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       Liverpool, my hometown, is a unique city.It is so unique that in 2004 it became a World Heritage (遗产) Site.

       I recently returned to my home city and my first stop was at a museum on the River Mersey.Blanketed in mist (薄雾), Victorian architecture rose from the banks of the river, responded to the sounds of sea-birds, and appeared unbelievably charming.When I headed toward the centre, I found myself surrounded by buildings that mirror the best palaces of Europe.It is not hard to imagine why, on first seeing the city, most visitors would be overpowered by the beauty of the noble buildings, which are solid signs of Liverpool’s history.

       As if stress its cultural role, Liverpool has more museums and galleries (美术馆) than most cities in Britain.At Walker Art Gallery, I was told that it has best collections of Victorian paintings in the world, and is the home of modern art in the north of England.However, culture is more than galleries.Liverpool offers many music events.As Britain’s No.1 music city, it has the biggest city music festival in Europe, and its musicians are famous all over the world.Liverpool is also well-known for its football and other sports events.Every year, the Mersey River Festival attracts thousands of visitors, madding the city a place of wonder.

       As you would expect from such a city, there are restaurants serving food from around the world.When my trip was about to complete, I chose to rest my legs in Liverpool’s famous Philharmonic pub (酒馆).It is a monument to perfection, and a heritage attraction itself.

       Being a World Heritage Site, my home city is certainly a place of “outstanding universal value”.It is a treasure house with plenty of secrets for the world to explore.

1.Visitors who see the city for the first time would be deeply impressed by __________.

       A.its charming banks                               B.its famous museums

       C.its wonderful palaces                           D.its attractive buildings

2.The third paragraph is developed mainly by __________.

       A.providing different examples

       B.following the order of space

       C.making comparisons

       D.analyzing causes

3.The author uses the Philharmonic pub to prove that _________.

       A.Liverpool is a well-known city for its restaurants

       B.Liverpool is an impressive place full of attraction

       C.a pub is a wonderful place for visitors to relax themselves

       D.a pub is a perfect choice for visitors to complete their journey

4.What is the passage mainly about?

       A.The universal value of the world heritage in Liverpool.

       B.The exciting experience of the author in Liverpool.

       C.The special cultural atmosphere of Liverpool.

       D.The beautiful historic sites of Liverpool.




       Sports can help you keep fit and get in touch with nature.However, whether you are on the mountains, in the waves, or on the grassland, you should be aware that your sport of choice might have great influence on the environment.

       Some sports are resource-hungry.Golf, as you may know, eats up not only large areas of countryside, but also tons of water.Besides, all sorts of chemicals and huge amounts of energy are used to keep its courses (球场) in good condition.This causes major environmental effects.For example, in the dry regions of Portugal and Spain, golf is often held responsible for serious water shortage in some local areas.

       There are many environment-friendly sports.Power walking is one of them that you could take up today.You don’t need any special equipment except a good pair of shoes; and you don’t have to worry about resources and your purse.Simple and free, power walking can also keep you fit.If you walk regularly, it will be good for your heart and bones.Experts say that 20 minutes of power walking daily can make you feel less anxious, sleep well and have better weight control.

       Whatever sport you take up, you can make it greener by using environment-friendly equipment and buying products made from recycled materials.But the final goal should be “green gyms”.They are better replacements for traditional health clubs and modern sports centers.Members of green gyms play sports outdoors, in the countryside or other open spaces.There is no special requirement for you to start your membership.And best of all, it’s free.

1.Which of the following is the author most probably in favor of?

       A.Cycling around a lake.              B.Motor racing in the desert.

       C.Playing basketball in a gym.          D.Swimming in a sports center.

2.What do we know about golf from the passage?

       A.It is popular in Portugal and Spain.

       B.It causes water shortages around the world.

       C.It pollutes the earth with chemicals and wastes.

       D.It needs water and electricity to keep its courses green.

3.The author uses power walking as an example mainly because _________.

       A.it is an outdoor sport                 B.it improves our health

       C.it uses fewer resources               D.it is recommended by experts

4.The author writes the passage to _________.

       A.show us the function of major sports

       B.encourage us to go in for green sports

       C.discuss the major influence of popular sports

       D.introduce different types of environment-friendly sports




How to Be a Winner

Sir Steven Redgrave

Winner of 5 Olympic Gold Medals

       “In 1997 I was found to have developed diabetes (糖尿病) .Believing my career (职业生涯)was over, I felt extremely low.Then one of the specialists said there was no reason why I should stop training and competing.That was it----the encouragement I needed.I could still be a winner if I believed in myself.I am not saying that it isn’t difficult sometimes.But I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t finished yet.Nothing is to stand in my way.”

Karen Pickering

Swimming World Champion

       “I swim 4 hours a day, 6 days a week.I manage that sort of workload by putting it on top of my diary.This is the key to success—you can’t follow a career in any field without being well-organized.List what you believe you can achieve.“Trust yourself, write down your goals for the day, however small they are, and you’ll be a step closer to achieving them.”

Kirsten Best

Poet Writer

       “When things are getting hard, a voice inside my head tells me that I can’t achieve something.Then, there are other distractions, such as family or hobbies.The key is to concentrate.When I feel tense, it helps a lot to repeat words such as ‘calm’, ‘peace’ or ‘focus’, either out loud or silently in my mind.It makes me feel more in control and increases my confidence.This is a habit that can become second nature quite easily and is a powerful psychological (心理的) tool.”

1.What does Sir Steven Redgrave mainly talk about?

       A.Difficulties influenced his career.

       B.Specialists offered him medical advice.

       C.Training helped him defeat his disease.

