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III  阅读理解(共25小题;每小题2分,满分50分)


It doesn't matter when or how much a person sleeps, but everyone needs some rest to stay alive. That's what all doctors thought, until they heard about Al Herpin. Al Herpin, it was said, never slept. Could this be true? The doctors decided to see this strange man themselves.

Al Herpin was 90 years old when the doctors came to his home in New Jersey. They thought for sure that he got some sleep of some kind. So they stayed with him and watched every movement he made. But they were surprised. Though they watched him hour after hour and day after day, they never saw Herpin sleeping. In fact, he did not even own a bed. He never needed one.

The only rest that Herpin sometimes got was sitting in a comfortable chair and reading newspapers. The doctors were puzzled by this strange continuous sleeplessness. They asked him many questions, hoping to find an answer. They found only one answer that might explain his condition. Herpin remembered some talk about his mother having been injured several days before he was born. But that was all. Was this the real reason? No one could be sure.

Al Herpin died at the age of 95. 

41.The main idea of this passage is that _______

A. everyone needs some sleep to stay alive

B. people can live longer by trying not to sleep

C. large numbers of people do not need sleep

D. a person was found who actually didn't need any sleep

42.The doctors came to visit Herpin, expecting ______

A. to find out whether his sleeplessness was really true

B. to find out why some old people didn't need any sleep

C. to find a way to free people from the need of sleeping

D. to cure him of his sleeplessness

43. After watching him closely, the doctors came to believe that Al Herpin ____

A. needed no sleep at all                     B. needed some kind of sleep   

C . was too old to need any sleep       D .often slept in a chair

44.One reason that might explain Herpin' s sleeplessness was ______

A. his mother's injury before he was born

B. his magnificent physical condition

C. that he had gradually got rid of the sleeping habit

D. that he hadn't got a bed

45.Al Herpin' s condition could be regarded as ______

A. a common one      B. very healthy      C. one that could be cured    D. a rare one




第二节 语法填空(共10小题,每小题1.5分,满分15分)


More than 20 million kids in the United States live with one parent .Separation and divorce are __(31)__ most common reasons for this . Living with one parent instead __(32)___ two can bring out a lot of emotions . These feelings can be pretty strong , and they can be confusing , __(33)___ . You might feel terribly sad and angry because your parents divorced .

Single parents are often working parents __(34)___  someone needs to earn money to buy food , clothing , and a place to live . ___(35)___(have) a job means your mom or dad is able to provide these things and more for you .

But even though you might understand ___(36)__ your mom or dad has to work , sometimes it can be hard __(37)___accept . This can be especially true during the summer or school vacations . You are at home , they __(38)____ , and the days can seem really long .

It can be tough when you don’t have enough time with your dad or mum. So __(39)__ can you do ?

One of the best ways is to hold a family meeting . Talk about everyone’s schedule for work , school , and activities . You might want to help your parent cook dinner sometimes . This can be both funny and __(40)___ (help) to your parent . Maybe you can also schedule a weekly game or movie night .






Jenkins was a jeweller, who had made a large diamond ring worth £57,000 for the Silkstone Jewellery Shop. When it was ready, he made a copy of it which looked ___16__ like the first one but was worth only£2,000. This he took to the shop, which accepted it without a question.

  Jenkins gave the much more 17__ ring to his wife for her fortieth birthday. Then, the husband and wife __18__ to Paris for a weekend. As to the __19__ ring, the shop sold it for£60,000.

  Six months later the buyer __20__it back to Silkstone's office. "It's a faulty diamond,"he said. "It isn't worth the high __21__ I paid." Then he told them the __22__. His wife's car had caught fire in an __23__. She had escaped  ,__24__ the ring had fallen off and been damaged  in the great __25__ of the fire.

  The shop had to agree. They knew that no fire on earth can ever damage a perfect diamond. Someone had taken the __26__ diamond and put a faulty one in its place. The question was: who __27__ it?

