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Space is where our future is — trips to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Most 满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!people would think that aside from comets(彗满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!星) and stars, there is little else out there. But, since our space journey started we have left so much trash(垃圾) there that scientists are now concerned that if we don't clean it up, we may all be in mortal (致命的)danger.

The first piece of space junk was created in 1964, when the American satellite Vanguard I stopped operating and lost its connection with the ground center. However, since it kept orbiting around the Earth without any consequences, sc满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!ientists became increasingly comfortable abandoning(抛弃) things that no longer served any useful purpose in space.

It is estimated (估计)that there are now over 500,000 pieces of man-made trash orbiting the Earth at speeds of up to 17,500 miles per hour. The junk varies from tiny pieces of paint chipped off rockets to cameras, huge fuel tanks, and even odd items like the million-dollar tool kit that astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn Piper lost during a spacewalk.

The major p满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!roblem with the space trash is that it may hit working satellites and damage traveling spacecraft(飞船). Moreover, pieces of junk may collide(碰撞) with each other and break into pieces which fall back to the Earth. To avoid this, scientists have invented several ways for clearing the sky. Ground stations have been built to monitor larger p满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!ieces of space trash to prevent them from crashing into working satellites or space shuttles. Future plans include a cooperative effort among m满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!any nations to stop littering in space and to clean up the trash already there.

1.What was the first piece of man-made space trash­?

A. A camera.                                                        B. A tool kit.

C. A fuel tank.             D. A broken satellite.

2.Why were scientists NOT concerned about space trash in the beginning?

A. It no longer served any useful purpose.

B. It was millions of miles away from the Earth.

C. It did not cause any problems.

D. It was regarded as similar to comets and stars.

3. Which of the following statements is true about space junk?­

A. It is huge, heavy machines.

B. It never changes position.

C. It floats slowly around the Earth.

D. It may cause problems for space shuttles.

4. What has been done about the space trash problem­?

A, Scientists have cleaned up most of the trash.

B. Large pieces of space trash are being closely watched.

C. Many nations have worked together to stop polluting space.

D. Ground stations are built to help store the trash properly in space.



One reaction to all the concern about tropical deforestation(毁林) is a blank stare that asks the question, "Since I don't live there, what does it have to 满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!do with me?"

The answer is that your way of life, wherever you live in the world, is tied to the tropics满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯! in many ways. If you live in a house, wash your hair, eat fruits and vegetables, drink soda, or drive a car, you can be certain that you are affected by the loss of tropical forests.

Biologically, we are losing the richest regions on earth when, each minute, a piece of tropical forest, the size of ten city blocks, disappears. As many as five million species of plants, animals, and insects (40 to 50 percent of all living things) live there, and are being lost faster than they can be found and described满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!. Their loss is immeasurable.

Take rubber for example. For many uses, only natural rubber from trees will do. Synthetics are not good enough. Today over half the world's commercial rubber is produced in Malaysia and Indonesia, while the Amazon's rubber industry produces much of the world's four million tons. And rubber is an important material in making gloves, balloons, footwear and many sporting goods. Thousands of other tropical plants are valuable for their industrial use.

Many scientists strongly believe that deforestation contributes to the greenhouse effect -- or heating of the earth from increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As we destroy forests, we lose their ability to change carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Carbon dioxide levels could double within the next half-century, warming the earth by as much as 4.5 degrees. The result? A partial melt-down of polar ice caps, raising sea levels as much as 24 feet; even 15 feet could threaten anyone living within 35 miles of the coast. Unbelievable? Maybe. But scientists warn that by the time we realise the severe effects of tropical deforestation, it will be 20 years too late.

Can tropical deforestation affect our everyday lives? Now, you should have got the answer.

1.The underlined word "synthetics" probably means_________.

A. natural rubber                  B. tropical materials

C. man-made material               D. commercial rubber

2.According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?

A. The forests are losing their function in turning carbon dioxide into oxygen.

B. Many of our daily uses are related to the tropical forests.

C. 满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!Tropical plants can be used to make industrial products.

D. High carbon dioxide levels will make the earth warmer.

3.The author's attitude towards the tropical deforestation is _________ .