       D.He overcame the shadow of illness to win.

2.What does Karen Pickering put on top of her diary?

       A.Her training schedule.                      B.Her daily happenings.

       C.Her achievements.                        D.Her sports career.

3.What does the underlined word “distractions” probably refer to?

       A.Ways that help one to focus.

       B.Words that help one to feel less tense.

       C.Activities that turn one’s attention away.

       D.Habits that make it hard for one to relax.

4.According to the passage, what do the three people have in common?

       A.Courage.         B.Devotion.        C.Hard work.     D.Self-confidence.




       I was waiting for a phone call from my agent.He had left a message the night before, telling me that my show was to be cancelled.I called him several times, but each time his secretary told me that he was in a meeting and that he would call me later.So I waited and waited, but there was still no call.Three hours passing by, I became more and more and impatient.I was certain that my agent didn’t care about my work, and he didn’t care about me.I was overcome with that thought.I started to shout at the phone, “Let me wait, will you? Who do you think you are?”

       At that time I didn’t realize my wife was looking on.Without showing her surprise, she rushed in, seized the phone, tore off the wires, and shouted at the phone, “Yeah! Who do you think you are? Bad telephone! Bad telephone!” And she swept it into the wastebasket.

       I stood watching her, speechless.What on earth...?

       She stepped to the doorway and shouted at the test of the house, “Now hear this! All objects in this room----if you do anything to upset my husband, out you go!”

       Then she turned to me.Kissed me and said calmly, “Honey, you just have to learn how to take control.” With that, she left the room.

       After watching a crazy woman rushing in and out, shouting at everything in sight , I noticed that something in my mood (情绪) had changed.I was laughing.How could I have trouble with that phone? Her anties helped me realize I had been driven crazy by small things.Twenty minutes later my agent did call.I was able to listen to him and talk to him and talk to him calmly.

1.Why did the author shout at the telephone?

       A.He was mad at the telephone.          B.He was angry with his agent.

       C.He was anxious about his wife.        D.He was impatient with the secretary?

2.What did the author’s wife do after she heard his shouting?

       A.She said nothing.                         B.She shouted at him.

       C.She called the agent.                       D.She threw the phone away.

3.What made the author laugh?

       A.His own behavior                           B.His wife’s suggestion

       C.His changeable feelings.                    D.His wife’s sweet kiss.

4.What does the underlined word “anties” refer to?”

       A.Smut words                                      B.Unusual actions. 

       C.Surprising Looks                              D.Anxious feelings.




       In 1990 a report was published about  1the earth might be like 20 years from then on.The report was a result of a three-year study.

       According to the report, the picture of the earth in the year 2010 is not a  2one.The world will be more  3because the population will continue to grow.The population could be  46,300 million, almost 2,500 million more than in 1985.More people would move into cities,  5cities in developing countries.Such cities as Cairo and Jakarta probably would 6have 15 million by then.

       Food production will  7, but not enough to feed all the people.Farmers will grow 90% more food than they did in 1985,  8most of the increase would be in countries that  9produce enough food for their people. 10increase is expected in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.Poor farming ways are  11large areas of crop land, changing farms into deserts.More farmland is  12as cities become larger and more houses are built. 13will get worse as industrial countries burn more coal and oil.Many of the world’s forests could disappear as more and more trees  14.Energy will continue to be a serious problem.The experts say their picture of the earth for the year 2010  15.They only pictured the situation that  16today.By changing the situation, by  17the problems, the picture can be changed.There is  18time for nations of the world to 19a plan of action.But they warned that 20too long to make decisions would greatly reduce the chances of success.

1.A.that                       B.whether               C.how                    D.what

2.A.pleased                  B.pleasant               C.safe                    D.clean

3.A.dangerous             B.brilliant                C.crowded             D.awful

4.A.no more than         B.as many as       C.as much as          D.as large as

5.A.especially              B.specially           C.deliberately          D.apparently

6.A.none                     B.each               C.all                       D.neither

7.A.insist                     B.reduce              C.increase              D.continue

8.A.so                         B.but                C.or                       D.however

9.A.already                  B.hardly            C.partly                  D.never

10.A.Much                  B.More                   C.Heavy                 D.Little

11.A.destroying            B.protecting         C.disturbing            D.interrupting

12.A.saved                   B.lost                     C.discovered         D.used

13.A.Air pollution          B.Water pollution     C.Some diseases    D.All farmland

14.A.is cut across         B.is cut up              C.are cut down      D.are cut off

15.A.must be true         B.will come true      C.can’t be true      D.may be wrong

16.A.happens               B.develops              C.exists                D.appears

17.A.settling                 B.working out         C.answering          D.dealing

18.A.much                   B.still                     C.less                   D.fewer

19.A.work about           B.work at              C.work out           D.work for

20.A.working               B.suggesting        C.spending            D.waiting



 ______ in her novel that she didn’t hear what I was saying.

       A.So absorbed had Nancy                        B.So absorbed Nancy was

       C.So absorbed was Nancy                       D.So absorbed Nancy had



 You never imagine what trouble I have had ______ your house.It took me nearly 2 hours.

       A.to find                                                B.finding               

       C.found                                                 D.for finding



 I _____ when it began to rain.

       A.was about to going out                    B.was in the point of going out

       C.was on the point of going out             D.both A and C



 —Which sport is the most popular in the US?

       —It’s hard to say.It largely ______ what you mean by “popular”?

       A.belongs to                                           B.comes about

       C.depends on                                         D.determines on



 Hardly ______ on the bus ______ the bus drove off.

       A.did he get; than                                    B.had he got; when 

       C.did he get; when                                  D.had he got; than


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