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We know the mosquito very well. Mosquito...

We know the mosquito very well. Mosquitoes fly everywhere. They can be found almost all over the worldand there are more than 2500 kinds of them.

No one likes the mosquito. But the mosquito may decide that she loves you. SheYesshe. It‘s true that male mosquito doesn’t bite(咬) and only the female mosquito bites because she needs blood to lay eggs. She is always looking for things or people she wants to bite. If she likes what she findsshe bites. But if she doesn‘t like your bloodshe will turn to someone else for more delicious blood. Next time a mosquito bites youjust remember you are chosen. You’re different from the others

If the mosquito likes youshe lands on your body without letting you know. She bites you so quickly and quietly that you may not feel anything different. After she bitesyou will have an itch(痒) on your body because she puts something from her mouth together with your blood. By the time the itching beginsand she has flown away.

And then what happensWellafter her delicious dinnerthe mosquito feels tired. She just wants to find a place to have a good rest. Thereon a leaf or a wallshe begins to lay eggshundreds of eggs.

1.“Mosquito” means _______ in Chinese.

A. 苍蝇    B. 蜻蜓

C. 跳蚤    D. 蚊子

2.We know mosquitoes very well because ___________.

A. they can be found easily

B. they fly here and there

C. there are many kinds of them

D. they can fly

3.If the mosquito doesn‘t bite youit will ________.

A. get angry with you    B. be afraid of you

C. make a lot of noise    D. choose another one

4.The mosquito bites you _________.

A. when you‘re asleep    B. because you have choose it

C. too quickly to let you know    D. but doesn‘t like you

5.Which of the following sentences is wrong

A. The itching begins after the mosquito bites you.

B. You feel terrible when the mosquito bites you.

C. Mosquitoes use blood to lay eggs.

D. All the mosquitoes don‘t like to bite people for blood.


1.D 2.B 3.D 4.C 5.B 【解析】试题分析: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 考点:自然/生物类





A famous teacher was speaking to the students at our school. He began his lesson by holding up a ¥100 bill. Then he said to the three hundred students, “Who would like this ¥100 bill?” The students began to put up their hands at once.

Then he said, “I am going to give this ¥100 to one of you, but first, let me do this.” He then made the bill into a ball. Then he said, “Who wants it now?” The hands went back into the air.

“Well,” he said, “What if I do this?” and he dropped it on the floor and stepped on it. He picked up the dirty, crumpled bill and said, “Who still wants it?” Hands went back into the air.

“My friends,” he said, “you have learned a valua­ble lesson today. No matter (无论) what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not go down in value (价值). It was still worth ¥ l00!”

Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crum­pled, and stepped on by the chances we take and the things that happen to us. We feel as if we are worth nothing. But remember, no matter what has happened to you, you will never lose your value: you are always valuable to those people who love you. Your value doesn’t come from what you do or whom you know, but WHO YOU ARE.

You are special and valuable. Don’t ever forget it!


1.Even though it was dirty, the money _______.

A. still went up in value

B. was worth nothing

C. didn’t go down in value

D. was still ours

2.We are always valuable to the people _______.

A. who pay us    B. who call us

C. who hate us    D. who love us

3.Your value doesn’t come from what you do but _______.

A. who you know    B. who made you

C. who you remember    D. who you are

4.The sentence “Hands went back into the air” means “_______”.

A. the students put up their hands again

B. the students put down their hands

C. the students put their hands behind their backs again

D. the students put their hands in front of them

5.Why did the famous teacher use a ¥100 bill at his lesson?

A. Because he wanted to make the bill into a ball.

B. Because he used to drop a bill on the floor and stepped on it.

C. Because he was going to give the bill to one of his students.

D. Because he wanted to make the students know what value was.



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1.We can learn English from ______.

A. Yang Jun    B. Zhang Hui    C. Liu Hong    D. Li Nan

2.You may telephone ______ for help if your grandmother is ill.

A. Yang Jun    B. Zhang Hui    C. Liu Hong    D. Li Nan

3.We can call ______ when we want to take a taxi to Hangzhou Railway Station.

A. 13973098479    B. 0745-2709348

C. 1992301636    D. 13704358529

4.Of the four, we can't send fax to the ______.

A. driver    B. teacher    C. doctor    D. farmer

5.If you have some questions about your health, please send an E-mail to ______.

A. Linan@21cn.com    B. cclh@163.com

C. hzyi@163.com    D. hhmx@163.com



Li Dong is a farmer. He has a very big____On the farm, he grows oranges, grapes and bananas. Many people come to____his farm. He is a successful young man and becomes very famous.

In 2003, he went back to his hometown____he finished middle school. “What work can I do?” he said to himself. Then he had an idea. “I’m interested____farming. I can grow fruit!” He began to watch many____on TV about growing fruit. He also read a lot of books about it. Then he went to____on Mr Wang’s farm for two years. He learned a lot there.

In 2005, he started his own fruit farm.____, Li Dong’s farm was small. But now, his farm is much____His fruits are very good. He sends them to many big_______________________________________________________________________food. He has a very happy family.

1.A. farm    B. park    C. school    D. shop

2.A. look    B. take    C. visit    D. notice

3.A. since    B. after    C. though    D. so

4.A. in    B. on    C. at    D. for

5.A. games    B. concerts    C. programmes    D. plays

6.A. see    B. play    C. eat    D. work

7.A. At last    B. At that time    C. At this moment    D. At once

8.A. big    B. bigger    C. the biggest    D. biggest

9.A. villages    B. schools    C. cities    D. farms

10.A. healthy    B. bad    C. terrible    D. unhealthy



--- Do you know __________________?

--- They moved here soon after their son was born.

A. when would the Greens move here

B. when the Greens moved here

C. the Greens would move here

D. when the Greens would move here



—What did the teacher say to you just now?

—She asked _______.

A. where did I buy the dictionary

B. where I bought the dictionary

C. where do I buy the dictionary

D. where I buy dictionary


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