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Reading is important. World Book Day fal...

Reading is important. World Book Day falls on April 23 every year. 66.It encourages people, especially teenagers, to discover the pleasure of reading. It is also the day to honor great writers.

Many countries celebrate World Book Day. On that day, millions of school children can buy books at a much lower price than usual in any bookstore in England. It has been done every year since 1998. World Book Day is also celebrated in China. WenJiabao, the former Premier of China, is an avid reader. 67.虽然他很忙但是他每天都会大量阅读。 On World Book Day 2009, he called on people to do more reading. Wen suggested that young people should spend more time reading. “Books cannot change the world, but people can change the world by changing themselves through reading,” he said.

68.Reading helps us become more knowledgeable and smarter. Reading helps us to follow the latest developments of science and technology. Reading gives us information about other cultures and places in the world. 69.阅读也是学习一门外语的最重要的方式之一。We all know that it is difficult to learn everything in the classroom, for example, the ways English people are living and working today can be learnt by reading.Books, magazines, newspapers and other kinds of reading materials can help us to know more about the outside world.70.So, it is necessary for us to spend time reading every day.







1.他鼓励年轻人尤其是青少年去发觉阅读的乐趣。 2.He does lots of reading every day though he is very busy. 3.阅读帮助我们变得更知识渊博且有智慧。 4.Reading is also one of the most important ways to learn a foreign language. 5.因此,...





It may be really hard to tell others that you’re feeling sad or worried. If you keep these feelings in your heart and don’t talk about them with others, you will even fall ill at last.

If you talk with someone, who cares a lot about you, like your dad or mom, you may feel better. You’re not alone with your problems or worries. But if a kid doesn’t want to talk with his or her Dad or Mom, what should he or she do? It’s better to find another trusty(可信的)adult ,like a teacher at school. Maybe this person can help you talk with your Dad or Mom about your problems.

Once you know who you can talk to, you should choose when and where to talk. If you think it’s difficult for you to say what you think, write it down on a piece of paper. If the person can’t understand what you mean right away, try to say it in a different way or give an example.

Some kids may feel shy about sharing their feelings. But it is important to share their feelings when they need help.

1.Is it good for people to keep feelings in the heart?


2.What can you do when you feel sad or worried?


3.What should a kid do if he or she doesn’t want to talk with his or her Dad or Mom?


4.How do some kids feel when they share their feelings?




I am walking through the winter park where the trees stand cold and bare (光秃秃的). The yellow leaves have fallen to the ground. Now, a group of women gather at the sides of a path. In the cold winter, they’re moving their arms and legs to a rhythm (节奏). They are, of course, the dancing aunties.

It seems that if you go to any public space around China, you’re likely to see these dancing aunties. When I first came to China, it was one of the first things that annoyed me. That’s because in Britain dancing in public is not a cultural habit. You won’t see any age group swinging their arms and tapping their feet in a park. Usually, they just take a walk for exercise.

Now and again the dancing aunties have hit the headlines (头条新闻). Some people find them annoying. But others respect their right to dance in public. Most of them are middle-aged. They finally have some free time to do whatever they like. There is no more work, and their kids have left.

All in all, I like seeing these women enjoying themselves. They remind us of the importance of exercise as we get older. Besides, most of them have raised the whole families. Now it is their time to have fun and enjoy some peace.

The Dancing Aunties in the Cold Winter

What can you see in the cold winter?

The 1.are bare and the2. are on the ground.

A group of women gather together

They’re 3.  and legs.

What can you see in any public space in China?

The 4. .

The writer’s opinion about it.

They remind us exercise is 5. .





Having a teenager at home can be a real headache. Many teenagers smoke, drink and even fight. They often do something dangerous.

Earlier studies have shown that teenagers are more likely (可能) to make irrational decisions than people from any other age group, including children and adults. Is it that teenagers are too young to tell right from wrong? Not really. So what’s the reason?

According to Laurence, a teacher from a US university, the reason is that teenagers care a lot about how their peers (同龄人) view them—that is “peer influence”.

As children enter their teenage years, they spend more time with their friends and classmates, and also they care more about what they think of them. This makes teenagers make decisions without thinking about the costs.