A. puzzling        B. cold         

C. supporting        D. opposed

4.Which of the following might be the best title for the passage?

A. Tropical Forests               B. The Value of Tropical Forests

C. Tropical Forests and Our Life D. The Greenhouse Effects



Common phrases like “ no pains, no gains” give the impression that we ought to be suffering while we study. It’s almost as though the only way to know if we’re putting in enough work is the sense of hardship we bear.

When we haven’t taken the time to come up with another idea, all we know how to do is shut ourselves in a room with a book. It’s no surprise that we find revision boring and difficult. Just as children learn from playing, we can learn from doing, or at least from study techniques that interest us, rather than make us switch off.

Shutting yourself away can make you learn to hate studying. This leads to a situation where instead of being able to concentrate on your work, you are troubled by how unfair it is that you must study.

When you hate your work it’s very difficult to make yourself star, or approach it with any kind of structure or enthusiasm. This can be part of a vicious cycle(恶性循环) that traps you into ineffective revision, your poor progress fuelling further annoyance.

Just being around other people really helps fight against feelings of loneliness and, thankfully, it’s perfectly possible to work in the company of other people. We just need to learn how to deal with distractions(使人分心的事物).

It’s not necessary to avoid all company, just idle(懒散的) company. Studying in the same room as someone who is ironing or working out is perfectly possible. People who are bored and looking to be distracted, however, are terrible to work around. They constantly try to keep others in conversation.

It’s also a good idea to avoid the company of people involved in activities that you would rather be doing than studying. Working while sitting next to someone playing video games is much more likely to end with a new high score than a productive few hours of revision.

If being around others means working in a noisy environment, a pair of headphones and some background music can block out even noisy children. They also act as a psychological barrier, so that people think twice before interrupting you.

When you’re studying for a big exam, it seems like your whole life is taken up with study. Friends and family can lessen feelings of isolation(孤立). And connecting with other people makes us happy, so it’s important not to give that up and to make sure that we take the time to socialize.

1.The author might believe that the phrase “no pains, no gains” ______.

A. best describes how to study well

B. makes people treat study as a habit

C. encourages people to learn step by step

D. is not a good inspirational phrase for study

2.Which saying about study might the author prefer?

A. There is no royal road to learning.

B. It’s better to work behind closed door.

C. A positive motivation leads to good study results.

D. He who is ashamed of asking is ashamed of learning.

3.Which might lead to an effective study based on this text?

A. A correct goal.                                                                                                  B. A good teacher.

C. A favorable interest.                                                                      D. A hard task.

4. The underlined sentence in Paragraph 7 implies that ______.

A. playing video games is helpful for an effective study

B. one shouldn’t let a video player to be his / her company

C. one should study from certain activities that he / she is interested in

D. the more time one spends in playing games, the higher marks he / she will get

5.If you are studying in a noisy environment, you’d better ______.

A. give indication of not wanting to be interrupted

B. give up others’ company at one

C. think twice before taking any action

D. force yourself to be accustomed to the environment



One of the latest trend(趋势) in American Childcare is Chinese au pairs. Au Pair in Stamford, for example, has got increasing numbers of request for Chinese au pairs from aero to around 4,000 since 2004. And that’s true all across the country.

    “I thought it would be useful for him to learn Chinese at an early age” Joseph Stocke, the managing director of s company, says of his 2-year old son. “I would at least like to  give him the chance to use the language in the future,” After only six months of being cared by 25-year-old woman from China, the boy can already understand basic Chinese daily expressions, his dad says.

    Li Drake, a Chinese native raising two children in Minnesota with an American husband, had another reason for looking for an au pair from China. She didn’t want her children to miss out on their roots.” Because I am Chinese, my husband and I wanted the children to keep exposed to(接触) the language and culture.” she says.

    “Staying with a native speaker is better for children than simply sitting in a classroom,” says Suzanne Flynn, a professor in language education of Children.” But parents must understand that just one year with au pair is unlikely to produce wonders.  Complete mastery demands continued learning until the age of 10 or 12.”

    The popularity if au pairs from  China has been strengthened by the increasing numbers of American parents who want their children who want their children to learn Chinese. It is expected that American demand for au pairs will continue to rise in the next few years.

