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Mary: Mike, how do I look in these blue jeans?

Mike:   1.   They really suit you, Mary!

Mary: Thanks, you know, these kinds of jeans are in style now.

Mike:   2.  

Mary: I mean...they are very popular these days; everyone is wearing them!

Mike: You are great at keeping up with fashions.

Mary: Well,    3.  

Mike: Perhaps you can help me pick out a pair of jeans now, since you are an expert.

Mary:   4.   I would be happy to help you with your fashion change!

Mike:   5. 

A. Wow, great!

B. No problem!

C. See you then.

D. Any suggestions?

E. I am a girl after all.

F. What do you mean?

G. Thank you so much!




1.—I am sorry, I couldn’t find the book you want to borrow.


2. —How was your visit to Lake Tai?


3.—Professor Wang, I haven’t finished my paper.

—_____. You have some time left.

4.- The car looks nice. Could I have a try before I decide to buy it?

     - _____________

5.—Would you like another piece of cake?

—___________. I’m still hungry.




W: Taxi !

M;Where are you going , madam ?

W: Battery Park, please. But can you make a stop at Union Square ? ____1.____

M: Of course.

W: Hoe long will it take to go there ?

M: Well, that depends on the traffic, you know._____ 2.____

W: Can you make it in 15 minutes ? ____3.____

M: OK, I’ll try. Where exactly is your friend waiting at that place ?

W: On 14th Street. Oh, We’re already at 16th Street.____ 4.____

M: You’ve got it.

W: I think she is around here. ____5.____. Ah, there she is !Just in front of the Bookshop. Sally !

A. Oh, my God.

B. Can you slow down ?

C. I’m already 10 minutes late.

D. It’s pretty heavy this afternoon.

E. I am going to buy some books there.

F. I want to pick up my friend there.

G. Can you make a left at the next corner?




Susan: I’m so glad to see you, David.   1.   has been such a long time. How are you?

David: I’m fine, and you?

Susan: I’m just wonderful. God, time goes by so quickly! Are you going to the air quality conference in Chicago?

David: I am. And I’m really glad to see you. Just last night I found your name in the conference materials, but it didn’t come to my    2.   that we would meet on the plane.

Susan: I’m afraid I haven’t had time to look at     3.    conference materials very carefully. I had no idea you were coming, but I am certainly glad to see you. I was feeling very nervous about going there    4.    friends.

David: I can imagine. My English has gotten not so fluent since I returned from the States, 5.   I’m rather nervous myself. But I saw that you    6. _(give) the most important talk at the conference.

Susan:    7.   (frank) speaking, I’m scared to death about it.

David: I’m just giving a talk in one of the workshop sections, and I hope I won’t make all of you     ___8.   (disappoint).

Susan: But your English is much    9.    (good) than mine.

David: But you’re now the Director of the Air Quality Institute, so you    10.  know the technical terms.

Susan: Maybe. But I still can’t understand totally a lot of technical terms in my field.




Alice: Hi, Peter!  I saw you on the 7 o'clock news last night.

Peter: Oh, yeah.

Alice: So tell us what happened?

Peter :I    1.   (walk) alone on the beach when I heard someone   2.  (call) out for help.  I looked up and there on the headland was a little kid.He had climbed up the cliff and was stuck.

Alice: What did you do then?

Peter: My first thought was to run and get help, but the boy was crying. He looked as though he would fall at  3.   moment. So I climbed up to get him down.The rocks were very loose.and I almost   4. (slip)a couple of times.I was beginning to think  5.   wasn't a good idea to climb up there alone and that I    6.  (get)help first. Then I reached the boy.    7. , I couldn't get him down.We were both stuck!

Alice: And then what did you do?

Peter: I shouted for help.Pretty soon there came   8.  small crowd on the beach. One of them called the Coast Rescue Service.About five minutes    9. there appeared a helicopter overhead, and we   10.    .(rescue)




Joyce: What do you think of the lead teacher’s speech?

Caroline: I think it was __1.__ (interest).

Joyce: __2.__ do I. I hear Mike is likely to win all the prizes in the exams this year.

Caroline: Yes, his teacher says so. He __3.__ (work) hard at his lessons every evening for months. He want to go to Oxford University next year.

Joyce: I hope he will realize his goal.

Caroline: I hope so. __4.__ I think he works too hard. I hope he’ll go out and enjoy __5.__ for a change. How about your son Carl?

Joyce: Don’t mention him. Carl never starts studying.

Caroline满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!: You’re joking. I heard that Carl __6.__ (win) the composition prize.

Joyce: You have made __7.__ mistake. That is White Carl. My son is Brown Carl. The whites live in the same community __8.__ we do. White Carl has always been so hard working. He wants to be a __9.__ (write). My son likes going to the concert. He only likes singing.

