of the lake at a certain level.For the past forty years, that level has been 11.9 meters.Over the last several years, the water level has dropped by about 2.5 meters.There seem to be several reasons for this drop.

One possible reason is drought(干旱).Drought has been very bad in the area since 2000.Lake Victoria gets all of its water from rain, so the drought means less water in the lake.

However, some environmentalists believe that the real problem is the power plants(factories) on Lake Victoria.Uganda depends on those power plants for most of its power, and they made the power plants larger in 2000.Many people believe the power plants have been taking too much water off Lake Victoria.As a result, they have been asked to use less water until Lake Victoria goes back to its old level.

Whether the low water level is caused by drought or power plants, the result is the same.This is already a poor area of Africa, where many people live a really hard life.People, animals and plants around Lake Victoria will suffer even more from low water levels on the lake.Many people need Lake Victoria for fishing or growing food.Fish need the water to live, and animals need it for water.Plants around the lake will die without the water, and then more animals and people will suffer.Unless the lake fills soon, many people will suffer and die.

1.Lake Victoria is __________.

A. an important lake in Africa.

B. the largest lake in the world.

C. the source of water, food and power for America.

D. the only source for the Nile River.

2.W hat does the underlined sentence “It is shrinking” most probably mean?

A. It is becoming larger.

B. It is becoming more beautiful.

C. It is becoming smaller.

D. It is becoming more useful.

3.The water level of Lake Victoria is now __________.

A. 2.5 meters

B. 11.9 meters

C. 14.4 meters

D. 9.4 meters

4.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Rain water is the only source for the lake.

B. There has been little rain in the lake area since 2000.

C. The power plants in Uganda provide water for the lake.

5.According to the passage, how can we solve the problems around Lake Victoria?

A. People must build more power plants.

B. More sources of water must be found.

C. Every country should offer some money to Africa.

D. All the people living in the area should move to another place.


1.A 2.C 3.D 4.C 5.B 【解析】本文介绍了非洲重要的湖——维多利亚湖正在缩小,水位不断下降。一方面是由于干旱,另一方面是由于周围工厂大量消耗湖里的水。现在周围的动物、植物和人因为湖里缺水,已经面临死亡。 1.A 细节理解题。根据Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa.和It is an imp...





“How many common English words were invented by Shakespeare?”

How long did it take people to find the answer to this question 15 years ago? And now! you can google it and find the answer immediately!

Google is the most popular Internet search engine in the world. It was invented by two students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They met in 1993, when they were studying computer science at Stanford University, USA. They dreamed of producing something that could also answer any question in seconds.

Internet search engines at that time were slow and gave many websites that weren't useful. In January 1996, Page and Brin decided to make a better and faster search engine. They thought the results should be based on the most popular websites.

Nobody would give them money for their project, so they used their own money. They also borrowed money from family and friends. Then, in 1998, they were given achequefor $100,000, and they started their own company. Their first office was in a friend's garage. The company's name is Google, a word which comes from mathematics. A “google” is a very high number----1 followed by a hundred zeros.

The google search engine was soon used by thousands of people worldwide because it was fast, easy and correct. By 2002 it was the biggest search engine on the Internet. Now, more questions have been answered by Google than any other Internet service, from sport to science, and from music to medicine. Google hopes that in the future all the world's information will be put on the Internet, so that everybody can find everything.

1.Why did the writer begin this passage by asking you a question?

A. Because he or she liked to begin this passage by asking readers a question.

B. Because he or she was afraid that the readers didn't know this question.

C. Because he or she wanted to make the readers interested in this passage.

D. Because Shakespeare is one of the most famous people in the world.

2.The underline word“cheque”in the fifth paragraph means ________.

A. 楼房    B. 帐单    C. 订单    D. 支票

3.From the passage we know that at the beginning of their project,______.

A. there was not any search engine on the Internet.

B. nobody supported them except their family and friends.

C. Larry Page and Sergey Brin dreamed to answer any question.

D. one of the most popular websites gave them a cheque for $100,000.

4.Which statement is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Now the Google search engine is widely used in the world.

B. The google search engine was not the biggest one before 2002.

C. Larry Page and Sergey Brin named google after a hundred zeros.

D. The service of the Google search engine is very popular.

5.The passage mainly tells us ________.

A. the development of the Google search engine.

B. about Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

C. how to find information on the Internet.

D. how to use the Google search engine.











The _____is black and  white.

A.     B.     C.     D.




A. C    B. G    C. J



—you say that again(再,又),please?

A. Does    B. Are    C. ls    D. Can



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