1.What does that term” au pair” in the text mean?

A. A mother raising her children on her own

B. A child learning a foreign language at home

C. A professor in language education of children

D. A young foreign woman taking care of children.

2.Li Drake has her children study Chinese because she wants them ______.

A. to live in China some day

B. to speak the language at home

C. to catch up wit other children

D. to learn about the Chinese culture

3.What can we infer from the text?

A. Learning Chinese is becoming popular In America,

B. Educated woman do better in looking after children

C. Chinese au pairs need to improve their English Skills.

D. Children can learn a foreign language well in six months.



We are all interested in equality, but while some people try to protect the school and examination system in the name of equality, others, still in the name of equality, want only to destroy it.

    Any society which is interested in equality of opportunity and standards of achievement must regularly test its pupils. The standards may be changed — no examination is perfect — but to have no tests or examination would mean the end of equality and of standards. There are groups of people who oppose this view and who do not believe either in examinations or in any controls in schools or on teachers. This would mean that everything would depend on luck since every pupil would depend on the efficiency, the values and the purpose of each teacher.

    Without examinations, employers will look for employees from the highly respected schools and from families known to them — a form of favoritism will replace equality at the moment. The bright child from an ill-respected school can show certificates to prove he or she is suitable for a job, while the lack of certificate indicates the unsuitability of a dull child attending a well-respected school. This defense of excellence and opportunity would disappear if examinations were taken away, and the bright child from a poor family would be a prisoner of his or her school’s reputation, unable to compete for employment with the child from the favored school.

   The opponents(反对者) of the examination system suggest that examinations are an evil force because they show differences between pupils. According to these people, there must be no special, different, academic class. They have even suggested that there should be no form of difference in sport or any other area: all jobs or posts should be filled by unsystematic selection. The selection would be made by people who themselves are probably selected by some computer.

1.The word “favoritism” in paragraph 3 is used to describe the phenomenon that         .

A.bright children also need certificates to get satisfying jobs.

B.poor children with certificates are favoured in job markets.

C.children from well-respected schools tend to have good jobs.

D.children attending ordinary schools achieve great success.

2.What would happen if examinations were taken away according to the author?

A.Schools for bright children would lose their reputation.

B.There would be more opportunities and excellence.

C.Children from poor families would be able to change their schools.

D.Children’s job opportunity would be affected by their school reputation.

3.The opponents of the examination system will agree that           .

A.jobs should not be assigned by systematic se lection

B.computers should be selected to take over many jobs.

C.special classes are necessary to keep the school standards

D.schools with academic subjects should be done aw ay with

4.The passage mainly focuses on            .

A.schools and certificates             

B.examination and equality

C.opportunity and employment             

D.standards and reputation



Grasshoppers are having to change their song — one of the iconic sounds of summer — to make themselves heard above the noise of road traffic, ecologists have discovered. The study, published in the British Ecological Society's journal Functional Ecology, is the first to show that human-made noise affects natural insect populations. Animals use sound to communicate for many reasons, including marking out territory, warning of predators and finding mates, and although previous research shows birds, whales and even frogs change their calls in noisy environments, the impact of human-made noise on insects has been neglected until now. Ulrike Lampe and colleagues from the University of Bielefeld in Germany caught 188 male bow-winged grasshoppers, half from quiet locations and half from beside busy roads. The grasshoppers use their song to attract mates.

The team then studied the differences in the two groups' songs in the laboratory. To encourage them to sing they exposed the males to a female grasshopper, and then recorded their courtship songs. Analysis of almost 1,000 recordings revealed grasshoppers living beside noisy roads produced different songs to those living in quieter locations.

According to Lampe: "Bow-winged grasshoppers produce songs that include low and high frequency components. We found that grasshoppers from noisy habitats increase the volume of the lower-frequency part of their song, which makes sense since road noise can mask signals in this part of the frequency spectrum(频谱)."

The team's findings are important because traffic noise could be upsetting the grasshopper's mating system(交配系统). "Increased noise levels could affect grasshopper courtship in several ways. It could prevent females from hearing male courtship songs properly, prevent females from recognizing males of their own species, or impair females' ability to estimate how attractive a male is from his song," Lampe explains.