In a test, a group of teenagers were asked to play a video driving game. When they played with their friends watching around them, they took more chances and drove more carelessly because that would increase their possibility of winning. But when they played alone, they drove more safely.

Why do peers have such a big influence on teens’ behavior?

As Laurence sees it, a teenager’s brain is like a car with a good accelerator (油门) but a weak brake (刹车). The “accelerator” is fully developed by teenage years while the “brake” is still not fully developed. When teenagers are watched by their peers, they usually push hard on the accelerator. With their weak brake, it is likely that they are going to end up in an accident.

But the good news is that a violent (暴力的)teenager doesn’t necessarily become a violent adult. About two-thirds to three-quarters of violent youth grow out of it. “They get more self-controlled.”

1.What does the underlined word “irrational” in the 2nd paragraph mean?

A. Quick.    B. Crazy.    C. Careful.

2.Why are teenagers likely to make wrong decisions according to the text?

A. They like difficult tasks.

B. They don’t care about costs.

C. They care a lot about what their peers think of them.

3.How does Laurence explain the influence of peer pressure on teens’ behavior?

A. By comparing it with how a car works.

B. By comparing it with an accident.

C. By showing research findings.

4.What can we learn from the text?

A. Teenagers are easy to have traffic accidents.

B. Peer influence is bad on teenagers.

C. Most of the teenagers become less violent when they grow up.



Every year many young people leave school for a few weeks or months and enjoy an unusual type of educational program. They learn new skills by living in a different country and doing unusual jobs. There are several organizations. They help students to find the experience they are looking for. The table below shows a few possibilities for students.






Teaching young children

One month

·Teaching music and dance

·Helping children learn how to communicate


Health care work

Two months

·Seeing how doctors work in a less developed country

·Helping care for patients


Saving elephants

Three weeks

·Cleaning elephants

·Helping train elephants

New Zealand

Teaching Chinese

Six weeks

·Helping adults learn Chinese

·Spreading Chinese culture


One interesting possibility is helping elephants in Thailand. Most people think of elephants as animals in zoos. In fact, many elephants in Thailand are no longer kept in cages. Now, hundreds of them are homeless. They don’t have owners to care for them. Although they may look well, they are often in poor health and don’t have enough to eat.

One center in Thailand cares for these elephants. It gives them a safe and natural living space. When they are at the center, they stay in a building but are free to walk around. Students come from all over the world to help here. The student helpers work with the elephant keepers. These keepers train the students in caring for the elephants. In the morning, they go to the forest together and lead the elephants to the center. They clean them and give them food. In the afternoon. They take the animals back into the forest for the night. Helping at the center is interesting and the young people learn a lot.

1.Which country can you choose if you want to prepare yourself for a medical career?

A. India.    B. Ghana.    C. Thailand.

2.Which job might be suitable for the students who love children and arts?

A. Teaching young children    B. Health care work    C. Saving elephants

3.What does the underlined word “they” in the last paragraph probably refer to?

A. The keepers.    B. The doctors .    C. The elephants.

4.What does the writer think of the unusual educational program?

A. It is amazing.    B. It is boring.    C. It is helpful.



One morning,an old gardenner found lots of flowers missing.He was so angry that he shouted loudly, “Who did this?” In order to protect his flowers, he locked the garden gate in the evening.

The next morning,he found some of this flowers missing again. He decided to find out how that happened. When night came,he sat quitely to watch his garden.Soon he saw a tortoise(乌龟) moving slowly into the garden.

The gardener shouted, “I catch you this time!” The tortoise quickly said, “I’m sorry. If you really want to punish me,no matter what you decide to do, please do not throw me into the water. It’s terrible to die that way.”

“You destroyed so many of my beautiful flowers. I must punish you!” said the old gardener, and he quickly threw the tortoise into a lake next to his garden.

After a while , the tortoise swam away happily. The old gardener then knew that the tortoise was not afraid of water.

1.Why was the old gardenner so angry?

A. Because his flowers were not alive.

B. Because he found his flowers missing.

C. Because his flowers were not beautiful.

2.What did the gardenner do to protect his flowers at first?

A. He watched the flowers in the evening.

B. He locked the garden gate in the evening.

C. He did nothing in the evening.

3.What can we learn from the passage?

A. The old gardenner was very smart.

B. The tortoise was so clever.

C. The old gardenner was very happy.


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