  A picture of the ring appeared in the __28__. A reader thought he recognized the ring. The next day, another picture appeared in the papers which showed a famous dancer walking out to a plane for Paris. Behind the dancer there was a woman __29__ a large diamond ring."Do You know the __30__ with the lovely diamond ring?" the papers asked their readers. Several months later, Jenkins was sentenced to seven years in prison.

16. A. surely         B. only   C. nearly   D. exactly

17. A. real     B. worthy   C. modern      D. valuable

18.A. drove     B. flew        C. sailed    D. bicycled

19. A. last          B. first      C. second   D. next

20. A. sold     B. posted     C. brought    D. returned

21.A. money    B. price       C. cost       D. value

22. A. facts     B. questions     C. results       D. matters

23. A. accident      B. affair      C. incident    D. experience

24. A. so      B. but          C. or        D. and

25. A. pile     B. heat      C. pressure     D. power

26. A. real     B. pure      C. right      D. exact 

27.A. made    B. stole         C. copied     D. did

28.A. magazines   B. notices     C. newspapers   D. programmes

29. A. carrying  B. holding      C. dressing     D. wearing    

30. A. dancer    B. woman   C. jeweler       D. reader




一个中国中学生旅游团(a high school student touring group)应邀访问美国某中学。美国朋友举行了一个欢迎会,主人致欢迎词后,你代表(on behalf of)旅游团致答谢词。内容如下:






Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, ______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thanks again for your warm welcome.



第II 卷








Mike is a warm-hearted man and is always readily to help anyone that turn to him for help. Yesterday evening, his friend Jim telephoned him and asked him to help prepare for dinner, for Jim’s parents would come to see their son from another city. Hearing news, Mike turned off the light, locking the door and left for Jim’s home. He hurried to Jim’s house, only find there were many of his friend there. “Happy birthday!” they all said to him. Surprised and happily, Mike was deeply moved. At the very moment, Jim came and patted himself on the shoulder, saying, “Mike, you are such a kind man because we all would like to give you a big surprise.”





I was in Tokyo last spring, walking in the street and talking with my dear friend Kirsten. 71  It turned out to be a group of four very hip Japanese college students playing their music instruments for anyone who would listen.

72  In the middle of the second song, an old homeless man broke through the crowd and started shouting at the band. The musicians did their best to ignore him but the man would not go away. It seemed he was angry about the loud noise.

I remember there were probably two dozen people watching this. 73  I was also helpless because first, I couldn’t speak much Japanese, and second, the homeless man was starting to get more and more violent. At one point, he picked up a stick and started banging on the drum set.

This was more than the young drummer could take. He stopped playing, stood up and pushed the old man to the ground.

74  He knelt down next to the old man, took hold of his hands and asked him if he was alright. I couldn’t understand what was being said, but I will never forget the way this young man helped bring the fallen man to his feet. And I will never forget the way he carefully placed his arm around the old man’s shoulders and quietly walked him away.

75  Maybe this old man was a prince in disguise. And maybe he was waiting to see someone act, just once, with beauty and courage.

A.I couldn’t help but wonder.

B.All of them went away at once.

C.Suddenly, we heard the sound of a jazz band.

D.Everybody became angry with the old man.

E.But no one knew what they could or should do.

F.However, not everyone was enjoying the music.

G.At that time, a young Japanese man went through the crowd quietly.



Below is a discussion on a website.

http: / /www. Talking Points. com/

             Stuck on a desert island?

Started on 23rd April by Steve           Posts 1--7 of 42

Post 1



Hi, everyone. What would you miss most and least if you were stuck on a desert island? For me, it would be the changing seasons in New England. I guess this will sound stupid but I’d probably miss the rain, too. I wouldn’t miss getting up at six every day to go to work, though! What about you?

Post 2



Good question, Steve. I think I’d miss different types of bread, and shopping at the supermarket. I’d miss the food most. What would I miss least? My mobile phone--I’d like to be completely quiet--at least for a little while.

Post 3



I would miss the company of people because I know I’d like to have someone to share experiences with. I’d go mad on my own. And I sure wouldn’t miss junk mail(垃圾邮件)--I hate coming home every evening and finding a pile of junk mail in my post box.