Caroline: __10.__ he practices singing, he will become a singer in the future.

Joyce: Not all people can become a singer. I don’t think he has the talent.




Jimmy:  Alice, how was your journey to the countryside?

Alice:   Wonderful. We    1.   (enjoy) beautiful sights and food in the country.

Jimmy:  Food? Did you have    2.   big dinner in the countryside? What have you had?

Alice:   It was not a big dinner at all    3.   there were a lot of foods which only can 4.   (eat) in the local place, such as some wild vegetables.

Jimmy:  Oh, I see. Did you do anything   5.   ?

Alice:   Yes. We got on very well with the villagers and sent pens and books we carried to the poor students.

Jimmy:  That is really great ! I think they    6.  study harder with your help.

Alice:   It is    7.   from enough. In fact, I felt a little sad as soon as I saw the joy on the children who got the pens and books.

Jimmy:  Why do you have this kind of feeling?

Alice:   I think these things are nothing for the children who live in our city.

Jimmy:  You are right. We can do more for the children living in that area.

Alice:   Yes. Many of us who went to the place   8.   (plan) to give more help to the children.

Jimmy:  Can you tell me what you are going to do?

Alice:   We are going to buy a number of books and donate    9.   to the local school.

Jimmy:  It is a good idea. I am   10.   (complete ) willing to join you.

Alice:   It’s very kind of you.




Lily:  Boys and girls, May I have your attention Please! Today we have an 满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!honorable guest here, Professor Smith, ___1.____  come from the USA.  Professor Smith , could you tell us how to study English well ?

Professor Smith: Well, that’s a very broad topic.

Lily :   Ok, I see. So __2.____ of all, how should we greet someone that we haven’t seen for a long time?

Professor Smith: You _____3._______ greet them with “ how are you doing “ instead of “ how do you do ?’

Lily :    Ok, Here’s another. What  is _____4._______ best way to improve one’s accent?

Professor Smith: Ok. You have the habit of speaking Chinese. Your mouth has some special repetitive actions.

Lily:     Then what should we do ?

Professor Smith: You should listen to native speakers or talk to people in English _5.___ often as you can.

Lily  :  But most students are afraid of ____6.____ (laugh ) at

Professor Smith: In the USA, many Chinese students are also shy of speaking English. We should be confident, and speak English as if no one else __7.______(listen )

Lily :   Thanks a lot, Professor Smith . In 满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!summing up, could you please give us one sentence __8.______ (conclude) our discussion?

Professor Smith:  Speak English______9.__________(满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯! loud )!

Lily :   Thank you professor. And thank you all for listening. Today’s programme will _10._____(repeat) on Friday at 12:30 .See you then

Professor Smith: Good bye then



M: Now we have five-day classes every week, so we have more spare time than ________.

W: Yeah. How do you spend your spare time, Timmy?

M: I have an ________(interesting) in playing the violin and I ________(continue) to practice playing it.

W: Do you often go to a concert?

M: Yes, I like listening to m满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!usic. At present my major objective is to learn from ________.

W: Do you like classical music ________ pop?

M: I like both. How do you spend your spare time then, Lily?

W: ________(play) the piano is my favorite act满分5(www.manfen5.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!ivity.

M: Our hobbies are similar ________ each other. I hope we can often exchange experience together.

W: ________ do I, but I’m weak in the theory of music.

M: Me, too. Would you like to go with me to my ________(uncle)? He’s a professor at the Institute of Music.

W: I’d be glad to go with you. I will ________ him for his advice.




Alan: So, what do you want to do tomorrow?

Emily: Well, let’s look at this city guide here. Uh, here’s something 1.   (interest). Why don’t we first visit the Art Museum in the morning?

Alan: Okay. I like that idea. Where shall we go   2. lunch?

Emily: How about   3.  (go) to an Indian restaurant? The guide recommends   4.   not far from the museum.

Alan: That sounds great. After that, what do you think about visiting the zoo? Well, it says there are some unique animals not   5.   (find) anywhere else.

Emily: Well, to tell the   6.   (true), I’m not really interested in going there. Why don’t we go shopping? There are supposed to be some really nice places   7.    we can pick up some bargains.

Alan: Nah, I don’t think that’s a good idea. We only have a few traveler’s checks left. And I only have fifty dollars left in cash to pay.

Emily: Don’t worry. We can use your credit card to pay.

Alan: Oh, no. I remember the last time you   8.   (use) my credit card for your new clothes.

Emily: Oh well, let’s take the subway down to the seashore   9.   walk along the beach.

Alan: I couldn’t agree   10.   . It sounds like a wonderful plan.


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