Having discovered that human-made noise affects insect communication, the researchers now want to learn more about how the mechanism works, and whether the grasshoppers adapt to noise during their development as larvae(幼虫), or whether males from noisy habitats produce different songs due to genetic differences.

The bow-winged grasshopper is a common species in Central Europe. Adults occur mainly between July and September, preferring dry grasslands. Around 1.5 cm long, they vary in colour from green and browns to red and purple. The male's song consists of 2 second-long phrases that increase in amplitude (振幅) towards the end. The beginning of a phrase is characterized by slower ticking sounds that increase in speed and amplitude, leading to a buzzing sound towards the end of the phrase. A courtship song usually includes 2 phrases.

1.The author wrote the article to _________________.

A. introduce how grasshoppers make noises to attract mates.

B. raise the awareness of protecting bow-winged grasshoppers.

C. inform us of a recent discovery of ecological research.

D. warn us that human-made noise has changed ecological system.

2.Which of the following could be the main idea of the passage?

A. Bow-winged grasshoppers use their songs to communicate.

B. Grasshoppers change their songs to adapt to the noisy environment.

C. Grasshoppers’ songs include both low and high frequency components.

D. Bow-winged grasshoppers are a common species in Central Europe.

3.What does the underlined word “impair” in the fourth paragraph mean?

A. repair        B. develop       

C. weaken         D. improve

4.Which of the following statements is true according the passage?

A. Road noise can cover the lower-frequency part of their song.

B. Animals make sounds only for the purpose of finding mates.

C. Grasshopper larvae learn to adapt to human-made noise.

D. Bow-winged grasshoppers grow up into adults in spring.



The size and locatio满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!n of the world’s deserts are always changing. Over millions of years, as climates change and mountains rise, new dry and wet areas appear. But within the last hundred years deserts h满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!ave been increasing after frightful speed. This is partly because of natural changes, but most responsible for creating deserts are men.

Man can make deserts, but they can also prevent them from getting bigger. Algeria is planning a green belt of满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯! trees along the edge of the Sahara Desert to stop the sand. In China, too, windbreaks are being built in the northwest to keep the desert from growing.

But desert still threaten the world. Experts believe that land that is on the way to becoming deserts equals the size of Australia, Russia and US put together. Can we stop the spread of the world’s deserts and save the land that is so essential to mankind? Yes, we can, And we must.

1.The reason for the land that turns into deserts is mostly because of _______

A. the changing of the climates       B. man

C. the natural changes                D. the wind

2.The word “windbreak” means _______

A. trees planted as a belt to stop the wind

B. high walls as a belt to stop the wind

C. long and deep ditch as a belt to stop the wind

D. men stood side by side as a belt to stop the wind

3. The deserts still满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯! threaten the world in the way ______

A. of increasing at an unbelievable speed

B. of spreading in Australia , Russia, and the US

C. of appearing new dry and wet areas in every part of the world

D. that they cause the changes of the climates

4.Which of the following do you think is the best method?____

A. People move away from the land that is on the way to become deserts

B. To build great walls to stop the wind and sand

C. To plant trees and grass on the surface of the land

D. To irrigate the desert



The following are letters to the editor of a school newspaper.

Dear editor,

I’d like to express my opinion about grades. Students should be allowed to study without worrying about grades. Fortunately, most educators are becoming aware of the fact that students have different interests and abilities. I understand that grades are useful, but grades often limit creativity. Competing for better grades causes many students to turn down opportunities to pursue music, dramatics and sports. Grades force an arbitrary(武断的) standard of success on everyone. I do not demand as some extremists do, that grades be removed immediately. However, I do believe that less emphasis should be placed on grades. I hope that someday grades will become optional at Village High School.

Magdalena Smith

Drama Club


Dear editor,

I’d like to say something about grades. Let’s face the facts about grades. Grades perform three basic functions. First, grades motivate(激发) students to work at their highest level of competence(能力). Second, they act as a reward for hardworking students and as a punishment to students who do not work hard. Finally, grades are used as an effective standard by which to measure students’ achievement. Good grades help students to get jobs and to get into university. I've spoken with a number of students who have jobs, and most of them say that they were hired primarily on the basis of their grades. My grades helped me land a part-time job and will help me get into university next year. I think grades are extremely important at Village High School.