Post 4



Hi, I would miss Manga cartoon, the Internet and Japanese food, like sushi. I’d also miss TV shows and shopping for clothes…In fact, I’d miss everything.

Post 5



 I would miss my daily newspaper and listening to the news on TV and radio. I’d feel very cut off if I didn’t know what was happening in the world. What I’d miss least would be traffic jams in the city, particularly my journey to work.

Post 6



Why hasn’t anyone mentioned their family? I’d be lost without my husband and two kids. They are the most important for me. And I can’t get started in the morning without a cup of black coffee. I wouldn’t miss doing the housework.

Post 7



It would have to be music.I couldn’t live without my music.I wouldn’t miss going to school at all or doing homework!

68.Who would miss his or her family most?

A.Jaime        B.Jayne       C.Miko     D.Paola

69.Which of the following people would feel most uncomfortable without the news media?

A.Steve        B.Jaime          C.Roger              D.Tomas

70.How many of them mentioned that they would miss food or drink?

A.One         B.Two           C.Three                 D.Four



Why do people buy art? To answer this question, ask yourself what your reasons are for thinking of getting a piece of art. An artwork can cost a large amount of money, but if it meets your needs, it’ s worth every penny. 

People buy art for many reasons. Many people buy an artwork simply because they like it, even if it is by an unknown artist. Art, as long as you enjoy it, is never a waste of money.

Art is for enjoyment. Art is meant to be shown. Don’t ever feel pressured into buying something you won’t enjoy looking at day after day, no matter what other people may say. Don’t buy something that doesn’t attract you just because it is trendy, or because the artist is famous, or because you have been advised that the artwork will make a good investment. If you don’t like the artwork at all, don’t buy it!

Art improves your environment. Have you ever noticed that all beautiful homes have art as an integral(必需的) part of the decoration? Art lends life and color to otherwise plain and ordinary walls. A well thought--out art collection will help create a unique atmosphere in your home and make it more attractive.

Art makes a statement. The kind of art you surround yourself with says much about your personality, tastes and values. Art truly is a mirror of the soul.

Art enriches your life. Love--even the love of a work of art--contributes to healthier living and a longer lifespan (寿命). Art should enrich your life. Otherwise, why do you spend precious time and resources on it?

Just remember to select something which will appeal to your tastes, and keep to a sensible budget. Good art needn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Happy art collecting!

64. What’s the purpose of the passage?

A. To advise us to buy an expensive artwork.

B. To remind us to be sensible when buying an artwork.

C. To teach us how to choose works of art.

D. To explain the benefit of art to people.

65. According to the author, what should you consider when buying a piece of art?

A. Whether it brings pleasure to you.

B. Whether it is fashionable at present.

C. Whether you can profit from it in the end.

D. Whether it is created by a famous artist.

66. Which of the following words best describes a work of art placed in a house?

A. Ordinary  B. Attractive  C. Necessary  D. Unique

67. The underlined sentence in Paragraph 5 means that ____.

A. art can show what you look like

B. art is an expression of yourself

C. a mirror has a feature similar to art

D. a mirror can be a piece of true art



Young drivers are over-represented in alcohol--related driving accidents. In recent years, people aged 16 to 24 were involved in 28 percent of all alcohol--related driving accidents, although they make up only 14% of the U. S. population. Young people are also over--represented in drinking driver injuries and deaths. Even when their blood alcohol contents (BACs) are not high, young drinkers are involved in driving accidents at higher rates than older drivers with similar BACs.

Fortunately, driving accidents have been declining among young people, just as they have among the general population. And deaths associated with young drinking drivers (those 16 to 24 years of age) are down, having dropped 47% in a recent 15--year period.

In contrast to popular belief, drinking among young people is dropping and has been doing so for many years. For example, statistics demonstrate that within a period of about 20 years, the proportion of American high school seniors who have ever consumed alcohol is down 13%;the proportion of those who have consumed alcohol within the previous year is down 15%.

