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Mr Jenkins has several big shops in the ...

Mr Jenkins has several big shops in the city. He’s very rich but he does his best1. (pay) the persons who work in his shops less. And they all hate him.

Several months ago a young woman borrowed thirty thousand dollars from him. But she couldn’t return the money to him in time. He went to her and made her 2. (give) her ring to him which cost more than fifty thousand dollars. He put it into his wallet and went home happily. But when he got to the bus stop, the bus 3. (leave). He hurried to get on and left his wallet outside. He didn’t find it until he got home. He hurried4.(make) promise, “If someone finds my wallet and returns it to me, I 5. (give) half the money to him.”

An old woman who6. (wait) for another bus that day  found the wallet. She sent it back to Mr Jenkins. But he changed his mind.

“There are two rings in my wallet,” said Mr Jenkins, “

I won’t give half the money in my wallet to you until you return the other ring to me.”

“I 7. (see) only a ring in the wallet,” the old woman said and took the man to a judge and told him what 8. (happen) to them. The judge said to Mr Jenkins, “I’m sure you have lost a wallet in which there are two rings and some money. But there is only one ring in this wallet. I 9. (not think) it’s yours. Wait for some days. Perhaps someone will be able to return your wallet to you.”

Then the judge turned to the old woman and said, “Take the wallet home. If the loser doesn’t go to get it back in three days, it 10. (belong) to you.”


1.to play 2.give 3.had left 4.to make 5.will give 6.was waiting 7.saw 8.happened 9.don’t think 10.will belong 【解析】Mr Jenkins是一个富有且贪得无厌的人,有一次他在车站上丢了一个钱包,里面有一条项链,他就许诺如果有人捡了...






1.Over 20 people were killed in the traffic accident, ________ (包括) three foreigners.

2.We are all ________ (自豪的)of the fast development of our hometown.

3.I think the computer is one of the greatest ________ (发明). I can’t imagine life without it.

4.________ (无论什么)you do, you must try your best.

5.It’s said that our teacher will get ________ (结婚)next month.





sleep, nine, win, potato, play


1.I often hear him ________ the violin in the next room.

2.Teachers’ Day comes in the ________ month of the year.

3.The teacher was very angry because Jim fell ________ in class.

4.—Excuse me, what’s the price of these ________? —Five yuan a kilo.

5.We all believe our monitor will be the ________ of the English Speech Contest.




根据对话内容,从方框内选择恰当的句子填入对话相应的空白处,使对话完整,合乎情景 (有两个多余选项),并将所选答案填写在答题卡的相应位置。

A: What’s the problem?

B: Oh, just my parents.1.

A: What about?

B: The TV. My mom and dad can’t agree.2.

A: Does your dad like sports programs?

B: Yes, he does.3., she loves movies.


B: No. He thinks they are boring.


B: Yes, they do.

A: What?

B: Fighting!

A. Do they both like anything?
B. What does your mom like?
C. They’re always fighting.
D. But my mom hates sports programs.
E. They both like movies.
F. They like different things.
G. Does your dad like movies?



We can see waste everywhere in the school. Some students ask for more food than they can eat and others often forget to turn off the lights when they leave the classroom. They say they can afford these things. But I don't agree with them.

Waste can bring a lot of problems. Although China is rich in some resources(资源), we are short of others, for example, fresh water. It is reported that we will have no coal(煤) or oil to use in 100 years. So if we go on wasting our resources, what can we use in the future and where can we move? Think about it. I think we should say no to the students who waste things every day. Everybody should stop wasting as soon as possible.

In our everyday life, we can do many things to prevent waste from happening, for example, turn off the water taps when we finish washing, turn off the lights when we leave the classroom, try not to order more food than we need and so on. Little by little, we will change everything. We can stop waste one day, if we do our best.

1.From the passage we know that some students often _______ in the school.

A. eat too much    B. don't work hard

C. waste things    D. throw rubbish everywhere

2.Which is not mentioned in this passage?

A. Fresh water    B. Forest.    C. Oil.    D. Coal.

3.What may happen in 100 years?

A. We may still have enough oil.

B. We may still have enough coal.

C. We may have a little oil.

D. We may have no coal or oil to use.

4.Which of the following is right?

A. Waste brings problems.

B. Waste can bring no problem.

C. China is rich in fresh water.

D. Students never waste things.

5.Which is the best title of this passage?

A. Stop Wasting

B. School life

C. Waste in the School

D. Rich Resources in China



We know the mosquito very well. Mosquitoes fly everywhere. They can be found almost all over the worldand there are more than 2500 kinds of them.

No one likes the mosquito. But the mosquito may decide that she loves you. SheYesshe. It‘s true that male mosquito doesn’t bite(咬) and only the female mosquito bites because she needs blood to lay eggs. She is always looking for things or people she wants to bite. If she likes what she findsshe bites. But if she doesn‘t like your bloodshe will turn to someone else for more delicious blood. Next time a mosquito bites youjust remember you are chosen. You’re different from the others

If the mosquito likes youshe lands on your body without letting you know. She bites you so quickly and quietly that you may not feel anything different. After she bitesyou will have an itch(痒) on your body because she puts something from her mouth together with your blood. By the time the itching beginsand she has flown away.

And then what happensWellafter her delicious dinnerthe mosquito feels tired. She just wants to find a place to have a good rest. Thereon a leaf or a wallshe begins to lay eggshundreds of eggs.

1.“Mosquito” means _______ in Chinese.

A. 苍蝇    B. 蜻蜓

C. 跳蚤    D. 蚊子

2.We know mosquitoes very well because ___________.

A. they can be found easily

B. they fly here and there

C. there are many kinds of them

D. they can fly

3.If the mosquito doesn‘t bite youit will ________.

A. get angry with you    B. be afraid of you

C. make a lot of noise    D. choose another one

4.The mosquito bites you _________.

A. when you‘re asleep    B. because you have choose it

C. too quickly to let you know    D. but doesn‘t like you

5.Which of the following sentences is wrong

A. The itching begins after the mosquito bites you.

B. You feel terrible when the mosquito bites you.

C. Mosquitoes use blood to lay eggs.

D. All the mosquitoes don‘t like to bite people for blood.


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