Simon Harper

Science Club

1.Which of the following is not Magdalena Smith’s opinion?

A. Grades should not be used to measure a person’s success.

B. Students may give up the chance to learn music and sports for grades.

C. Students’ creativity may not be developed for grades.

D. Grades should be taken away at once.

2.We can learn Simon Harper _____.

A. is concerned about students' creativity

B. believes in the benefits of good grades

C. doesn't work too hard at his studies

D. supports students' interests and abilities

3.From the second letter, we can infer that Simon Harper is a/an_____.

A. student       B. teacher    

C. headmaster    D. advertiser



Speak, speak, speak!

Practise speaking as often as you can. Speaking to yourself is good practice.

Try recording yourself whenever you can.

Compare your pronunciation with the master version(原版)to see how you can do better and have another go. If you do this several times, you will find that each time is better than last.

Why not learn with someone else?

It helps if you can learn with someone else. If you can persuade a friend or family member to study with you, it will make you keep working.

Don't get stuck by a word you don't know.

Practise improving ways of getting your meaning across when speaking spontaneously(本能地),even if you don't know the exact words or phrases. Think of things you might want to say whenever you have spare time. Use facial expressions, hand movements, anything to make yourself understood.

Language learning is also about intuition(直觉)

Guesswork is an important way to learn a new language. When listening to recorded material, you aren't expected to understand everything first time round. If you play the same piece several times, you will most probably understand something new each time.

Build up your vocabulary.

A wide vocabulary is the key to successful language learning but don’t try to learn too much at once. It’s best to study frequently for short periods of time. Take at most six or seven items of vocabulary and learn them. Put them into sentences to fix them in your mind, and then come back to them later.

And above all, have fun!

1.What’s the purpose of this passage?

A. To tell us the importance of practicing speaking as often as we can.

B. To tell us a few tips to help us learn a new language well.

C. To tell us that guesswork is an important way to learn a new language.

D. To tell us that a wide vocabulary is the key to successful language learning.

2.What’s the meaning of the underlined phrase in the first part?

A. Have another try or attempt.

B. Move away from a place to another.

C. Enter a certain state or condition.

D. Follow or take a certain course.

3.To learn English well, we shouldn’t _______ according to the passage.

A. practice speaking as often as possible

B. study frequently for short periods of time to build up our vocabulary

C. try to understand everything and stop when we meet a new word

D. try to persuade a friend or family member to study with us



Mobile phone(手机)has become a problem for middle schools. Some middle schools in Australia have banned(禁止)students from carrying mobile phones during school hours.

Mobile phone used among children has become a problem for the school this year. Several children have got mobile phone as Christmas gifts, and more students will want them.

Mary Bluett, an official, said mobile phone use is a distraction(分心的事)to student during school hours and it also gives teachers so much trouble in their classrooms. Teachers were also saying that sometimes students might use phone messages to cheat during exams.

She said some schools had tried to ban mobile phones. Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t get in touch with their children.

Many teachers said students should not have mobile phones at school, but if there was a good reason, they could leave their phones at school office. They also said there were many reasons why the students should not have mobile phones at school: they were easy to lose and were a distraction from studies.

Many people say that they understand why parents would want their children to have phones, but they think schools should let the students know when they can use their mobile phones.

1. Some middle schools in Australia have banned students from carrying mobile phones___.

A. because they are students                                                         

B. when they are free

C. when they are at school(在上学)         

D. because they are children

2.What does the underlined word “cheat” mean in the passage?

A. 聊天                                          B. 核对                                         

C. 查询                                          D. 作弊

3.Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t _________ during school hours.

A. use their mobile phones                        

B. leave their mobile phones at school office

C. help the teachers with their work    

D. get in touch with (和……取得联系)their children

4.The passage tells us that _________.

A. students shouldn’t have mobile phones at school except for some special reasons

B. it is impossible to ban students from using mobile phone at school

C. some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t use their phones at school

D. parents should teach their children how to use mobile phones during school hours


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