Exaggerating the degree of drinking problems of young people may create an unexpected problem. When young people go to college falsely believing that most others are drinking heavily, then they may try to follow suit. Thus, those who exaggerate the problem of alcohol abuse actually contribute to the problem and make it worse. However, when students find out that most others don’t drink as much as they incorrectly believed, they are very likely to drink less and even give up. So, honest accuracy rather than dishonest exaggeration is the most effective way to reduce alcohol abuse and the problems it causes.

60. We can learn from the first paragraph that ____.

A. in the U. S. people aged 16 to 24 caused half of the alcohol--related driving accidents

B. young drinkers are more likely to cause accidents than adult drinkers

C. young drinkers are able to keep calm when their BACs are not high

D. people aged 16 to 24 make up a quarter of the U. S. population

61. It can be inferred from Para. 3 that ____.

A. high school seniors turn to alcohol to get rid of their pressure

B. it’s a fact that young people are drinking more nowadays

C. the number of high school students in the U. S is dropping

D. most people believe more and more young people are becoming addicted to drinking

62. The underlined phrase “follow suit” in the last paragraph means ____.

A. stop drinking

B. wear the same suit as others do

C. start drinking

D. hate what others do

63. Which of the following statements does the author agree to?

A. Driving should be forbidden among people aged 16 to 24.

B. Many young people in the U. S. are acting totally irresponsibly.

C. The drinking problems of young people are turning for the better.

D. Students will stop drinking if they believe most others are drinking heavily.





My daddy doesn’t know how to express love at all. It is my mum that makes everyone happy and calm in our family; while daddy only works day and night, never looking us in the face. But mum makes a wrongdoing list of us for daddy scolding us. She’s a spy!

  Once, I stole a candy. Daddy asked me to put it back and told the shopkeeper that I would like to carry loads for her. Well, mum told him I was just a child.

  I broke my leg on the playground. It’s still mum that held me tightly in her warm arms. Daddy drove us right to the emergency room. He was asked to move the car away for that vacant was for ambulance. Daddy got angry, “what do you think of it? A touring car?”

  On my birthday party, it was, again, my mum that took over the cake for me. My dad? He was busy blowing balloons and setting the table and doing the housework.

  While looking over our album, friends always ask, “What does your father look like?” God knows. He photos others all the time. So there are many and many photos of my mum and me, pretty and lovely photos.

  And I still remembered the day when dad taught me riding. I asked him not to let his hands away, but he did the opposite. And I certainly fell onto the ground. I got angry and decided to get on the bike and rode. But he smiled again.

  Mum wrote every letter to me while I was in college. He, except checks, did write a letter, but extremely short, just a few words, saying, “Without your playing on the lawn, my son, my lawn grows prettier than before.”

  Every time I phoned, it seemed he wanted to talk, but he would say, “I will get your mum.”

  On the day of my wedding, mum cried as if we would never meet again, while dad went out with a nasal sound.

  From very young, I heard him saying, “Where have you been?” “When do you go home?” “Did you get oil for your car?” “No, I don’t agree.” Dad really knows nothing about showing love. Unless... 

Maybe he showed while I didn’t notice, is it?

56. From the first and second paragraphs, we can infer that____.

A. it was the daddy that was in charge of his children’s education

B. the writer’s parents loved their children; at the same time, they were strict with them

C. the children were all afraid of their father so they had to be cute

D. the writer’s mom was like a spy who reported what the children did to the father

57. Why did the father get angry when he sent the writer to the hospital?

A. Because he parked his car at a wrong place.

B. Because the parking space of the ambulance was very crowded.

C. Because the writer’s injury made the father quite upset.

D. Because the person paid little attention to his son’s serious injury.

58. According to Paragraph Six, we know the father ____.

A. was not patient when he taught the writer riding

B. might want to see his child fall off the bike

C. used a wrong way of teaching his child riding

D. might want his son to learn riding through independent practice

59. Which of the following is not true according to the passage?

A. The dad posted checks to the writer while he was in college.

B. The dad had no single photo of his own in the album.

C. The dad scolded the writer for having damaged the lawn.

D. The dad got excited when participating in the writer’s wedding.


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